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Give Your Readers What They Didn’t Know They Want

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When it comes to great content, you want to give your readers exactly what they came for… right? Maybe not necessarily. Staying within your niche and sticking to a variety of topics that cover the same basic theme is a great start. However, it’s time that you seek out new topics that may not necessarily be on your readers’ radar – yet.

Whether you need a content change for SEO purposes, have a lack of article ideas, or simply want to switch up your content, there are many ways to modify your usual and give readers what they didn’t even know they wanted.
Give Your Readers What They Didn’t Know They Want

Keyword Use

When beginning to write an article, it’s smart to look up the most common keywords associated with it. This is ideal for SEO and can help guide your article when feeling lost on where to go with it. This could also change the direction of your post, leading outside of your specific niche or usual topic ideas. Click here to know how to write Keywords Rich Articles.

  • Choosing the right keywords will help shape your post, which can take it in a direction different than what you had intended.
  • Keywords are based on searches for that particular subject; this is an opportunity to address other facets of your niche.
  • Shift your focus to highlighting those keywords. This will be great for your SEO and can take your usual article to a new level.

You can give a try to Keyword Tool from Google for lots of keyword and topic ideas.

Trending Topics

There is always something changing in the online world. Regardless of what you blog about, the post idea you had at the beginning of the week could be meaningless by the time you get around to writing it. Catering your post to the trending topics surrounding your idea can give you a new post idea all together.

  • See what’s trending with that blog topic on Twitter trends, Mashable, Google Trends etc.
  • Utilize the newest information to modify the original post.
  • If your readers are used to tutorials, perhaps a breaking news story can change the article into an informative piece where you collect related tweets or statuses. Changing up the pace and style is good for you and your readers.

Comment Inspiration

So your readers get involved with the content in the comment section. They give their opinions, ask questions or pose objections. Use this section of your blog to find new content ideas, but not in the fashion you would imagine.

  • Find objections or unhappy comments, and take your inspiration from there.
  • Get inspirations from comments relating the other side of a story or the negative information surrounding a particular topic. This gives your readers a different view of the information and your blog a very rounded set of blog posts.

Similar Blogs

While you may be writing about the positive side of healthcare, there are a slew of other blogs out there taking the opposite stance. This is an opportunity to transform your usual and give readers a side of the story they weren’t expecting to get. This adds value to your readers and your blog, allowing for a full view of the story instead of sticking to one side.

  • Find a post regarding the same topic, and get your inspiration from their position on the topic.
  • What are their arguments? Can you write a debate piece? You could also do a straightforward informational article.

As an avid blogger, you always want to give your readers what they want. It keeps them coming back for more, in turn increasing traffic and site views. However, switching your tactics a bit can keep your posts relevant to your niche or overall blog theme while giving your readers an article they weren’t expecting to get.

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