10 Possible Reasons Why You Did Not Get Better Page Rank This Time

by Anil Agarwal

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Hello Everyone :)

I know some of you are very happy while some of you are sad. Of course the reason is latest Page Rank update by Google.

First of all my heartily congratulations to all blogger friends who got good Page Rank and very sorry for those are still struggling with it.

didn't get page rank

Don’t be frustrated

But I don’t think their is any reason to become sad and blame Google for not giving you PR. This article will help you know what all mistakes you might have done and why you didn’t get Page Rank !

Here I would like to mention great words from great person :)

I Have Not Failed, I’ve Just Found 10,000 Ways That Won’t Work

Thomas A. Edison

So from now don’t be sad and start working with all your energy. This post will definitely help you out to know your mistakes and will also guide you in proper way.

Hold on ! but why are we talking and caring about the Page Rank ? don’t we have to find some really meaningful reasons ? yes :) here are some -

Why Are We Eager To Get Good Page Rank

1) Basically, Page Rank is a Rank given out of 10 . It is decided according to how important your site is from the eyes of Google.

2) So, when you have good PR, you can demand for more money from advertisers.

3) Good Page Rank sites mostly rank up in the search results, this may help you get more organic traffic :)

Now, lets study why you didn’t get Page Rank this time. I humbly request you to please read all the points carefully and I bet once you do all these improvement, you’ll definitely get Page Rank .

Why Didn’t You Get Good Page Rank ?

Before everything, just wanna remind you Google always changes its algorithms but one thing always remain same is the quality content . So never compromise on great informative content.

I know you’re eager to know the reasons, so without further delay here are some points which might be responsible why didn’t you got Page Rank this time .

1) Thought About Backlinks, But Not Quality Backlinks

” Backlinks” are one of the most powerful word in term of SEO . We try to get more and more backlinks to our site right ? But do you know having a poor quality baclinks may harm your ranking and SEO? yeah ! its a bitter truth.

According to latest Google’s Algorithm and many SEO experts, backlinks from quality sites are more important than having links from poor and low quality websites.

So from now on wards be careful before selling or buying baclinks. All you can do is, comment on quality blogs which can help you get backlinks (as most blogs are ComLuv enabled now). If not, this will at least help you to get good referral traffic :)

2) Never Worried About Navigation

If you really care for your readers start thinking about how you want your readers to go through your blog.

Every blogger dreams of getting more and more page views when a visitor comes to his/her blog. All I can say is make more articles visible to readers ( you can add related post widget ).

Another thing, are you planning to applying for Google Adsense ? then this might be a important tip for you . This is because, before approving you adsense request, Google team may see how is the navigation of your site.

So, overall we can say if you have good navigation, you may get good Page Rank !

3) First Impression Is The Last Impression 

Here, I want to focus on design and look of your website. When a new visitor comes to your site, he/she will be pretty impressed with unique design of your site.

Make your site look different from others. Don’t use the same theme which you see on other blogs. Keep white background, black text and a simple font. Don’t use fanky and colorful design . Keep simple yet impressive.

Your ignorance towards website design might also be a reason why you didn’t get Page Rank.

4) Ignoring Technical issues 

Becoming a successful blogger is not that easy and possible now a days. Many of my friends out there think that writing content is only task in blogging.

But dear friends, to get good PR there are also some technical concepts you should know. Most important is removing crawler errors.

didn't get page rank

Fetch as Google

Google crawler may face problem in indexing your pages and this may bring down your organic traffic. So always keep watch on webmaster tools notification and fix problems as quickly as possible.

There’s a quick way you can index your pages, follow the steps -

Go to webmaster tools -> Crawl ->Fetch as Google.

I bet if you do this to all posts you publish, your post will be indexed more quickly. Another thing is to create sitemap for your site. You can do this simply by installing XML SiteMap plugin. This helps search engine crawlers to easily crawl through your site.

This may also help you have a watch on error occurring while Google is indexing your pages. If you have many crawler error and all pages where not indexed properly, you will not get good Page Rank.

5) Not Taking Google Guidelines Seriously

When you are expecting tasty fruits from Google always try to be in the good book of Google.

Along with unique and quality content, Google also expects 3 necessary pages on your site -

i) Contact Page – So that people can contact you easily.

ii) About Page – Visitors can know the real person responsible for the site.

iii) Privacy Page – Having a ‘ privacy policy ‘ page gives a professional touch to your site.

This is also a key factor counted while approving adsense account. And it will not be wrong saying this might also be a reason why you didn’t get Page Rank .

6) Not Interacting With Your Readers 

If you have ever noticed the search results on first page of Google, mostly are the articles which have readers comments and interaction with writers and the readers .

Read – 10 Killer Ways To Get More Comments On Blog Posts

This time interaction with readers was also a deciding factor which came up with the latest Page Rank update.

So next time when you’re writing an article make sure that you have a call to actions in your posts. Write in such a way that readers will be eager to communicate with you and will love to share their experience of how your article helped them :).

