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6 Keys to Branding University, Social Networking for New Education

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This reflection comes after reading an article where the first thought was associated with social SEO for universities or 6 keys to an efficient social SEO Campus.

However, delving a bit in the concepts is that we visualize theUniversity Branding :

• More than SEO social 
• Much more than online marketing 
• More than attracting students 
• More than brand

… Talk about the keys to business innovation from the university.

A fact which in itself should not be underestimated, it is a great advance in education … innovative and entrepreneurial education to form 100% technological generations, interesting, no doubt.

Meet our target and segment, academic units, communities, families, communities, teachers, student communities, internal departments … for which the ultimate objectives to be common and clearly identified individuals to be achieved.

It is key to any strategy and certainly one of the more established precepts of social SEO associated with building brands (companies) that today is also the primary target increasingly Universities.

This is because we move toward entrepreneurship as a synonym for constant innovation and dynamism.

Community interaction, promotion channels, responsible for it, establishment of joint marketing … university in the service of branding in social networks.

Clear objectives essential, as usual, and still one of the most common causes of failure, and is the key number 1

Like when we are developing a marketing strategy for our enterprise, choosing the most appropriate platform always derives a conclusion;

It is a reality that campaigns created based on the video have on YouTube or Vimeo, its main allies.

However, those strategies in which the content is central to the growth of the community, Twitter will be our greatest demand and if we are looking for feed-back from the Facebook community is primary.

Similarly localized networks that enable communities to build hyper-efficient and segmented networks like Ning, or Tumblr Vimeo where it brings the younger segment (target quintessential campus), we can be very efficient.

But … as always, an active, dynamic and ubiquitous, that maximizes the advantages of each of the platforms provide answers to specific needs is the best strategy to achieve a University Branding.

Primary choice of platform and implementation of ubiquitous brand, our key number 2.

Coaching, motivation, teamwork, consistency, training … all departments, all academic units, all actors who take part in the penetration of the University in the social networks.

This means that the more interconnected are the different actors, the stronger the brand.

Teamwork tight identification and knowledge of the particular objectives of each of the participants, essential for the efficient construction of profiles towards the ultimate goal. Key Issue 3

Closely related, our next step is to understand the policies, the current regulations, consistent lines of action.

Issues of copyright, legal notices, updates on the social strategy, policies are transparent … necessary knowledge of all stakeholders, to achieve efficiency in university marketing strategy.

It goes without saying that the lower level of restriction, the greater capacity for innovation which is key for the consolidation of influence. Key number 4.

Community Manager at the university … it is surprising (and gratifying, I must admit) to analyze these actions, the penetration of social action on campus, resulting in the staging of new leaders capable of transmitting voice message is the value added brand, always having completed active listening to the needs of your target user.

Messages with a consistent tone and established that establish the identity of the brand. Key number 5.

Having achieved the establishment of the social fabric that makes up the university marketing strategy, transparent communication between departments, units, faculty, students, families, etc … is essential for consistency is imposed as an added value of the brand. And … this is the key 6.

More than finally … build brand image corporate consolidation of the nature of reference that, in the case of universities, is even more relevant since it is from where the “new talent” increasingly demanded by the new production model .

Digital Marketing Series is supported by HubSpot , a software marketing company based input in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has achieved full integration of marketing software that includes the most efficient tools for the efficient management of actions social networks.

At last the new model is also integrated in the field of education, innovative education for digital generations.

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