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InfoLinks Review: How to Make Money Online with In-Text Advertising

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Review of: InfoLinks
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Anil Agarwal

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On February 11, 2015
Last modified:June 27, 2015


You can make good amount of money with this Ad network if your website gets majority of traffic from US and currently they are accepting websites and blogs of all sizes

There are a lot of ways are available if you’re you searching for proven ways to make money from your websites. Unfortunately still most bloggers are not able to generate much income from their blogging efforts. There are many reasons behind this, but the obvious reason is this: most bloggers don’t know which monetization model to follow.

InfoLinks is one of the best income sources for bloggers who are tired of using AdSense.

Most website owners and bloggers end up their imagination at Google AdSense when it comes to making money online from their websites and blogs. Google Adsense is a popular pay per click advertising program run by Google to help website owners make some extra earnings from their websites.

When we think of Google AdSense Alternatives, There are lots of pay per click in-text advertising programs available that can help you earn some extra income from your website. Today’s post is about InfoLinks: one of leading company in in-text advertising.

If you’re searching for a better way to make money through your websites, InfoLinks is a great way to begin with. It’s not only a good alternative to AdSense but when used it right, you can make decent income from your websites using InfoLinks.

InfoLinks Review: In-Text Advertising Network

About InfoLinks Review

This company was started in 2007 and since then they have helped thousands of publishers make extra money from their websites. Most of publishers are satisfied with InfoLinks in-text advertising ads and are using it as a good alternative to Google AdSense. Lots of publishers are turning to this network as they are finding it hard to get approved in Google AdSense due to their strict TOS. We can use InfoLinks ads on our website in combination with other popular advertising networks like Google AdSense, Chitika, Adbrite ads etc.

How InfoLinks Works

This ad network uses some keywords from a website to showcase advertiser’s ads. These in-text ads will look like normal links to website readers and thus will result in lots of clicks and money to be made for its publishers. The more clicks you get from your visitors, the more money you will make from InfoLinks. That’s it!

How to Install InfoLinks Ads

Their Ads integration into a website or blog is as simple as 1, 2, 3. First you need to create a publisher account on InfoLinks and then need to paste the Java Script code in your website’s body section. In case you are running a WordPress based blog, InfoLinks integration can be much easier as there are plugins available to help you for the same.

You can use their official plugin from WordPress plugin directory for easy integration of infolinks ads in your WordPress site. Like Google AdSense, you don’t need to manually place java script code on places where you want to show their ads. You need to add their code once into your website and rest will be taken care by their automated system. They will automatically start generating textual ads for certain set of keywords from your website pages. That means, using InfoLinks ads is much easier than using any other money making alternative source like AdSense etc.

You don’t need to have a very high traffic website or blog to start working as publisher with InfoLinks. You only need a genuine website with decent content and traffic to get approved into their marketplace. You should be able to start seeing Infolinks Ads installed and running on your website within five minutes time only. So it’s very quick and easy.

Customizing InfoLinks Ads to Make More Money

We can customize their InfoLinks ads to a great extent to increase your income. Here are some methods you can implement to start making more money from InfoLinks ads:

Using Ads with Single Underline

You can show InfoLinks ads on your website highlighted by single underline or double underline. And lots of monetization experts suggests using ads with single underline as in that case your in-text ads looks like normal links and there is every possibility your website readers will click on those ads as they are placed within your website content.

Ads Blindness

To make sure, in-text ads look like normal links on your website, you can set the same color for your ad that you are using to show up regular links on your website. Most of the time, website links are shown in blue color and thus you can think of showing your text ads in blue color to match with regular links.

So your website readers will be unable to differentiate between normal links and text ad links. This way you will be able to increase your InfoLinks earnings to great extent. By default, InfoLinks ads are shown up in green color and they don’t perform well as most of the time, they don’t match up with regular link color on your website pages.

Going for High Paying Keywords

To increase your InfoLinks earnings further, you should start using some high paying keywords related to your website niche. You can use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to find some keywords related to a topic that you are writing about. Google Adwords Tool will show you the kind of bids advertisers are placing for those keywords.

