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Deny Saputra

6 Points for Success Content Marketing to Drive Targeted Traffic

Nowadays writing content and making online videos with ample research is not enough for it to be deemed a success. A well-written article, blog or a well-made music video can bite dust, if it is not marketed well. This is where content marketing comes into picture. Content marketing plays a very important role in creation and marketing of content to not only reach out to a wider audience but also [...]

The Effect of Bad Backlinks and How to Remove Them

Many companies usually guarantee businesses that have webpages that they can get them on spots on the front pages of different online searches by promising them numerous links to their sites by sending them thousands of emails. However, these emails belong to the spam folders of these businesses and hence it is advisable for them to relegate them there because they are not genuine. Google is taking tough measures against [...]

How To Build Quality Backlinks – Penguin Friendly

Backlinks, one more factor that closely related to SEO, with the aim of getting more targeted site visitors from the search engine. It was too broad to discuss about SEO, but that's not what I will share with you guys. Backlink building, not just about the quantity or even PageRank. If you want backlinks that’s actually valuable for your site, then it will be broader than just the quantity or PageRank. [...]

How To Drive Targeted Visitors To Websites Without Search Engine

If there's no search engine, or if search engine no longer able to brings up the search result, then what's you're going to do to bring targeted website visitors into your websites? If that happens, that it's a hard fact indeed. Search engine is an enormous machine to drive potential and profitable website visitors, and it's targeted. Even so, not necessarily that the search engines as the only way to [...]

The Fact About Bulk Backlinking Service

Once you come to SEO, you will find A-Z cases that sometime are make  you dizzy and thinking about the easiest, simple, fast, or a dozen similar like that. However, that all are not SEO at all. You have to leave them if you are thinking to get most advantages of SEO. BUT here I wouldn’t talk about the overall or entire of SEO (It’s quite long even hundredth of [...]