7) Over Optimization and Keyword Stuffing

This is something very common thing and many of you must be knowing. Surprising factors were considered this time for Page Rank. Over Optimization was one of them.

Many bloggers write only for search engines by stuffing unnecessary keywords into low quality content.

Keyword density should be properly maintained which is  2-3% for 500 words article. If you over use keywords in your article this may lead to over optimization . This may also be a ultimate reason for not getting Page Rank this time .

8) High Volume Of Re Rewritten Articles

I know its very difficult to every time come up with fresh and new article. But this is what Google wants. We try to fool Google by re writing the already published article in our own words. But this doesn’t work now.

I have also observed that blogs which have high volume of such re-written articles have either been penalized by decreasing Page Rank or not giving any rank at all.

So from now try writing your own ideas, I am not saying don’t use others ideas, you can use but don’t write the same sentences differently. If you have done this on your blog, this might also be deciding factor why you didn’t get Page Rank :)

9) Accepted Unwanted and Unnecessary Guest Posts

One thing  fix into your mind, guest posting is not expected by Google but backlink does. So while writing guest on other blogs as well as accepting guest posts this must be done very carefully.

Never accept guest post from the writer who works for an organisation and post article for others.This is done just for the sake of backlink for their clients. Moreover their articles sometime are very poor quality.

So always be careful about which sites linked with your blog, are they relevant to your content,if not, try to remove them.

10 ) Posting For The Sake Of Updating Blog  

I have discussed this earlier also that having a blog with content is not enough, your blog is useless for search engines if you are not providing quality and informative articles.

And when you are providing the best information from others, you don’t have to worry about the Google updates like Penguin, Panda etc..This will also make sure that you get Page Rank :)

When You’re Writing Quality and Best Possible Information, You Don’t Have to Worry About Google Updates

Neil Patel, Co-founder QuickSprout

So from now start working towards writing quality content, and no one can take Page Rank from you :)

The Last Words

While concluding I can say age of the site was not an issue for Page Rank update this time.Many blogs which were just 5 months old also got PR 2 while blogs which were 1.5 years old didn’t get Page Rank.

One thing is final, Google still takes relevant result as prime motto and always working for the betterment of it.

Don’t get sad if this time you didn’t get any PR, follow this above suggestion and keep in mind – If you never failed, you never lived . Now wake up with a spirit and start working.

I hope this article will be an inspiration for you to get Page Rank . Please let me know if you have any doubts and need more suggestions. Comment section is all yours :)

Happy Blogging..Cheers :)


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Nancy Badillo

Hi Anil,

Thank you for writing such an informative article. I am very happy with the outcome of the latest page rank update. I do agree with each point you gave in this post! Great post :-)


Anil Agarwal

Hello Nancy ,
Glad my article has helped you :)
This latest update has definitely taught us many lessons about blogging. We should agree the way of blogging and its procedure is changing..
Hope to see you here again..


Sagar Rai

Hi Anil,

Thanks for sharing the information…

Because some of my client sites were not affected with this page rank in a positive way.

This could help us to get recover it in a next update. Thanks once again.


Anil Agarwal

Ohh very sorry for you client Sagar..
Never lose hope buddy, follow above suggestion,you’ll get good PR next time :)
See you around !



Very nice post which covers all the possible points on why a blog didn’t good PageRank :)

I do agree with your views. Yeah, quality content and reliable backlinks sounds more when compare to other techniques in getting good PR.

I strongly believe in guest blogging concept of creating backlink and I contributed 20 GPs till now (in 10 months) on various good PR blogs.

I never do the mistkes like publishing poor quality content, KW stuffing, over optimization and so on as you’ve told.

Hope, these activities helped me to get PageRank 2 for my blog.

Thanks for writing this nice post for the bloggers, keep do the same :)


Anil Agarwal

I am happy Nirmala for your Page Rank.
Keep with the good work..See you here again :)



Once again you have enlightened me, I had never considered a ‘privacy’ page so I am about to create one. I have checked listed all 10 points and will now work on the unchecked ones
A very informative article and one to keep in my blog bible.
Thanks again Anil



Thanks but i m really very sad and angry after updating google page rank. i did a lot hard work :(


Anil Agarwal

Hi Noor ,

I am sorry for you .
Never lose hope dear.. Please follow all the points I have suggested points.
You’ll definitely get good PR :)


Anil Agarwal

Hey Ashar ,
I am glad my articles are helping you. If you do all the necessary changes I have mentioned here , you’ll definitely get good PR next time.

All my good wishes are with you :) Keep visiting..



Very nice post I must say…Lot to learn from you Anil…. Now I think building many backlinks and just updating blog is of no use….One has to write high quality content and he also needs to promote his content….I think that next PR update may be soon in 2/3 months as Google always loves to surprise bloggers…What you think which will be the factors which will be crucial for the next PR update??



thanks for sharing..article is really informative..above points helped me to increase my page rank..thanks again…!!



Hope, these activities helped me to get PageRank 2 for my blog.


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