So you should incorporate some of high paying keywords into your article and get better earnings for every click made on InfoLinks ads that are placed on your website. But you should make sure, you are using relevant keywords only into your article and insertion of high keying keywords should not have negative impact on your article’s readability.

I can’t stress enough about the prominence of finding the right keywords for your articles. The high traffic keywords you find the more relevant InfoLinks you can use on your pages to increase your revenue.

If you are driving targeted visitors from search engines to your sites, you are obviously going to get more clicks from InfoLinks ads. So your revenue from InfoLinks also increases with the more number of click through rates.

Turning InfoLinks Ads On/Off

You can turn on or off InfoLinks ads on certain pages or certain sections of your website. If you like, you can turn off their ads in your website sidebars as you may be using this section to show more banners and links of monetization and also your website readers are using this section to find more interesting stories on your website. Ideally, you should turn off InfoLinks ads in your website header section, sidebars and footer section.

InfoLinks Support System

And in case you still have any problem regarding ads integration or any issue you face with this network, you can use their Customer Support Section which will send answers to your questions in just 24 hours time.

InfoLinks Payment System

InfoLinks uses to pay on time to all publishers. Publishers can use Paypal, Bank Wire, ACH (Available for US Accounts only) and Prepaid MasterCard by Payoneer to accept their payments. Minimum payout in case of Paypal, Payoneer is $50 and for Bank Wire and ACH, minimum payout it $400. So it’s better to get a PayPal account if you want to get fast payments to your bank accounts as you only need to make $50 from InfoLinks ads if you are attached your InfoLinks network with Paypal.

In case you don’t reach your minimum payout amount in any month, your earnings for this month will be added into your text month earnings. They are keeping a revenue ratio of 70:30 with its publishers which is highest revenue share given by a reputable advertising company in the industry. Google AdSense team use to pay up to 68% of total revenue to its publishers via their popular PPC advertising program.

Earnings Report Dashboard from InfoLinks

You can keep track of your earnings from your Publisher Dashboard. You can keep track of your earnings for today, this week, this month and year etc from your account. Apart from this, You can keep track of important stats related to CTR, eCPM and impression counts etc. from your Publisher Dashboard.

InfoLinks payment Proof

Here are some InfoLinks Earnings Screenshots that would motivate you to consider it as one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense:

Weekly Earnings Screenshot

InfoLinks Weekly Earnings

Monthly Earnings Screenshot

InfoLinks Monthly Earnings

Monthly Earnings Summary Screenshot

InfoLinks Monthly Earnings Summary

Note: I’m no more using InfoLinks on this blog, the above screenshots were posted to give you a little motivation that you can too earn decent money each month from InfoLinks.

Latest Development on InfoLinks Front

If you remember InfoLinks started their ad network with intext ads but now they are offering three more ad type to its publishers namely insearch ads, intag ads and inframe ads. So if you are working as a Publisher with them, you will more reasons to smile and earn more revenue with them.

InText Ads

As the name says, the ads will be seen as textual links on your web pages. With this ad pattern, some keywords from your website content will be converted into ads and these ads will look like normal links to your website readers. You will customize these type of ads to great extent like you can change their color and you will have the option to show your ad with a single or double underline. This is the BEST pattern to choose if you want to make more money from InfoLinks ad network.

Intext ads

InFrame Ads

inframe ads

You should apply inframe ads on your blog if you find most of your blog readers are using big size screens to read your contents. You can get this data from your Google Analytics account under Technology –> Browser & OS –> Screen Resolution. Here is a screenshot showing visitors screen size that had visited Bloggers Passion blog recently:

Screen Resolution Statistics Bloggers Passion

InTag Ads

This is also similar to InText ads, but in this your ads are shown as tags instead of links. InTag ads are created using related tags and tag cloud. You can customize these ads as per your website design and they will shows as a collection of tags in between your website content.

Intag ads

InSearch Ads

These kind of ads will help you monetize your search engine traffic and will have no impact on your website returning visitors. These ads will be shown to your website readers who end up landing on an unobtrusive overlay ad. Infolinks team is claiming usage of insearch ads could lower down the bounce rate and also can improve your website overall seo as in this case they are serving engaging ad units to your website users.

insearch ads

If you have any doubts like how these ads will show up on your website content, you should check their demo section here. By looking at this link, you will have clear idea about all ad types that you can implement on your website and how they will look on your website.

