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Hostgator Coupon December 2012: 25% Discount on All Hostgator Hosting Plans

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Hostgator Coupon December 2012 with 25 percent discount codeHostgator Coupon Codes for December 2012 are available in two forms: $9.94 off and 25% off. You should go for $9.94 off if you are buying any of Hostgator Hosting Plans for one month only. And in case you are buying Hostgator Web Hosting Plans for 1 year or more than that, you should go for 25% discount option.

  • Use bloggerspassion994 to claim $9.94 discount on your first billing cycle
  • Use bpwebhosting discount coupon to claim 25% off on your first billing cycle

Click This Link to start using the Above Discount Coupons on Hostgator Website.

So if you are making purchase for any amount less than $40, you should go for bloggerspassion994 discount coupon as this coupon will help you save $9.94, your hard earned money. And if your purchase goes beyond $40, bpwebhosting will help you save maximum money on your purchase as it will help you save 25% off your total web hosting shopping with Hostgator. Here is a screenshot showing Hostgator Coupon Code bpwebhosting in action which help you get 25% off on your first shopping with Hostgator:

Hostgator 25% Coupon Code

Suppose you want to try Hostgator most basic and cheapest Web Hosting plans for a month only which is Hatching Plan. Without using any discount coupon, you need to pay $9.95. But with bloggerspassion994, you will be saving $9.94 and thus will be paying only 1 Cent for first month hosting. You cannot expect more than this from any web host in the industry. With bloggerspassion994 discount coupon, you are able to enjoy World Class and professional web hosting services from Hostgator for 1 Cent Only. Here is a screenshot showing Hostgator 1 Cent discount coupon bloggerspassion994 in action:

Hostgator Web Hosting for 1 Cent Only

If you are not happy with Hostgator Web Hosting Services, you can cancel your membership within 45 days of web hosting purchase and you don’t need to give any explanation for this. So you will not be paying any additional money for trying Hostgator Hosting Plans. I’m sure; you will never look back once you start using Hostgator Hosting on your blogs and websites.

Hostgator Coupon Codes December 2012

Plan Duration Coupon Normal Price After Discount Save
Hatchling 1 Month bloggerspassion994 $9.95 1 Cent $9.94
Hatchling 6 Month bpwebhosting $53.70 $40.28 $13.42
Hatchling 1 Year bpwebhosting $83.40 $62.55 $20.85
Hatchling 2 Year bpwebhosting $142.80 $107.10 $35.70
Hatchling 3 year bpwebhosting $178.20 $133.65 $44.55


Similarly, you will be able to save lots of money on your shopping by using bpwebhosting discount coupon in other web hosting plans from Hostgator like Hostgator Baby Plan and Hostgator Business Plan.

Hostgator is one of leading web hosts in the internet industry today. They are well known for their most affordable hosting plans, world class customer support, ability to solve various technical issues with ease etc. I have been using Hostgator web hosting plans on my blogs for more than 5 years now and so far I have been very satisfied with their services. I so far have never faced any downtime or bandwidth issues with Hostgator web hosting. Here are some interesting features which makes Hostgator as one of leading web hosting provider in the industry:

Hostgator Hosting Plans Special Features

  • Hostgator provides unlimited disk space in all hosting plans even their basic plan (Hatchling Plan)
  • Offers unlimited bandwidth in all of its hosting plans
  • 24×7 support via Phone, Chat and Email
  • 99.9 Uptime guarantee
  • 45 Days Anytime Complete Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Site Builder and instant backups
  • Free $100 Google Adwords Voucher
  • Unlimited sub-domains and FTP account in all of Hostgator Hosting Plans
  • Access your account through easy to operate cpanel
  • One Click WordPress Installer in the form of Fantastico
  • Free domain transfer and Hosting facility
  • Access to 50 plus ready to useful scripts
  • 4500 plus ready to use templates

So there are two type of Hostgator Coupons for December 2012:

bloggerspassion994 discount coupon for $9.94 off on first invoice

bpwebhosting discount coupon for 25% off on first invoice

Click This Link to go to Hostgator Official Website to use above Hostgator Coupons for December 2012. I will keep on updating this page as I get any other Hostgator Coupon for December 2012.

