Hostgator vs Bluehost: Why Hostgator Dwells Over The Rest

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When you are a blogger, a webmaster or an online marketer, a good web hosting service is your number one priority. Given to come across plethora of web hosting service providers that boast about big benefits and lucrative offers, you may be left puzzled quite naturally. It is never a bad idea to stay informed about various web hosting service providers, but when opting for the right and most suitable one for you gets tough, you need expert advice! However, there is a right method to do anything and how good it is if comes straight away from heavyweights.

Before sharing my strategy about how I zeroed down on a good web host, I would say that going through customer reviews is still a good way to start, because it well narrows down your search to two or three most likely options. Thereafter, little bit of comparative assessment of top two or three brands based upon specific reviews will simplify the task. I have long believed that figures speak louder than the words, it helps here! When you have the right statistics to compare amid performance, rates and discounts, you are predestined to arrive at a right conclusion. A word of caution here is always in favor of established review sites and avoiding just ‘any’ site that can fake statistics, got planted reviews and full of misleading facts in slightest of probability.

Hostgator vs Bluehost

In my research towards finding out the best web hosting solutions, this approach landed me up on two options and to analyze Hostgator vs BlueHost. Reading further, you will find insight about what led the search to narrow down on Hostgator and why Hostgator dwells over all the rest!

Range of Services that Differentiate Hostgator from Bluehost

When you got a broader perspective in terms of hosting platforms, you need a web host that identically works over Windows as well as Linux. Come what your requirement is – shared web hosting, reselling hosting, a dedicated server or VPS, you get all that supported when you choose Hostgator. On the other hand, Bluehost has only the Linux based hosting service; for the purpose it has got Linux camel customized. Though you will never be short of experts to tackle your needs and exigencies, it lacks operational availability on variety of platforms.

Reliability is Always a Deciding Factor When Comparing Hostgator vs BlueHost

As a webmaster or blogger your first criteria will always be reliability and Hostgator gets better in this as well as robustness of the system. Having a fabulous track record of 99.99% up-time that Hostgator guarantees, a lot of people have rated it much more stable, vigorous and scalable as compared to its competitors and renowned names like BlueHost. Picture gets even clearer if you can go read the reviews and check technical forums! Websites always struggle for performance at the time of peak load; this is where Hostgator seems to be extremely sturdy and consistent.

Consistency and experience must play a vital role whenever a professional webmaster like you mulls over the reliability aspect. Discussing Hostgator vs BlueHost, though both are highly rated yet Hostgator has a higher customer retention and satisfaction rate than BlueHost. Factors like refusal to rejoin after initial quarter and varying prices can be blamed for this. You definitely are likely to end up with a web host that is better on these two parameters! Automated features like providing 4500 free website templates and an infrastructure capable of supporting client base of 5 million customers extended to 200 plus countries, loudly speak of the reliability factor of Hostgator!

A user-friendly customer support relieves you from a lot of pains

As a webmaster you would always want to concentrate on your business rather than struggle long in the automated mechanical response machines or type long SMS and mails frantically looking for a resolution. Providing web hosting service, this means a lot if you got an excellent customer support! Hostgator has more likes compared to BlueHost or other similar products, with an amazing customer service which has been already rated number one in almost all reviews and blog forums. Their 24×7 support comprising a well-trained fleet of executives assures quickest resolution to your problems. Hostgator as well leads in adopting the latest features like Live Chat, video tutorials and knowledge base and FAQ results in making it state-of-the-art. BlueHost, not having this leading edge are non-existent in this perspective.

You may dedicate it to Hostgotor’s 9+ years of experience as something that makes its promoters serious about the gravity of good customer support.

Allied benefits make Hostgator a lucrative option

If so-called attractive offers by web hosting providers give you a feel of marketing gimmicks, you are not completely wrong. However, here is something that will change your lookout, more than just being the carrots of allied benefits dangling in front! Hostgator appears to be an exception on this front as well. It’s amazing offers like unlimited disk space and bandwidth, more than 4500 free website templates make it the first preference for many webmasters.

Features like dedicated IP address in Hostgator Business plans are not available at all with competitors like BlueHost. You know it, how big a pain it is to change website host, but Hostgator provides you complete support in migrating your website. And mind it, it is absolutely free! Get your domain, files, scripts and database transferred without any cost that is surely a great offer. What a sigh of relief!

Pricing and plans make the difference as you go higher

In an extremely competitive market, all webhosting providers seem to be competitive and neck to neck at the first glance. Their prices are identically lower with basic plans, but there is a vast difference as you start climbing in the ladder. Prices sway towards Hostgator in terms of number of options. With its three flavors of plans, i.e. Hatchling, Baby and Business as against one single Professional Web hosting Plan of BlueHost, there you get to differentiate the better alternate. The selection of a reasonably priced provider would be tricky one and certainly involves little bit of calculation and statistical analysis. I did an exhaustive comparison based upon tricky statistics and envisioned Hostgator vs BlueHost from all angles, only to find Hostgator much cheaper and value leveraging in the long run.

While single domain plan is almost the same in both at 3.95USD, its multiple domain plan and quite a feature-rich plan are offered in the price range of 6.36 USD and 10.36 USD respectively. Well that is a superb deal in my opinion. Reseller plans at Hostgator are absolutely competitive against BlueHost and its five different levels of membership guarantee various benefits, thus making it a preferred solution. You get a superb $100 Google Awards Credit from Hostgator, while it is $75 with BlueHost. With the unmatched leadership in the field of dedicated server hosting, Hostgator takes a giant forward leap over BlueHost with its four levels of Basic, Standard, Elite and Pro offered for Linux as well as Windows servers.

Go green with Hostgator

Go green with HostgatorAs a responsible organization sensitized towards environmental and ecological balance, Hostgator powers and cools all the servers using energy generated by wind power. This is a move towards staying organic, as it thereby reduces emission of greenhouse gases and controls the pollution. Such a practice is not followed by BlueHost!

With a wholesome view, my analysis about Hostgator vs BlueHost webhosting services comes after looking at every possible feature. Based upon this, it gets easier for you to draw a conclusion about which web hosting provider proves better in the longer run and in terms of a better value for your bucks. The impressive statistics of Hostgator with millions of domains compared to 8,500,00 of BlueHost make the picture even clearer. Isn’t associating with a provider that is one of the top ten web hosting companies in the world, a great feeling in itself?

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