Let’s now talk about few notable advantages of using InfoLinks ads on your sites.

Advantages of InfoLinks Network

Here are some advantages you will enjoy while using InfoLinks ads on your websites and blogs:

  • No extra space required to show InfoLinks ads on our websites. You can show InfoLinks ads as normal links so that your visitors think them as internal links not as advertising links.
  • Click through Rate (CTR) remains on the higher side most of time as their ads are placed within website content. But make sure you’re not using too many InfoLinks ads just to increase click through rates. Or you’ll end up getting a bad user experience which can hurt your websites more than help!
  • Their ads can be installed with ease on any website or blog. All you will need is adding a java script code on your website. So you don’t have to be a tech savvy to install InfoLinks ads.
  • You can use their ads on your website along with other popular advertising networks like Google AdSense and Chitika etc.
  • You don’t need to have a high traffic website to join them. Getting a decent amount of targeted traffic from other sites, social media, search engines can greatly help you increase your earnings.
  • Their ads can be customized very easily.
  • Fast approval
  • Without hurting your site loading time, you can use InfoLinks ads
  • Fast payouts (usually you will get paid once you made a minimum of $50 to your PayPal account after 45 days)
  • Easy customization of InfoLinks

Disadvantages of InfoLinks Network

With lots of advantages, you will notice few disadvantages with this in-text advertising network from InfoLinks Company:

  • Earnings per click can be on lower side when compared with Google Adsense earnings.
  • If you are not getting much traffic from US, your CPC will remain on lower side.
  • Using too many InfoLinks ads on your web pages can ruin your readership in the long run.
  • InfoLinks ads are mostly useful when your site is new, once it starts getting more visitors, you will actually scare your visitors by using InfoLinks ads. So if you’re getting more traffic, either consider affiliate marketing or any other high paying income source for your sites.

Have you ever used InfoLinks in-text advertising ads on any of your website or blog in the past, please share your good or bad experiences about them in the comments section below.

If you haven’t joined InfoLinks yet, Click This Link to Sign Up for InfoLinks ad network and start using their ads on your web pages to earn from your blogging efforts.

Final thoughts about using InfoLinks

Although there are several ways to make money blogging, InfoLinks still can be considered as one of the easiest ways to start making money. Making money from InfoLinks ads is really easy and even a new blogger can make money by increasing website traffic.

Getting approval of InfoLinks is a cakewalk and you won’t find any strict rules in InfoLinks as you find in Google AdSense. There are mostly no strict banning when it comes to InfoLinks ads.

If you’re tired of AdSense and want to try a new source of income to boost your website earnings, try InfoLinks ads. You’ll have a lot of fun while using it, if you think you’re annoying your visitors, you can try other passive income sources like affiliate marketing, banner selling, direct advertising etc.

InfoLinks network is also for those bloggers whose AdSense accounts never get accepted. On a side note, please read this post if you really want to get your AdSense accepted.

So what are your thoughts about using InfoLinks on websites? Do you think using InfoLinks is still a good way to start making money blogging? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Article by Anil Agarwal

Anil has written 461 articles.

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  • muhammd

    thats good post . this will help us to improve our earning.

  • shriavi

    Infolink is a good alternative to adsense. I too use infolinks in my blogs and i am making some decent money.

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      Is I get money for page views in If yes, how many? Is it need ad clicks? Please reply me. Thanks “_”

  • bl-magazine

    That doen’t work for me , i make just 1 dollar for 3000 impressions a day , is that possible?

    • Anil Agarwal

      I would suggest you try InfoLinks for 15-20 at least before reaching any decision. After 15-20 days, you will more numbers to decide whether you should use infoLinks ads on your blog or not.

      • Neha

        hi Anil Agarwal, i really like infolinks because this working great with high cpc compare to other text ad programs and infolinks gives me higher ctr also. thanks for this eview.


    How to get approval quickly

    • Anil Agarwal

      I don’t think you will face any problem in getting your website or blog approved from Infolinks. You should get approval with as low traffic of 50 visits per day.

