Hostgator Offering 40% Discount on All Shared Hosting Till 31st August 2012

by Anil Agarwal

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Hostgator is offering 40% discount on all shared hosting accounts till 31st August 2012. Hostgator rarely offers such kind of deals on any of their hosting accounts. This is a golden opportunity for all newbies to start their first website or blog on such a big discounted price. Hostgator discount of 40% will be available on your first billing cycle only.

Hostgator 40% Discount

To get the maximum benefit of this special discount offer from Hostgator, you should buy Hostgator web hosting for longer period of time in advance like 3 years. When you will be going to renew your hosting once your current hosting subscription plan about to end, you will need to pay the normal price which will be 40% higher than what you are paying today. So you can surely save some money by purchasing shared hosting plan of your choice for maximum time period in advance. Hostgator 40% discount offer is applicable on all Windows and Linux based hosting plans. But you have very limited time to react as this special offer from Hostgator is going to last by the end of 31st August 2012 only.

Click This Link and Use 40OFF to Claim 40% Discount on Hostgator web hosting accounts.

When you click this link, discount coupon code of 40% will automatically be applied to your hosting purchase. Here coupon code 40OFF is actually helping you save 40% money on your first billing cycle with Hostgator shared hosting purchase.

Hostgator Features List

No doubt, Hostgator is one of the best web hosts in the industry when it comes about getting quality and pricing affordability at the same time. Hostgator is currently hosting more than 800000 domain names on its servers. Here are some of features you will enjoy in all shared hosting accounts from Hostgator:

  • Unlimited disk space in all hosting packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth in all shared hosting plans
  • Domain names unlimited in case of baby and Business plans and 1 allowed for Hatchling Plan users
  • Free Site Builder
  • 24×7 Support through Email, Phone and Chat
  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • 45 day money back guarantee
  • $100 Google Adwords Credit
  • One Click Installer for WordPress
  • Free Instant backups and instant setup
  • Your own toll free number, free dedicated IP and Free Private SSL number in case of business plan

Just Bought Hostgator Hatchling Plan

I myself don’t want to miss this golden opportunity and just bought a Hostgator Hatchling Plan for a period of 36 months. Here is a screenshot showing the same. With Hostgator 40% discount coupon code 40OFF, I’m able to save $71.28 and just need to pay $106.92 for 3 years of hosting from Hostgator. In normal days, I need to pay $178.2 for buying the same hosting plan for 36 months period from Hostgator.

Hostgator Hatchling 40% Off

Here is a table showing discounted price and how much you will actually be saving by using this special discount offer from Hostgator:

Plan NameTenureDiscounted PriceSavingsNormal Price
Hatchling Plan12 Months$50.04 $33.36$83..4
Hatchling Plan24 Months$85.68$57.12142.8
Hatchling Plan36 Months$106.92$71.28$178.2
Baby Plan12 Months$71.64$47.76$119.4
Baby Plan24 Months$128.88$85.92$214.8
Baby Plan36 Months$171.72$114.48$286.2
Business Plan12 Months$107.64$71.76$179.4
Business Plan24 Months$200.88$133.92$334.8
Business Plan36 Months$279.72$186.48$466.2

Click This Link and Use 40OFF to save 40% on your First Billing Cycle with Hostgator

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mate I did not see your referral link in the above post. Why is that so? Secondly there is a mistake in your sentences which I often see repeatedly. I himself should be corrected as I myself…


Anil Agarwal

Its already there George. But this time, I gave the direct affiliate links from Hostgator which was landing to the 40% discount landing page


Anil Agarwal

Corrections done at all levels on my blog in this regard


george t mathew

ADsense is making your revenue drop. Below the hostgator discount banner adsense is displaying a 1 cent hostgator plan. Obviously visitors would be inclined towards that and you will get 25 cents instead of $50..???


Anil Agarwal

That’s true. I was having the same kind of feeling. Yesterday only, I saw Hostgator 1 cent ad from Google Adsense being shown in my blog sidebar. But then somehow other ad start showing and I forgot about this thing. Just removed the Adsense slot from that spot. Thanks a lot for helping me in this matter. But from Google Adsense ads even, we can make good amount of money. On 24th August only, I received $10.44 for a single click on Google Adsense Ad which was placed on Bloggers Passsion.



What a great discount offer by HostGator! It’s a shame this wasn’t offered when I was looking for a deal on website hosting a few months ago. I’ll just inform my friends, they might be interested into taking advantage of HostGator’s deal, and it’s going to end today! Thanks for sharing!


Make It Mine

This is a good offer but I am not sure about the quality and service since hostgator has a new owner.


Anil Agarwal

I don’t think that will make any difference.


george t mathew

Hi thanks for taking in my suggestions. I genuinely appreciate that. Here’s a post which I wrote after yesterday’s event. I do not know whether I can post my links here but anyway read this post. Thanks again


Becca@Grout Cleaning Melbourne

How timely, as I was looking for the best hosting provider. It is very important that you understand in detail as to what are the features that your hosting company provides you with.


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