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5 Business Services the Internet Made Cheaper

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Time goes by so fast it’s usually not easy to keep up. And with the passage of time, changes happen – a lot of changes, as a matter of fact – that it would seem foolish to keep track of all of them. But then again, tracking things that matter (to a person, at least) is, believe it or not, one of the many ways to keep pace with an ever-changing world.

zdnet comBaby boomers are now retiring. Gen-X babies are either in their early adulthood or the prime of their lives. And millenials are most likely chatting their time away with friends and contacts through social media. Interesting how generations differ, hence, the proverbial generation gap. If you’ll allow me, this article will be comparing how things used to be and how they are now.

1. It used to be that when a company launches a new product or service, thousands are spent with branding agencies and countless boardroom meetings are conducted to come up with the most suitable brand or name. Nowadays, with the advent of the Internet and the growing popularity of crowdsourcing, a catchy, easy-to-remember and relevant name or slogan can be obtained for as low as $50 through a site called The service PickyDomains offer is risk-free because clients only pay for what they like.

2. For any entity – individual, small business or multinational conglomerate – that intends to stay in business for the long haul, registering a trademark is an important investment. For some, it may even be the most important investment. It prevents competitors from running away with your business name, logo or slogan. That said, it used to be that when a trademark is registered, thousands are spent on a lawyer. In the United States, offers the same service for a standard rate that starts at $159 + government filing fees. Fees vary from country to country.

3. It used to be that when an individual or company needs a logo, hundreds are spent, and with a local designer. Nowadays, at, a pre-made logo at the design store only costs $99. If none of those in the store catches a client’s fancy, he/she may create a contest where logo designers from all over the world participate. The winning logo designer then receives a cash prize.

4. Although the practice is still done today, it used to be that the only way potential employers and recruitment agencies let job hunters know they’re looking to hire is through newspaper ads. These days, help-wanted websites have sprung into existence here, there and everywhere. Freelancing websites like have made things easier for job hunters and employers alike. Being an employment platform that’s available to just about any employer and freelancer who has Internet access, it promotes an opportunity of equality, workmanship and fair competition. Work rates depend on what the employer and freelancer agree upon.

5. It used to be that when companies need their brands advertised to generate revenue, they spend hundreds of thousands with advertising agencies who, in turn, come up with advertising pitches for them on the radio, television, newspapers, billboards along major roads and highways. While this is still an effective way to establish brand awareness, banner advertising has taken the world of Internet marketing by storm. While there are established organizations out there like DoubleClick or FlyCast that companies hire to post banner ads for them on a number of publisher sites, perhaps the most cost-effective way a small business owner can serve banner ads is through banner exchanges with other website owners. Or in other cases, they pay the publishers themselves and/or launch an affiliate marketing campaign.

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  • Jasmine

    Indeed, the Internet has made the wonders possible. There are definitely more than 5 businesses which the Internet has made cheaper!

    • Maricel

      I agree with you, Jasmine. The Internet is so amazing, opening up a whole host of possibilities to users.


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