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Getting the Most out of Blog Comments

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Bloggers work hard to get a high number of readers responding within the comments section to their blog posts because it is a sure indicator that you have successfully managed to drive high traffic to your blog and that you’ve written something worthwhile enough to spark conversation amongst your readers. However a lot of bloggers don’t take into consideration the converse of this: commenting on other people’s blogs and how useful this tactic can be for your own blog. You just need to employ a few tried and true tactics the next time you think about leaving a comment on someone else’s blog to take you from anonymous commenter to well-respected blogger:

  1. Frequently leave comments on blogs
    Leaving one comment on a popular blog may give you an initial spike in traffic from other commenters clicking over to your blog, but the traffic increase probably won’t stick. You have to work towards establishing a name for yourself through the comment’s section of blogs to garner a habitual increase in your own blog’s traffic. Commenting frequently will also allow the author of the blog to begin to recognize you as a regular reader and you’ll have taken the first steps towards creating a relationship with this blogger (or bloggers) which will help you leverage your own success in the blogging community.
  2. Actually read the post, don’t just skim it.
    A big mistake that commenters sometimes make is that they don’t read the article all the way through. Instead they merely skim the post and try to pick up on context clues and key points. There is nothing more frustrating and insulting to a blog author than to receive a comment from someone who clearly didn’t read the post and consequently ended up missing the point of the post. Leaving these types of comments can make you look ignorant and backfire on your efforts.
  3. Comment with something meaningful.
    Unless you are looking to get lost in the sea of people leaving generic comments that attest to the greatness of the post or their love for the blogger then don’t leave a standard comment that mimics the rest. To set yourself apart from the crowd you need to leave a well thought-out, well-written comment that causes the blogger and other readers to wonder what else you have to say. That is what will drive people to your own blog.
  4. Don’t shy away from debate.
    Many times bloggers will write a controversial post knowing that it will incite discussion within the comment section. These types of posts do well among readers and are written for the purpose of voicing their opinion and getting alternate opinions from people with differing views. The trick to approaching these types of posts is to comment honestly with your viewpoint but also to maintain a high level of respect for any other opinions and for the blogger. You can offer healthy debate; just don’t alienate anyone in the process.
  5. Don’t leave a link-ridden comment.
    Driving traffic to your blog may be the driving force behind why you’re leaving comments but you should never litter a comment with links back to your blog. This will cause you to come off looking like a spammer and can end up getting you black-listed from certain blogs. There is a fine line between self-promotion and spam and taking one step over to the spam side can be a crippling blow to your blog.

You can effectively use comments to boost your own blog’s traffic, but you can also kill your blog if you don’t approach commenting with the same integrity that you approach blogging. Done right, though, commenting regularly and with quality comments can skyrocket your own blogging success.

Article by Mary Edwards

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  • Jasmine

    These are some really good commenting tips. Use these tips, and your comments will surely get approved!

  • Ben Norman

    My experience with blog comments so far hasn’t been a good one, at least in terms of the traffic it has (or more accurately has not!) driven. I’m a frequent commenter on a number of sites, and ensure that nothing I write could be classed as generic and properly adds to the conversation.

    On numerous occasions these comments have sparked off their own debate but I’ve yet to see much traffic come my way. I continue regardless because I like to give give my own opinion, I’m not solely in it to drive traffic to my site as some people seem to be.

    As you mention, the main benefit that I’ve had , especially on smaller blogs, is that commenting can lead to me building up a relationship with the author, which in turn creates a loyal and engaged reader for my own site. When first starting out in a niche (as I currently am) I think getting known by other authors is important and commenting is a great way to do it!

    • The People Pleaser

      I tried to check out your blog, but there’s no link built into your name. The first step might be to maximize the potential of every comment you make and make sure that people can access your blog if they are interested.

  • Jamie Northrup

    Good tips Mary, I comment on pretty much every post I read on any topic.

  • Free Stuff

    If you have to read all of the procedure for the blog commenting then the backlinking is must and comments made live.

  • Dean Saliba

    I don’t know about others but I am finding it more and more difficult to distinguish between real and spam comments these days, the people posting them are getting cleverer at hiding them.

    The only way I can deal with it is to delete comments that are not spelt correctly.

  • Design by Nadja

    Thanks for the tips! It’s time consuming reading, let alone commenting, on a lot of blog posts, but so worth the effort. I learn most everything I know about online marketing from other people’s blogs so I’m extremely grateful to them!!

  • Brandon Shepherd

    Thanks for the great tips! I plan to give this a try for a period of time and see how it works out for me. I have always read a lot of blogs so this really only cost me the minute or so tp type up a meaningful comment.


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