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5 Ways To Improve Your Home Office And Make Money With Your Blog

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home officeDo you want to make money blogging?

The first assignment is to improve your home office. Majority of bloggers work from the comfort of their homes and it’s important that you manage your time and resources efficiently. Everything growth you experience would stem from your ability to coordinate and allocate when necessary.

I want to share 5 profitable ways you can improve your home office, and make money with your blog. It’s not enough to write fresh articles on daily basis and hope for the best. Blogging isn’t a guess work; it’s a serious business and as such, should be treated with open arms.

1.    Set Your Blogging Priorities Right

What are your best priorities? Is it to write new posts daily, connect with new bloggers and build relationships or cold call clients if you’re a freelancer? All these are actually assignments that a blogger must do. But irrespective of how much you’ve for the day, you can’t achieve all because of time.

That’s why it’s ideal to set your blogging priorities right from the very beginning. Determine to work on yourself, personal development is a great project that affects your business. You may not actually understand the power of it, but the more you build up yourself from within, the more productive you become.

2.    Home Office Isn’t Your Home

What mindset should you employ when working from home? The internet has made it exceptional interesting and easy to work from anywhere. Provided you’ve a laptop that’s connected to the internet, you can work from home.

But don’t see that home office as your living room. See it as an office environment where responsibility and hard work speaks. We know that hard work and focus is what keeps an office active and alive, learn to think as the Managing Director no matter what pain and distractions come your way.

See your home as a legitimate office. If not, why haven’t you gotten an office away from home yet? Don’t treat your blogging business as a domestic project, see and treat it as a formal project. You’ll succeed in this manner.

3.    Eliminate Distractions At Home

If you’re a parent, I’m sure the distraction and playful questions from kids are your greatest concern?

Instead of shouting or avoiding your precious kids, schedule your work efficiently and work when they had gone to bed. Bloggers are often referred to as “nocturnal entrepreneurs” because majority of us work at night. Aside your children and spouse, one other distraction you would experience in your home office are electronic gadgets.

Kids can’t do without “Winnie the Pooh.” So, let them be. When they have gone to bed, resume your primary role a parent and blog your way to the bank.

4.    Use Pinterest To Your Favor

Social media networking is powerful and over the years, it’s grown massively into something spectacular. One of such that has transformed the way we connect is “”

It’s a social sharing network but unlike Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, its permission based and unless you’re invited, you don’t join at will. That makes it targeted, responsive and a superb channel to grow your blog.

Basically, you can easily share your favorite pictures, graphics and ads and link to the source. Let’s assume the image is on your blog and you “pin” it to your wall, everyone who follows you will get access, click your link and bam, they’re on your “business blog.”

Pinterest is cute for stay at home moms and dads including Freelance writers. Give it a shot and wait for your invitation.

5.    Build Micro Niche Blogs

It’s easier to rank on Google top 10 when you build and promote micro niche blogs. The advantage of having a home office is that you’ve all the time in the world to write quality articles without getting bossed or having to close your office building and head home.

When you’re home, you can easily research profitable niche, long tail keywords and build natural and relevant links to quickly dominate Google homepage. You could build a micro blog to target shopping keywords. Ex. hewlett packard discounts and 4inkjets coupon code would make a great income earner in few months.

When building your niche blogs at home, make sure you’ve a keyword-rich domain name because it’s going to assist your ranking in the short and long run. Micro niche sites are usually focused on a particular subject or product. E.g. Hp Laptops and reseller web hosting package etc.

Marketing Takeaway

Having a home office isn’t the best thing since sliced bread, but it has a great potential to improve your productivity and boost your online earnings. Earning a living on the internet is quite from making money online. Working from home gives you the opportunity to earn a living from the comfort of your home.

Take action today. Let the above tips and advice bring your 2012 business goals to fruition. See you head!

Article by Michael chibuzor

Michael has written 5 articles.

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  • Savannah

    Another great post. I love your writing style. Keep it up

  • Jamie Northrup

    Keeping your blogging/work separate from your personal life can be challenging, but if you set rules for you and your family you should be able to achieve it better.

    • Dean Saliba

      This is very true, sadly I look after my dad and he is the kind of old person who believes the world should revolve around him 24 hours a day. 😛


    I have a hard time writing in places that I am not comfortable with. Nothing beats the comfort of my office at home. No one would tell me that it’s time to go home as the building is about to close for the working hours and the best part is I am my own boss.

  • Jean

    I have always felt that a well organized ‘home office’ is very important. It can be difficult to get into the mindset that is a workplace initially. Adjustment by the family members if any is also important and that they respect your working space and time. Getting your priorities straight from the beginning is also critical. Develop a strategy and plan of action to be deployed at various stages if need be.

    • Michael

      Yes, developing a cute strategy can help you work from home and achieve success. It may not be easy, but with patience and consistent reminder of the core things in life and business (happiness and fortune), you’ll succeed. Thanks for commenting

  • Trucker

    Distractions are very common, particularly in the home environment. That’s why it helps to set manageable and attainable goals and manage your time affectively with a schedule. That way you can stay focused on the task at hand and plan ahead.


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