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How to Write Better Blog Post

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Running a blog means swimming in a current where there are thousands of other bloggers who may be vying for the attention of the same segment of traffic that you are after. This is why providing high quality blog posts is always a good thing. It helps build your reputation as a blogger, earns your blog the respect it deserves and gives you the satisfaction of a job well done.

Here are ways on how to write better blog post for your site:

how to write better blog post

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Hook ’em and bring ’em in

The title of the blog post is the bait. It arouses interest and gets people to click on the link to a specific post. So what is a great title? In blogosphere, that depends. If search traffic is priority, then a title that includes the most relevant keywords should be used, regardless of how unimaginative that can be. If attracting a niche and being clever is more your style, then you pretty much have free reign about the words you use. Keyword-relevant titles are great for bringing in fresh traffic while clever titles are better for keeping your readers and subscribers glued to your blog.

Polish your opening salvo

You need to make a good first impression, especially when writing blog posts. It is about snap judgements – the type of instant decision that people make when faced with an option. The trouble with these snap judgements is that they tend to last. To write a better blog post, try to capture the attention of your readers and visitors with a good opening line. Be creative. Be surprising. Be helpful. Be informative. Be inquisitive. Be provocative. Even be controversial, if the topic allows. A good opening line inspires people to read more and learn more.

Be light, but not fluffy

Reserve the formal tone for white papers and presentations. Blogging is a very informal form of writing and this should show in your style. Write as if you are speaking to a group of friends or acquaintances. If your tone is friendly or accessible, your blog posts will be more fun to read and go back to.

Write what you like

If you are passionate about your topic, it will show. In fact, you will discover that blogging about something that matters to you comes naturally. If you are excited about your topic, your readers will sense it and you will be able to communicate that much more effectively.

Mind the attention span

Blogs cater to people who are used to plenty of distractions from other blogs and websites. People who read blogs usually do not have time to read lengthy sentences in large paragraph blocks. Although this can be impressive and tolerable on printed material, it may not be comfortable to read through from a computer screen. Try to break paragraphs into shorter, easier to read blocks. Three to five sentence-long paragraphs often work. More white space means more opportunities for your readers’ eyes to rest.

Use different styles

Try to present information as creatively as you can. Remember: short attention spans. Other than smaller paragraphs, why not use bulleted lists, sub-headings, images, graphs or illustrations to prove your point?

Say goodbye with a purpose

Do not end any blog with a limp thought. Give your readers something to think about by summing up your ideas in a few short sentences. Encourage readers to act or share information you provided. Or even better, provide a link to a related blog post they will find useful.

Writing a better blog post should not be a hit-or-miss affair. It takes work and a lot of practice. However, if you love what you do and work at improving your style, you will be able to write better with every post you make.

Any tips on how to write better blog post? Please share with us in the comments.

Article by Peter Lee

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  • 3 star Hotels Delhi

    It’s hard for some people not to be boring and condescending in their comments as that is how they are in real life, it’s not until you meet them that you work this out. They are being their authentic self. The problem with this is it can come off as incredibly rude.

  • Jasmine

    I absolutely love your article, Peter. It’s filled with great tips on how to write better blog posts… I am sure these are proven tips which works to bring in more readers and traffic.

    Luckily I am aware of most of these and have been applying them on my own blog. Come over to my blog to have a look and drop a comment or two.

    Great stuff, do share more on this blog soon! :)

    • Peter Lee

      I’m glad you like the article Jasmine and I like yours too (Optimize Your Blog – Close Comments on Older Posts). No problem, definitely going to visit your blog :)

  • Jean

    Very good points, Peter. It is very important to offer something better than most of the rest in order to bring in more visitors to the site. Using catchy titles, casual tones and being passionate about what you’re writing are all part of that. Never be afraid to try something unconventional too. After all, that’s being a successful entrepreneur is all about, both online and in real life!

  • Peter Lee

    That’s right tires! Thanks for reading.

  • Bhing. A.

    Blogging is indeed a challenging task. There are just too many bloggers these days and competition is very stiff. I like your idea about being creative. It is something that I should apply on my blog. Furthermore, coming up with a unique and interesting topic is totally challenging for any blogger.

    • Peter Lee

      Yeah I totally agree with you Bhing. Nice to see you here :)


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