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4 Free Online College Courses Bloggers Can Benefit From

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Online College Courses for BloggersEveryday technology becomes more and more ingrained into the very fundamental elements of our lives—entertainment, friendship, relationships, education. Blogging has been one aspect of social technology that has steadily grown over the past decade. As bloggers become more and more prevalent throughout the web it is vital that they focus on strong writing and successful marketing to remain relevant within the blogosphere.

Truly successful blogging really boils down to two key elements: quality writing and strong marketing. As education too becomes more involved with technology, many online classes and seminars are available through the web that can be beneficial for bloggers. MIT is one of the biggest proponents of open courseware and offers several writing and marketing classes every blogger should check out.

Writing and Experience: Exploring Self in Society

This MIT course is part of the Writing and Humanistic Studies department. Exploring what it means to construct a sense of self in writing in relation to the larger social world—family, friends, education, media, work, community—this course can be an excellent tool for bloggers wishing to improve their writing. Whether your blog focuses on personal matters or is more concerned with business or industry, quality writing is essential. Use this online course to help you recognize personal voice in social writing and learn to employ the tools of fiction in creating nonfiction or fiction narratives.

Writing on Contemporary Issues: Culture Shock! Writing, Editing, and Publishing in Cyberspace

Though this coursework was originally taught in 2008, the content of this course remains extremely relevant to bloggers and writers in today’s society. By taking a careful look at writing prose for a public audience, this course deals directly with issues that bloggers face in the blogosphere. Bloggers can study how written word on the internet interacts and responds to popular American culture today. While some of the things explored in the course may not relate directly to your own blogging experience, there is much to gain from understanding writing for a public audience.

Entrepreneurial Marketing

From the MIT Sloan School of Management, this class explores the world of entrepreneurial marketing. Oftentimes, what bloggers fail to recognize is that most of them are entrepreneurs to some degree. Individuals who wish to earn money from their blogging experience and do so by offering a service are entrepreneurs. Understanding some of the basic functions of entrepreneurial marketing can be extremely beneficial for the less business-like bloggers out there. This course will help bloggers understand how to leverage limited marketing recourses, understanding and evaluating marketing opportunities, and recognizing major marketing tools that would be useful for their entrepreneurial situation.

Marketing Strategy

Also from the MIT Sloan School of Management, this course aims to help student look at the entire marketing mix in light of an overall strategy. While this course may not be completely pertinent to blogging as a business pursuit, a basic understanding of marketing strategy can be extremely useful for bloggers hoping to make a profit from their blogs. This course will explore many aspects of developing a marketing strategy, looking at competitive dynamic and the sustainability of competitive advantages.

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  • Jean

    In today’s competitive environment, every bit of knowledge helps and I think a lot of bloggers can stand to gain from doing atleast one of these courses if they feel it can benefit them down the road.

  • Adrian

    Hi Angelita,
    Among the four mentioned I specially like the Entrepreneurial Marketing and is likely the one I’d choose if given the choice. Although the Marketing Strategy looks good, I am not particularly a pure business person so I’d choose something lesser.

  • Sharita Taz

    Innovative tips, thanks! Being a graduate of Marketing, I will prefer mostly on Entrepreneurial Marketing. This will help me to implement most of my knowledge out there.


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