  • Mark Nett

    From most of the blogs I came across they discourage using infolinks for monetization, may be due to low traffic from US.

  • Alexa

    Thank you so much for this detailed review of infolinks. I have been looking to add in text ads to my blog. But I still have a little bit of fear since now Google algorithm has been intentionally overlooking the sites that have in text ads. I am meditating.

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    Infolinks showing the approval
    What should i do

  • Sachin Thakur

    hello anil,
    I am new to infolinks. I placed Infolinks’s code on my blog 1 month ago. after 1 month , i get about 4,100 impressions and 95 clicks but my earnings is only $0.09 only. My impressions are greater than yours but my earning is nothing than yours. Can you please explain me about this.

  • vishal

    this site not proper for earn money because he pay very low cost of impression and click.that reason its not good for making money its a totally time wasting.

  • Jobin Martin

    I got all I wanted to know from this post.I have used infolinks in the past, and was satisfied, I removed it in between and I am reconsidering adding infolinks.

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  • Umer

    I’ve been using Infolinks for 3 months now, although in my case the CPM is very very low as compared to adsense but it’s probably because my niche has low priced keywords and the traffic is generally form South Asia. But from my personal experience I think infolinks is a very good & reliable ad network, they pay on time and there is no malware or anything (as is the case with most other such networks). You can’t depend on it as a full source of income but it can add nicely to your income stream.

  • Hayden

    I am new to blogging and am stil hoping to join them soon,becuase i have heard much about them.

  • Krishna Verma

    I have tried infolinks on my website in the past but it did not converted well. I ahve heard that the earnings for a blog with major traffic from India are low. Is it correct Anil ?

    • Anil Agarwal

      That’s true. You cannot make big money with Indian traffic from Infolinks. You would have better chance of making money with infolinks in-text ads if your main traffic stream from US and UK.

  • Divyansh

    Why have you removed it now ?

    • Anil Agarwal

      I used to try lots of text advertising programs on my blogs. On Bloggers Passion, I’m mainly making money using Google Adsense Ads, Affiliate products selling and banner advertisements.

  • Nandu

    Thanks for the review anil.. I applied for infolinks and got approved :)

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    I don’t think the stat shown above is true. My blog is getting around 1000 page impressions including traffic from US/UK/Aus. Now it is very hard to make 10 cents from 10 licks. Sometime you will earn only 1 cent for 10 cents. Rarely I can earn 20 cents a day from 500-100 page impressions. Still not bad for extra income. I might get my first payment after 1 year may be!

    • Anil Agarwal

      These stats are totally true. It’s up to you whether you want to believe on them or not. Tanvir, your blog niche also matters a lot. These stats were from a Finance blog.

  • tabu

    hello my website is awesome but my earning are not showing a single penny…
    and one more prblm on my website some space is there whenever i post a new content can u help me plz…

  • Proof

    Frankly, for my blog it doesn’t work well. From 1st of January 2012 until today I got less than a dollar. It’s true, I don’t have a lot of visits, but it happens that I have, let’s say, 1-2 clicks and got $0. I’m really disappointing. Also I have to admit that I didn’t think I would have millions, but at least $5 a month to pay domain+host.

  • bhagwant

    infolinks is really a good add company….even for small sites like mine…google adsence is very strict , i reacently found infolink and add it in my i hope it will help me to earn little bit…:)

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    Please help me to Setting of Payment Method for India, what would be the best option;
    1. eCheck
    2. wire transfer
    3. Payoneer
    4. Paypal

    Help me please.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Peter, if you have an account on Paypal, you can transfer funds into your Paypal account and from there directly to your bank account or credit card. If no Paypal can use eCheck or wire transfer facility. As far as I’m concerned, I use to all payments into my Paypal account wherever Paypal is applicable.

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    I used to use them on my tech blog and had been making around $8 per day with about 10k impressions. They does have much higher CPC, but you can still use it as a complementary source of revenue along with Google AdSense.

  • Felicia

    Hi Anil,
    Personally, I’ve had better experience in terms of earning from Infolinks as compared to Google’s AdSense. The reason behind this is simple, most people no longer click on AdSense because they know they will be going to another site. The only way I can think of earning as much through AdSense is by tricking people into seeing the link as if it was a link that would further explain the subject matter you want to know while making the rest of the links inside the blog look like the ad link. I know I was when I was looking for a new water heater to replace my old one with.

