Free Targeted Twitter Followers: 20 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

by Anil Agarwal

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Twitter has becoming more and more powerful as it has is a big search engine, has million of users and its influencing our website search engine rankings. One of factors that we take into consideration while making decision about websites popularity is how many people are actually following them on Twitter. We always remain interested in numbers shown against their Twitter profiles in follower’s section. So we always look at ways to improve our Twitter followers. We not only look at ways to increase Twitter followers, but we are interested in getting more targeted followers who are interested in our products, services and the information we are sharing through our websites and blogs.

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Earn Your Twitter Followers

Website owners and bloggers with thousands of followers are considered to be very popular in their niche by their readers and experts. Do you have a Twitter account and want to attract lots of traffic to your tweets and your Twitter profile, you will to add more targeted followers to your list of followers. One important thing I would like share, its not only the increased numbers of followers will help you, you actually need connect them in a way that they convert into your customers. Ways to increase Twitter FollowersPeople keep on searching Internet to find ways to increase their followers on Twitter. They will end up seeing hundreds of ways and most of them will not be helping them at all. If you are also looking for similar kind of solutions, I’m going to help you as today I’m going to share the list of top 20 ways that surely will help you increase lots of high quality and most relevant Twitter followers as per your website or blog niche.

1. Start Following More People

This is quite basic but really works. You need to follow some targeted Twitter users in BULK, If you follow people, there is every chance they will follow you back. As far as my experience with method is concerned, I received 25 to 30% new followers compared to the number of people I actually start following. Suppose I start following 100 targeted users, I may end up add 25-30 new followers to my overall followers list. We need to unfollow those Twitter users who are not following us back. We need to run this process on several occasions to take overall followers bases in four figures.

2. Twitter Profile Name

You should select the name associated with you or your business website that you will be using as your Twitter profile URL. You should use only relevant names for your Twitter Profile. Like for this blog, I had a Twitter Profile URL set as bloggerspassion. You can access my Twitter profile here.

3. Mention All Details Related to Your Account

Please write down all details required to make your Twitter profile page perfect like your name, Location, Website and Bio. And if you can add a custom background for your Twitter profile, that will be more beneficial. People would love to follow those people only whom they are interested in. With a blank profile URL, no one will be able to know about you or your business website. If you are able to make an appealing About ME section, chances of people following you will be huge.

4. Running Contest

I have seen lots of people using contests to get desired actions from their website readers like increasing their RSS Feed subscribers, increasing their fan base on Twitter, increasing more contents on their blogs in the form of guest posts etc. We can use the same thing to increase our Twitter followers. We can create some contests to increase our follower’s base on Twitter. We need to offer exciting gifts to the contest winners so that lots of people get excited to participate in the contest. We can think of promoting our contests through our websites, blogs and through social networks we are active to make contest a real success and to get desired results from it. You can expect some quick and targeted followers through contest for your Twitter profile page. Apart from creating your own contests, you should start participating in other contests created around Twitter promotions.

5. Social Media Integration

You should integrate your Twitter profile on all major social media websites where we are active like Facebook, StumbleUpon, Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious etc. When you do so, more people will be able to know about your Twitter profile and there is every chance they will start following you on Twitter.

6. Keep an eye on Your Competitors

You should keep an eye on top Twitters in your industry and how they are running their Twitter account. You should try to replicate their successful ideas on your own Twitter profile. When certain things are working for your competitors website, there is every chance, they will work for your as well.

7. Use Follow ME Buttons and Links

You should start showing an icon or button for your presence on Twitter on your website or blog sidebars and in the header sections. This will help your website readers find your Twitter profile and there are chances they will start following you on Twitter if they like your website content and they have an active account on Twitter. Apart from this, I used to motivate people to start following me on Twitter if I had some content coming on my blog around Twitter promotions. I myself have included an icon for my Twitter profile on my blog Bloggers Passion sidebar. It’s also a good idea to include Twitter Follow link or icons towards the end of each blog post or article on your website as one of action element with other action elements like Subscribe to RSS feed and Like Facebook Fan Page etc.

8. Don’t Be Self Promotional

I have noticed lots of guys sharing their own stories only on their social media accounts including Twitter. But that should not be the case. Social media websites are creating for sharing interesting stuff. So we need to be more social while working on these websites. When we send a tweet or Retweet for someone else story, they will start re-tweeting our stories. In this whole process, some Twitter users might like to start following you. I have noticed even a single tweet on any of our story from popular twitter user-carrying thousands of followers can help us get lots of tweets on our story. We may end up getting 50 or even 100 plus tweet on our stories. So we should be promoting interesting stories from other website owners and bloggers as well on your twitter accounts.

9. Invite Your Friends on Twitter

You should invite all of your friends from all popular email services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail etc to be on Twitter. As you are the one who invited them to be on Twitter, they will start following you as you are among very few contacts they personally know on Twitter.

