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WordPress: Mastering All of the Tips and Tricks

Many people who run a blog or website use Wordpress to host it. Wordpress has now become one of the most popular blogging services on the Internet. There are many ways to make customizing and tweaking your blog on Wordpress far easier; fortunately, you do not necessarily need an extensive knowledge of technology to do so. Read More About: Starting WordPress Blog: How to Start Your First Self Hosted WordPress [...]

Link Building Methods That Actually Work

There's no shortage of "blackhat" methods on the market today to help you build backlinks to your website. Unfortunately, those blackhat methods could earn you a nasty penalty from Google and other search engines. Search engines, like Google, publish "Webmaster Guidelines". Those guidelines are meant to keep people from manipulating the search engine results pages. If you're caught manipulating the search results, you could be banned from the search engine. [...]