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Link Building Tips and Techniques Followed by Successful Bloggers

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When it comes about doing SEO for a blog or website, the most time consuming and result driven process is link building. We need to keep on building backlinks for our blog in order to keep it ahead of millions of blogs in your industry. Today post will remain focused around sharing link building tips that are employed by top bloggers in any niche.

In this post, I’m going to mention those link building tips only that are fine with latest algorithmic changes made by Google. These tips should work fine with all versions of Google Panda Update and you should not face any kind of over optimization penalty from Google or any other search engine while using these link building techniques.

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Link Building Benefits

Building backlinks for a blog or website can help in numerous ways:

Link Building Tips and Techniques

  1. If you have a fresh new blog and when you start doing link building activities for it, will actually help search engine crawlers to index it in their databases. This benefit will only apply to newly created websites and blogs.
  2. Doing link building activities will make your blog SEO friendly and will result in top rankings for targeted keywords in Google and other search engines. As a result, it will help you receive lots of targeted visitors to your blog from major search engines.
  3. Building targeted backlinks for your blog will help it achieve higher page rank to be maintained by Google Team.
  4. Your link building activities will work as positive votes for your blog on internet and thus will help to make your blog more popular.
  5. Using various link building techniques will help you receive lots of referral traffic to your blog from various websites and blogs.

List of Link Building Tips and Techniques

Here is the ultimate list of link building tips and techniques you should follow to get yourself listed in the list of most successful bloggers in your niche.

1. Doing Guest Blogging

Guest BloggingGuest Blogging is the most trusted and genuine link building technique to get targeted backlinks from top blogs in your niche and in general. For doing guest blogging, you have to collect a list of top blogs in your niche that accept guest posts. Once you have that list, approach them with high quality and targeted guest posts matching their blog themes. You can expect getting 2-3 backlinks from each guest post you submit to a blog in your niche. While submitting guest post, you should make sure that you don’t submit the same guest post to multiple blog owners. Since you are doing guest blogging on top blogs in your niche, you can expect receiving some targeted traffic with regular backlinks to your blog pages. In case, you are interested in guest blogging on Bloggers Passion blog, you can do so by submitting your guest post here or you can directly email me at [email protected].

2. Doing Blog Commenting

Blog commentingCommenting on targeted blogs in your niche is one of the quickest and result driven link building technique that I recommend to all of my blog readers. While submitting comments on other blogs, you should write genuine and targeted comments only. Don’t spam these blogs with unrelated comments. Commenting on targeted blogs in your niche will help you drive targeted traffic and backlinks for your website. As a result it will help your blog get better rankings for targeted keywords in search engines, better page rank and more branding for your blog among blog readers that you select for making comments.

3. Article Submission Activities

Article submissionArticle submission is a great way to build lots of high quality backlinks to your blog. All you have to do is create a list of high PR and most popular article submission websites. Once you have that list, start submitting your articles there. You can expect 2-4 backlinks from each of your article you submit on article publishing websites. You may not receive much traffic from Ezine publishing websites, but will be able to receive good amount of backlinks that you require to improve your blog search engine rankings for targeted keywords of your niche and for improving your blog page rank.

4. Produce High Quality Blog Posts

Quality blog postsBest link building tip that I would suggest is creating high quality and engaging blog posts so that people love to share them with others. This way you will be able to generate hundreds or even thousands of high quality and natural backlinks to your blog home and internal pages. I had seen people getting lots of success while creating blog posts around certain lists on their blogs.

5. Social Bookmarking Submissions

Social bookmarking submissionNext thing you could do is sharing some of your interesting blog posts on popular Social Bookmarking websites. Submitting your blog contents into popular social bookmarking websites like Digg, Delicious, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Tagza etc could end sending thousands of targeted traffic and backlinks to your blog. If any of your blog posts become popular on these social bookmarking websites, your blog post may be automatically linked by lots of website owners and bloggers from your niche.

6. Social Media Activities

Social Media ActivitiesI would recommend you creating a strong presence on popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus. I myself used to share some of interesting blog posts from Bloggers Passion on these Social Media Networks. I have an active Facebook Fan Page here and you can follow me on Twitter here.

7. Exchange Links with Other Bloggers

Link exchangeLink exchange process does not work if it’s done in bulk but still can be very effective if done in moderation. What you should do is contact other bloggers in your niche and request them for a blogroll exchange. When you approach bloggers of similar interests and whose blog is standing at the same level you blog is currently, there is every chance they will reply positively to your blogroll exchange request. But again, limit your blogroll links to 10-15 only to keep them look natural. Apart from blogroll exchange, you can request post level link exchange with other bloggers. This way, you will be able to generate highly contextual backlinks for your blog-targeted pages. This is a win-win situation for both the bloggers.

