Eight WordPress Event Management Plugins

by Jacob Lake

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Event ManagementAn event can be anything from a small get together of business associates to huge multiday event with attendance measured in the hundreds of thousands. Events can be held to improve workplace performance, promote a new product or service or simply to generate income. Many times they represent a major investment of time and money for an organization and are crucial to helping them achieve their marketing goals. It’s the job of the event management team to ensure these events achieve the desired results.

The key to any successful event, no matter what the size, is efficient event management. Any business or organization can benefit from effective event management. Below is a list of eight WordPress plugins that can help any event managers to stay on top of the creation, development, scheduling and promotion of their current and upcoming events.


By: tri.beDownload Link

The Events Calendar plugin is an event management system that allows users to quickly create and manage all their events whether they’re special events or recurring events; all day, multi day or shorter, with set hours.

A few of the Events Calendar’s features include an upcoming events widget, full RSS Feed, calendar month view with tooltips, Google Maps integration, and extensive template tags for easy customization. A number of premium and community addons are available as well.

The Events Calendar currently comes in two versions: the Events Calendar 2.0 (free) and Events Calendar PRO (not free).


By:  Then.ly – Download Link

The All-in-One Event Calendar gives users a new way to list their events in WordPress and promote them on the Internet. The All-in-One Event Calendar mixes distinctive visual design, solid architectural patterns and a great set of user features to produce one of the most advanced calendar management systems available on WordPress.

The All-in-One Event Calendar plugin comes with many unique features. Users can import and export event feeds to and from other All-in-One Calendars or almost any other calendar software; filter events by category or tag; color code events based on category, and create embedded Google maps. In addition to multiple standard calendar views, the All-in-One Calendar can display events in a widget or series of widgets on the page’s sidebar or footer.

Website and Blog Owners can import other calendars automatically to display in their calendar and automatically categorize and tag imported calendar feeds. Each event links back to the original calendar and is SEO optimized for search engine indexing. Calendars can be embedded into a WordPress page without the need to create template files or modify the theme.

The All-in-One Calendar is built to take advantage of HTML5 and employs CSS3 to provide a user friendly interface.


By Eran MillerDownload Link

The WordPress Ajax Event Calendar plugin is a drag and drop community calendar the allows authorized users to add, edit, move, copy, resize and delete entries in various customizable calendar categories. The plugin supports daily, weekly, monthly and annual recurring events; event lists can be added to your blog by adding highly customizable short codes in the body of a page, a post or a text widget.

The WP Ajax Event Calendar’s many features allow users to quickly create calendars for multi-day events, display events in day, week, and month views, copy/duplicate/clone events, instantly filter events by category and link to Google Maps automatically generated from address fields

Designed, developed and supported by Product Development Professional Eran Miller, this open source WordPress plugin is freely available for download and is available in 23 languages including English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and German.


By: jgrietveldDownload Link

The Simple Events Calendar WordPress plugin allows WordPress site owners to quickly and easily add upcoming events to their posts or pages.

With the Simple Events Calendar, Users can easily place events in any post or page by adding a simple short code. They can add new events or delete existing ones. Calendar events can contain URLs with a separate link to provide more information to visitors. Events can be published with a Twitter link that will allow visitors to tweet about your event.

The Simple Events Calendar is hCalendar compliant.


By: Joe DolsonDownload Link

My Calendar is an easily accessible WordPress event calendar plugin that lets users show events from multiple calendars on pages, in posts, or in widgets.

Some of the features of My Calendar include a standard calendar grid or list views of events; widgets to show today’s events as well as upcoming or past events; template tags to control the HTML and information produced in most output areas and display events in a monthly, weekly, or daily view.

Users can store and display a wide range of information for each event such as: title, description, alternate description, event category, URL, start date, start time, end date, end time, registration status and event location.

My Calendar provides effective event management with numerous methods to display calendar events. The My Calendar plug-in can support individual site calendars within WordPress Multi-User, or multiple calendars displayed by categories of or locations for events.


By: liedekefDownload Link

Events Made Easy is a fully customizable WordPress plugin that lets users plan and publish their event details. Formerly known as “Events Manager Extended” Events Made Easy is a useful event management solution for WordPress, supporting public, private, draft and recurring events, locations management, RSVP and maps.

With Events Made Easy, users can let their audience reserve spaces at meetings, add events, list calendars and event descriptions to their blogs using multiple sidebar widgets or simple short codes; geocoding lets them display the location of an event using Google Maps; a RSS and ICAL feed, to keep subscribers updated about upcoming events and integrate payments for events using PayPal.

Once installed, Events Made Easy creates a special “Events” page which is used for the dynamic content of the events. All the events links are linked to this page, which is rendered differently for each event.

At this stage, Events Made Easy is only available in English and Italian, but it is fully localizable and has already partially localized in Spanish, German, Swedish, French and Dutch.


By Stephen HarrisDownload Link

Event Organiser permits users integrate event management into their WordPress site by allowing them to create and maintain their events, venue management, event calendars and customizable event lists.

By using WordPress’ built in ”custom post type”, the Events Organizer plug-in allows users to create events that have the same functionality as posts, while adding further features that allow them to manage their events. Event Organizer has several handy features that lets users create and manage one-time or recurring events; a venue admin page to add and maintain the venues used for their events, with Google maps support to display a map of the venue; a fully-featured content editor; and an event list widget that outputs a list of events.

Planned features for future updates include actions and filters that will enable developers or plug-ins to modify and interact with Event Organiser; allow users to exclude or include specific dates in an event’s schedule and dashboard widgets for upcoming and/or expiring events. Although available only in English, Events Oragniser has been localized for several languages such as French, Italian, Swedish and Dutch.


By: Ross HaneyDownload Link

Google Calendar Events parses Google Calendar feeds to extract events and display them as a calendar grid or a list on a page, post or widget.

Google Calendar Events gives users complete customization of the way event information is displayed. Events from multiple feeds can be displayed on one grid or list. Users can specify how many events to retrieve, whether to retrieve past events and how long to cache the feed for. To control the information that is displayed for each event in the grid tooltip or list, users can apply either the simple display options, or the event display builder, which is more flexible than the simple displays options.

The Google Calendar Events calendar grid markup is generated using a modified version of the PHP Calendar script (2.3) by Keith Devens.

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