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  • Brianna

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for sharing with us about Hostgator’s 2012 discount on hosting plans! I agree with you that once you start using Hostgator hosting on websites and blogs, you’ll never switch to anything else.

  • Hillary Bost

    Nice thanks for the share there are a couple sites i need to get up and now I really have no reason not to do so.

  • Jaxon

    Thanks for sharing latest discount offer

  • Sermorelin

    Nice sharing about Hostgator discount on hosting plans. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Lucas

    That was great..
    It helps me alot.. Thank you for sharing about Host Alligator.

  • Doug Spence

    You have helped me by posting about the heavy discount on Host Alligator..Thanks!!

  • Jean

    Sounds like a good offer. Thank you for the heads up! I’ve been thinking about putting up a few new sites and this could be the perfect opportunity.

  • Hillary Bost

    Thanks for the discount, I have been waiting to throw some site sup but now I don’t really have a reason.

  • Ariana

    But what about hostgator india? I understand you are an affiliate with hostgator US but I doubt these coupons work on Indian site in Indian billing plan. if you have those too , pls share .. as of now the jerks are offering 20% off only to new customers..nothing for those who are being loyal to the brand and renewing.

    • Anil Agarwal


      Most web hosting discounts used to be for new customers. You will not get much offer when you go about renewing your web hosting package. If you are happy with a discount on any of web hosting packages, you should buy web hosting for longer period of time in advance. Companies give attractive offer to acquire new customers. When you renew their packages, you have to pay their regular price and not the discounted one.

  • Felicia @ Unibet Leaderboard

    Thanks for sharing with us about the discount on hostgator and bluehost (on your other post)!

  • George

    Hi what happened I did not see any reply to my comment yesterday. How do you manage to get so much us traffic.

    • Anil Agarwal

      I think it missed it completely. For getting traffic, you need to produce quality content at regular interval. Apart from this, you need to build targeted backlinks and need to get strong presence for your website on major social media websites

  • George

    Well you didn’t get my question properly. In terms of cpc the most valuable traffic is from western countries. And you have it in plenty. What’s the secret to that?. And please check out my latest post. You’d do me a great favor.

    • Anil Agarwal

      For getting targeted traffic, you should create posts keeping some targeted keywords in mind. I use Google Adwords keyword tool for keyword ideas and the kind of traffic I will be getting by getting top rankings for those keywords on You have a very informative blog. But its still in early stage and you have long way to go. You should chose a premium theme, logo design and create strong presence on Social media websites.

    • Ehsan Ullah

      George, As Anil said, You’re at early stage as of now, It needs lots of effort to grow your blog and to get targeted traffic from search engines. Guest blogging is the most effective link building method, So do guest post on top blogs and try to build quality back for your blog with targeted keyword.

      BTW, Anil can you tell me which hosting service do you use? (Tell me which package and plan please)

      • Anil Agarwal

        Ehsan, I’m using Hostgator and BlueHost to host all of websites and blogs. As far as Bloggers Passion is concerned, it is hosted on Hostgator. I’m using Hostgator Hatchling Plan on it and I need to pay just $3.71/month only as I purchased hosting for this blog for 36 months in advance.

  • George

    I will certainly do that but i don’t have the cash.

  • Soniya Sharma@Best Doctor for hair transplant

    Hello Dear

    what a great offer i am totally agree with you i have been waiting for this offer an i will need this post thanks for the sharing me great offer

    Thank & Regards

  • Deny Saputra

    Anil, thanks for let us know for that!
    I just decided to build a new personal website, and will choose hostgator thought

    • Anil Agarwal

      That great Deny for choosing Hostgator as your host for your next website. I will great time while hosting your website with them.

  • Sathesh

    It says the coupon does not exist

    • Anil Agarwal

      I just checked discount coupon is perfectly working. May be you try some typo. Try the discount coupon BPWEBHOSTING.

  • Rahul

    awesome!!! thanks for sharing this coupon with us
    now i will get 25% discount..


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