    • Sourabh

      I agree with you Felicia. People do a lot of trick on site to have audience click on adsense.

    • Anil Agarwal

      That’s true Felicia. We have to show our ad links as normal links if we want to make acceptable level of earnings with Adsense.

  • Rizo

    Not good experience yet with Infolinks. Indian private Ad networks is far better than Infolinks.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Would you be interested in sharing the name of Indian ad network you are talking about. If its a good resource, it will be useful for other readers. And how much money you are able to make through them on monthly basis type?

  • ALiakbar Fakhri

    I have been using Infolinks, Their Ads are of Quality, but i have not been making more than 1$ per day.. with 5K daily page views…
    though it can be used with Adsense.,
    Atleast Infolinks will can earn will my domain and Hosting cost:P
    also i like The payment Options, there are so Much of payment option. I wish if google could have these many Payment options for Adsense

    • Anil Agarwal

      Good to know you guys are sharing your real time experiences with infolinks here. These should help other guys take their decisions in this direction like they should go for this network or not. One should read comments here to get infolinks reviews and feedback from different people.

  • Charm Gonzales

    I have a website with Inframe, Intag, Intext, Insearch enable but it seems only the Intag is working? Do I need to change anything apart integrating the old code I have with infolinks? my site is sorry if I post the url I hope this okay. I just need some clarification I send msg to infolinks but still I got no reply



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    I think Using Adsense and Infolinks together is the best way to monetize a site.

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    Thanks so much!

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    Hi am interesting, am also using infolinks in my website. i can get more visitors. my last month report is
    net page views is 1880
    Ad views is 1092
    Earning is 0.57
    how can i earn with infolinks.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Aneesh, you cannot expect making decent money with such a small traffic especially with Infolinks and your chances of making money will also be less if you don’t have much traffic coming from US

      • Aneesh

        how can i get US traffic. can you tell me the source?

  • Sarkari Post

    Very nice review Anil,

    I have daily 500 visitors and more than 1000 impressions, Is it bounce site visitors ? I am asking because, If one visitor come on your site, he will watch a infolink ad and click it, then redirect to the ads page, so Is it increase the bounce rate by using infolink ?


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    Well…. US based Traffic will surely generate decent amount of income….. All you have to do is increase the page views per day ! Thanks Anil though the post took me much time to read it was really informative :) !

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      Well…. US based Traffic will surely generate decent amount of income….. All you have to do is increase the page views per day ! Thanks Anil though the post took me much time to read it was really informative :) !

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    Recently, I have launched my new blog and for now I am getting low traffic so I have applied to Infolinks and showing their ads on my pages. I am only using their one type of ads which are showing 12 times in one page. Is it ok or should I have to decrease the ads showing limit?

    Also, suggest something to get more clicks on Infolinks ads.

    Thanks for sharing the good article.

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    Nice review Anil.
    Infolinks seems to be the best Adsense alternative to make money blogging.

    I have joined the platform 5 years ago, and made my first $50 online.
    Now I’ve more niche sites, and I’m adding Infolinks there too.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good one!

  • Gopal

    I am Using Infolink on my website i want to know How long it takes to clear the e-check ? Will i get check at my home or i will be deposited in my account ? I have currently account in Punjab National Bank

  • Deepak Kundu

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks for this brilliant post. I think Infolinks has a lot of positives, one of which is its higher click through rate. That is why I have included it as 1 of the 4 Reliable Google Adsense Alternatives post here


  • Surendar

    Hi Anil,

    THanks for the informative post. Info-links is an alternative to AdSense but with me no luck, even though i have good impressions rate on my site the earnings are very low.

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    Thank you in advance.

    • Anil Agarwal

      Vikas I won’t be able to tell exactly. It will mostly depends upon your blog traffic. I had noticed site with major traffic coming from US and UK seem to be doing good with Infolinks. Why not give a try it for 15-20 days and then delcide. Just continue using it if happy with the results.

  • Ali

    Is infolink is best for fashion and entertainment website as well?


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