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7 Best Ways To Protect Your Blogging Reputation And Make More Money

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A good name is better than gold and silver…Proverbs.why-reputation-management

If you’re a blogger, what steps are you taking to protect your name, brand and products from adulteration?

Several factors can plague your reputation. It’s not easy to build the right brand, but within a blink of an eye, what you labored for years could be destroyed.

This article provides the best possible ways.

It doesn’t matter what your profession is, a blogger, an internet entrepreneur or business consultant, its vital you read every word in this post. You can call this post the ultimate reputation management guide.

Read. Understand. Implement.

1.    Plan Your Business Strategies

“Proper planning prevents poor performance.”

Business strategists would advise you to properly plan your strategies before releasing anything out there. When you do this, you get the right mindset on what lies ahead and how to curb the menace of competition.

Planning would eradicate all forms of guess work, and give you the upper hand to trounce every dart that appears on your way to the top. Never start a campaign until you’ve it well planned. It’s time to pick up a pen and write down your business goals. That’s the first step, but it’s not the last.

2.    Promise What You Can Deliver

Making a promise of what you can do for prospects and customers will go a long way to strengthen your relationship with them. However, it’s important to promise what you can do.

How would you feel if Amazon promised to offer free shipping but later on, decided to bill your credit card or gift card? Business isn’t about boasting and overemphasizing on what you cannot do.

As a small business owner, give priorities to quality products and services always. That’s the best promise ever.

3.    Don’t Promote Questionable Products

Affiliate marketing is the quickest and legitimate way to make money online. Desperate bloggers tend to promote every affiliate offer they stumble upon. But that is a wrong approach. If you must promote any affiliate product to earn commissions, ensure the product is top notch.

Stay away from products and services that you can’t vouch for. As much as you can, try using the product and see if it lives up to expectation. If you aren’t satisfied, please don’t promote it to your readers and subscribers.

4.    Setup An Interactive Platform

Your potential and current customers are the most important people in your business. You’ve got to come out of your shell and interact with them. If you keep hiding behind the veil, they would begin to call you names. In fact, it’s easier to adulterate your brand by being anonymous.

On your website, ensure you’ve your personal photo and office address. If you do not have an office, a home address will do. The essence is to show transparency and also give directions to whoever wants to pay a visit and converse with you.

Start talking with your prospects and customers, create a forum or use social media networks to interact. It goes a long way to eliminating the “strange” stain in web marketing.

5.    Solve A Particular Problem

What problem do you solve in your business?

Every business is meant to solve a particular problem or what’s the need of registering a business name?

The more problems you solve, the better your knowledge about that market and how to please buyers.

You may not understand the impact of little positive gestures, but it’s going to transform your business and help keep your business reputation on track. Locate a problem in your niche and challenge yourself to proffer lasting solution.

You’re not held responsible for problems around you, but you’ve the responsibility to make the world a better place via your solution packets.

6.    Improve Your Customer Service

Whether your business is online or offline, customer service is generic and mandatory for all. What’s the difference between a business that enjoys repeated customers and those that don’t? It’s the customer support system.

Whatever level your customer service is right now, you can make it better by critically analyzing your customer’s needs and complaints.

Happy customers come back for more deals. They’ll go the extra mile of promoting your business offers via word of mouth (WOM) and that’s a priceless marketing system.

Get serious with reputation management studies, protect your valuable asset and make more money.

7.    Focus On Creative Generosity

What does it mean to be creatively generous?

We all know how generosity can change a man’s life. But I’m not asking you to donate all your earnings to charity. What I’m saying is that you find out those things that are prominent, helpful and desired in your niche and give it out for free.

For instance, do your customers like watching video clips of your products? Or are they “Shakespeare” that likes to read every informative book?

Give them what they desire most without asking for money. Most of the time, what you need to make others happy is right beside you. You just need to look inward and maybe outward to grab it.

Reputation Management Recap

I’ve delivered the seven ways to keep your blogging reputation on check. It’s now your turn to take action and implement the tips into your business no matter your niche. As you go about your daily business transactions, don’t forget to safeguard your most valuable asset – your brand. See you at the top!

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Article by Mike Chibuzor

Mike has written 11 articles.

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  • Diego

    Plan is very essential towards a successful business implementation. And it is very important to promote products that are genuine. I have read a lot of bad reviews about some marketers. Not that they are spamming but they fail to do a research on the product they are promoting. Once, you promote a questionable product it would pull down your reputation and it would be very hard to get up again (if you can).

    Spatch Merlin

    • Michael Chibuzor

      Thank you for commenting. You made my day fabulous with your nice observations.

      • Diego

        You are welcome Michael. A blog as well-written and presented as this one deserves a good observation and remark. Keep it up!

        Spatch Merlin

  • Dean Saliba

    I really agree with number 3, I always try and thoroughly test any product I promote to my readers. That is not to say that I haven’t fallen for the ocassional scam but I’d rather fall for it myself then promote it to my readers and have them fall for it.

    • Michael Chibuzor

      You got the point right Saliba. Your readers are very important, don’t trick them because it’l back-fire sooner than you expected.


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