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Murray Newlands

How Can I Write Better Articles and Get More Readers?

I've been blogging for years and I've worked in online marketing even longer, since the DotCom boom of the late 1990's. When blogging first became popular in the mid-2000's, I quickly saw the commercial value in it and its usefulness in being used for many types of marketing campaigns, such as product launches and brand-building. However, most blogs are non-commercial, which is fine, but even commercial bloggers could learn a [...]

How to Make Money Blogging

A lot of people love writing but don't know how to get paid to do it. I love writing too and I've been a blogger for years; I've also worked in online marketing for even longer, so I know a thing or two about making money with your pen. That's why I am sharing a few ways, other than affiliate programs and pay per click ads, that you can use [...]

Personal Branding: Self-Presentation or Self-Packaging?

Personal branding happens in many ways and many places. It is a dynamic process that you start and maintain, but never completely walk away from. Every time you post something online, go to work, or make a professional appearance at a conference, how you present yourself has an impact on your personal brand. Self-packaging Because your clothes, business cards and social media profiles play a big role in making a [...]