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6 Tips For Using Email Marketing To Promote Your Blog

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When it comes to promoting your blog, email marketing is essentially unparalleled in its ability to raise awareness, increase traffic, and stimulate dialogue. Utilize subscribers on your email list that are already supportive of your brand to indirectly convert others.

The following are 6 tips for using email marketing to promote your blog.

1. Give a sneak preview

Give a sneak preview of the content you plan on writing about on a weekly basis. Let the audience in on the posts that you’re most excited about.

A well-crafted email campaign that gives a sneak peek into the topics you will tackle in the upcoming days will effectively build anticipation and excitement amongst your readers. An additional perk to a preview is the nudge reminding subscribers that your blog is still active.

Be aware that blog readers are fickle and tend to abandon RSS feeds so a quick note in their inbox may be their only reminder that you’re still around.

2. Utilize marketing services

Use a dedicated service for email marketing to automate backend systems for opting in, list management, and unsubscribes. Between the management, tracking, and permissions and spam issues, using a business or personal email account will only complicate the task at hand.

Easy opt-in forms, statistics on sign-ups, open rates, and click rates are all available with email marketing services that are designed to help you follow the best practices in the industry to promote your blog.

3. Provide incentives

Providing the right incentives will effectively draw people to visit your blog, but it is crucial that you find out what to offer your audience in order to provide the most attractive incentive. Then, explain what the incentives are in terms of what the benefits are to the audience.

Be careful not to reveal the price if there is a sales page that comes after clicking a link. The job of the sales page is to explain everything the audience needs to understand the value of what they will receive.

4. Show off comments

The comments on your blog can act as affirmations when you display them in your email marketing campaigns. Craft an email that includes the title of one or two posts, a short summary and link back, and three or four eloquent comments on the topic at hand.

Keep in mind that the more active your comments section is, the more likely it is that others will throw in their own two cents. Most email subscribers will revisit your blog just to rebut the featured comment while others will visit to support their original contribution. Try choosing a comment that takes sides on a controversial topic in order to effectively stimulate conversation.

5. Harness social network dialogue

Create an email that showcases your social networking channels. If one of your posts gains popularity on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, or any other social network, send out an email with an analysis and response to the comments left by the audience.

Boasting about your social media activity may feel like shameless self-promotion but in actuality, it is one of the best ways to inadvertently guide traffic to your blog.

6. Cull webinar transcripts

During a successful webinar, it is typical for there to be more questions than the allotted time allows. Repurpose those questions as a newsletter or blog post then include a notification in the follow up email reminding the audience to check out the new content.

Try including an excerpt to give registrants who couldn’t attend a reason to click through to the recorded webinar.

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  • Jamie Northrup

    Thanks Yo, I’ve been started to build my list a lot more lately, as it’s been one area I’ve always been lazy about, but now I’m on it 100%, and I’ll be sure to check your tips when writing my emails.


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