10. Get in Touch With Top Twitter Users

I would recommend you get in touch with top Twitter users in your niche and when you send interesting tweets to them, there is every chance, some of them will reply back to your Tweets. And when they replied, your Twitter URL will be shown up against all of their followers as part of their tweets. Followers of those top tweeter users will be interest in knowing more about you and thus will check your Twitter profile. If people find your profile of their interest, will surely start following you.

11. Start Answering to Questions

Being an expert in your niche, you should start replying to questions from your followers and potential followers on Twitter. You will end up seeing some interesting questions related to your niche when using Twitter search with the related keywords.

12. More Traffic Means More Followers

You should look at maximum ways to send more and more traffic to your Twitter profile page. You can expect good amount of followers in quick succession on Twitter if you are able to drive good stream of traffic to your twitter account.

13. Tweet This Button on Contents

You should add a tweet this button to all of your blog posts and promotional pages. Presence of tweet this button will allow your blog readers to share interesting posts from your blog on Twitter. When some strong users on Twitter share any of your post, chances of your content becoming viral are quite high. This will help spread words about your blog and profile on Twitter. This will result in lots of tweets and additional followers for you on Twitter.

14. Show Your Twitter Profile in Signatures

Apart from what I have shared above, I would recommend you including a link for your Twitter account in your signature sections in your emails, in discussion forums, guest posts, online communities, groups and business cards. Placements of your links in signature sections on various websites will help in sending additional traffic on your Twitter account.

15. Write Good Tweets

You should be maintaining good tweets on your profile page on Twitter. If you are sharing just links, you are leaving the impression of a spammer or robot to people who visits your profile page. You should minimize links in your tweets and start writing valuable tweets, which would be liked by your existing and future followers.

16. Use Twitter Account on Popular Blogs

I have noticed lots of famous blogs in every industry allows you to leave comments with your Twitter or Facebook account only. If you have ever tried writing a comment on website, you would have known they ask users to login into their Twitter or Facebook accounts before making comments. We can expect good amount of traffic to our twitter accounts when we write our comments on Mashable type of high traffic blogs.

17. Sharing Interesting Tweets

Apart from writing good tweets around your niche, you should start creating some tweets about like what you are doing, your thoughts about certain things, and latest happenings around you or latest update about the things you are most passionate about. Such kind of tweets will give personal touch to your Twitter account and allows your followers to know more about you, your interests and thoughts in personal.

18. Use Custom Background

You should create a custom background for your Twitter profile. People seems to be more interested in following those twitter uses that have set a good looking and value adding background to their Twitter accounts. So presence of custom background will help you add more followers to you on Twitter.

19. Profile Picture

I would suggest you use your own image or your website logo on your Twitter profile. That would make your Twitter profile more genuine and real. I have noticed lots of twitter adding some random images against their twitter profiles. Presence of such images will just annoy those people who visit your profile pages on Twitter.

20. Show Your Twitter Followers Count

If you have decent numbers against your Twitter profile, you should start sharing those numbers on your website and blog. When people see such huge number is following you, they will be interested in following you. We use the similar kind of technique to get lots of RSS Feed Subscribers to our blog where we used to show up our current RSS subscribers count in our blog sidebars towards top. I hope I have covered most of legit and free ways to increase Twitter followers. Do you think I missed a killer technique that can help you get lots of targeted followers for free on Twitter, do share in the comments section below.

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I have a lots of twitter followers but does not receive any traffic from twitter. Do you have any suggestion for me


Anil Agarwal

May be most of your fans are not targeted fans. You need to focus more towards getting targeted fans. Then its about how you are managing fans like you are doing some engaging tweets with your fans or not.


Kavya Hari

Yeah, have to get worthy readers into twitter :) So, automatically traffic will be increasing day by day with good support on here :)



I think the best way of living out of twitter is definitely finding targeted twitter followers… Keyword targeted twitter followers are the inversion for your blog, services or business, period.. thanks for the blog..


Cool Geek

thanks for these auspicious tips to inc the followers.. ;-)



thanks for these auspicious tips to inc the followers. It will be useful to my blog


Biswajit Bhattacharjee


I am read all points what you want to say in your blog but the main thing is not clear in your blog.I want to know how to increase more follower in twitter on country basis.

Biswajit Bhattacharjee



You have mentioned all the possible ways in which one can increase the no. of followers but doing the thing perfectly what exactly matters. Anyways thanks for sharing this huge list.



got see this…………twiends….u can increase your followers



Awesome tips buddy, thanks for sharing. I have been looking for some easy methods to increase my followers’ count, and these tips are certainly going to help me on my way :) !



Wow! Great and useful ways to utilize to increase twitter followers. Well, having Tweet This button in content and using Twitter profile in signatures are useful and effective ways to increase followers. Thanks Anil for this wonderful useful post :)


Anil Agarwal

Good to know you are finding my twitter tips useful


birhan yel

I am beginning right now, we’ll see ;-) @yel307


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