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How to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

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If you have a business in the internet era, then social media channels are essential in order to gain visibility, connect with your audience and create quality leads.

In a world where traditional advertising has become less effective (direct mail or printed advertising), the social media marketing is the main channel to find new customers, retain existing ones and expand your market.

Today the internet is the first place consumers turn for information about products and services.

The perception is that social media channels are expensive and take time, but the reality is that there are simple ways to reach customers and interact with your audience.

Below you can read some essential points to keep in mind in your social media marketing strategy.

1. Be True

Do not pretend to be an expert in areas which you do not know well and especially try not to tell lies about your business.

If traditional advertising was the kingdom of falsity ( let’s face it now! ), today in social media is quite not appropriate to tell lies, because once the truth is discovered, the damage to your business will be immense.

And do not forget that your online reputation is fundamental, above all in your niche.

Considers that it will take long time to make yourself a name and build a recognized brand around your business, but it may take just a moment to ruin your reputation, if you play dirty and make false promises.

So be sure to tell the truth!

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2. Be Human

There is nothing worse than using social media to broadcast a press release in a too complicated and sophisticated language about how beautiful is your product (unless your audience need this).

A human touch is required in your communications, but above all it must be understandable!

When you communicate to your audience, you need to remember that they are real people, not just customers or some possible earnings.

If you can convey emotions, you will be able to bond more. Tell about something personal. Sharing stories of ordinary people, will help your audience to identify themselves more into the product or service, or brand.

In a nutshell : Be Sociable !

You should communicate in your personal way, do not try to be someone else, Be Yourself!


3. Be Interesting

You do not have to bore your audience, you have to communicate something interesting.

Sometimes even the more serious topics, can be treated with a pinch of laughter and humor.

Think about a nice picture in a serious contest, for istance, as it may help you lighten the heaviness of the topic, without damaging it. Occasionally a funny message, or a comic story that is part of your niche.

Make your audience smile from time to time!

Be sure to think outside the box : try to produce high impact content, that can become viral and widespread.

And do not try to be like everyone else : Be Original!

Whatever will be your result, you will be recognized in the crowd. And this is what you really want.


4. Be Fresh

The only thing sadder than a blog with the last post dated back two years ago, is a Facebook page or a Twitter account with an update every 6 months.

It is necessary to build relationships and keep your audience updated with fresh communications, endearing content and exciting news.

It’s called Social Media, because of the “social part” !

As relationships in real life, even your social media profiles along with your audience must be cultivated and followed with love and perseverance.

So try to frequently publish useful and high quality posts. You should decide a publication interval and stick with it!

But be aware to not overload your profile with too many links or updates, as you may be labeled as a Spammer.


5. Be Consistent

Although the ideal would be to have more than one person as responsible for managing your relationships on social media to give more than a personal touch to the communication, sometimes it is not possible due to the dimensions of your business.

In any case, it is necessary to maintain a constant profile and coherent plan, in order to reach objectives (retain more customers, increase your market share, manage customer care).

Choose the image you want to convey (nice and easy-going, professional and serious, knowledgeable and friendly) and then act accordingly, making sure whenever you are making a speech – even a simple tweet – this will be consistent with the image and the objectives you have set.

Of course, these suggestions should then be translated into concrete “call to actions” for each of your channels.

It is quite important, however, that your strategy of social media marketing is as much as possible organic and animated by the same spirit for everything you do.


What about your social media activity, is it dead or alive?

I really appreciate your feedback in the comments. Thanks!

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Article by Erik Emanuelli

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  • Sohil Memon

    Hey Erik,
    Nice article on Social Media. The points which you have mention are great, in fact I am following all the points. Now-a-days Social Media is going Viral, everyone uses it and all became familiar with it. So, Marketing becomes powerful on Social Media!

    • Erik Emanuelli

      Hi Sohil,
      I am glad you liked the article.
      Social Media is essential if you want to promote your online presence.

  • sandeep kumar dan

    Hi, Erik
    I think, relationship building is the main thing to get more exposure through social media.
    Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Erik Emanuelli

      That’s right, Sandeep.
      It’s called “Social” for that reason! 😉
      Thanks for the comment.

  • Rahul

    Heyy Erik…I think you are trying to say that we must be original while blogging…that’s the key…thanks for the tips…I will surely implement them..!!!

    • Erik Emanuelli

      Being original in blogging is important, but also vital is building relationships with your audience and other bloggers in your niche.

  • Ashley K. Edwards

    I would even add “Be Open.” What I mean by that is, be open to feedback from your audience. They may, in fact, be experts in areas where you have no knowledge, or be able to add to insight you’ve already shared.

    • Erik Emanuelli

      Good suggestion, Ashley.
      Receiving feedback from your audience is important to give them what they need.

  • Kushal Biswas

    Hi Erik, Nice article.
    I noticed that posting a picture attracts more visitors than posting just a link.You can add related link in description of the picture so that normal people can visit your site.However everyone should keep in mind that picture and the description link should be related.

    Also adding pole on current topics helps to improve fan engagement.

    • Erik Emanuelli

      A picture is always more attracting than just text posts or links.
      This is even a characteristic of Social Media.
      I agree with you, Kushal.


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