8. Create Topical Pages

HubpagesOne can use Squidoo and Hubpages kind of websites to create topical pages. Squidoo and Hubpages websites are considered as top authority websites and Google even give weightage to contents published on these websites. You can expect some top authority backlinks and traffic to your main website or blog by creating topical pages on these content portals. Every page that we create on Squidoo is known as a lens and the page that we create on Hubpages website is called as a hub. I even read about lens owners who are able to earn thousands of dollars every month from a single lens they own on Squidoo due to its popularity and monetization system. With every hub that we create on Hubpages, there is a score associated with it. If your hub score moves to 75 or higher, all links coming from that hub will be considered as dofollow. Click here to learn how to publish your articles on Hubpages.

9. Create Blogs on Free Blogging Platforms

Free blogging platformsNext thing you could do is creating blogs on free popular blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Weebly etc. If your website or blog is targeting keywords for a specific demographic, you should look out for blogging platforms based out on that location. You should upload fresh, unique and targeted contents in the form of posts on these blogging platforms. While publishing your posts, you should include few self promotional links to your website pages while linking out to other top authority websites. Creating blogs on these blogging platforms will give a huge boost in your website and blogs search engine rankings.

10. Submit Your Blog into Blog Directories

Blog directoriesLast but not the least, you can do is submit your blog into high PR blog directories. Apart from blog directories, it is a good idea to submit your blog into high PR general web directories and niche specific directories and if you are targeting specific demographics, search out for blog or web directories located in that location. Here is the ultimate list of blog directories you can use while submitting your blog with its details.

I hope the above link building tips will help you get high page rank and top 10 rankings for your blog for its targeted keywords on Google and other search engines. There may be tens of other link building tips that I did not mention in this post specially created around various link building techniques. Do you know about any such link building tip that did wonders for you, please share in the comments section below.

Article by Anil Agarwal

Anil has written 461 articles.

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  • Mahesh Mohan

    Is there a website which allows us to submit our posts to multiple Social Bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, Reddit etc?

  • Sanat Singha

    I just checked with list of top blogs that accept guest posts. It’s of great use. But are they all free for posting?

    • Anil Agarwal

      Most of them are free. You don’t need to pay any money. You will have to write a good guest post as per guest blogging guidelines of a blog owner.

  • Farkleet

    Your article on link building is superb but it missing some of techniques of link building. Please give your comment that what is approximately percentage of benefit of link building in blog writing.

  • Grayson


    Nice post for all those who wants to see their site/blog on top in search engine and better thing is that about it these all techniques are friendly with Google search engine even after google panda updation.

    Beside that i prefer do Blog commenting and article submission which is the best and solid source to make quality back links for our site/blog.

  • Sermorelin

    You shared nice tips. This will be really helpful for the bloggers to promote their business. Thanks for sharing this nice tips.

  • Jim Antoine

    I really believe that guest blogging (in a real blog not ezine) is truly the best choice. You can negotiate high quality links and you also have the ability to add the keywords YOU want.
    I have tried article submission to ezines but I feel the articles are buried down below the lowest lows… :-) I don’t really prefer it as you see.
    As a freelancer and blog manager I support all your other techniques and I find them all quite useful.
    Thank you!

  • Jamie Northrup

    All great ways to build links, another one is to great a free (or even paid) WordPress plugin or theme.

  • Max

    That’s a lot of very useful link building tips. I have just started blogging professionally. Will try to follow all the techniques. Thanks to you!

  • Zil Diamond

    Well written and in depth article. Every little bit helps when it comes to SEO.

  • lesleyanneyp

    Great Tips you got here. This definitely help to improve websites/blog ranking. If you have blog site, you should give a time maybe a hour for posting 1 article per day. it is better to post a fresh, original and better keywords for SEO. social Media is a medium to drive people to your site. This will make your blog or even you a successful blogger.

  • Hillary Bost

    Great tips, link building isn’t hard but it is time consuming thanks for breaking down the best things to focus on.

  • Lyuben Georgiev

    Great tips! I also can recommend participating in relevant forums and other community like websites. There you can find lots of new friends and potential new readers of your blog, but you shouldn’t spam them.

  • Karl Nevinson

    Google usually change, but these link building tips will always be effective for a long time!

  • Norhan

    This a very nice post. I just started my website and this article will help me so much. Link building is very effective but it needs a lot of time.
    please, continue to post more tips for begginners like me.

  • Haroon

    after many google update , submitting article on directories is still safe??
    and i think exchange link with blogs has no more value?? is’t it??

    • Anil Agarwal

      Haroon, I don’t think article directories are worth submitting now especially after a statement coming from Matt Cutts. You can read more about this here There is no harm if you are doing link exchange with few bloggers or website owners that are in your niche. You need to make sure they have a quality website and not facing any kind of penalty from Google. But again link exchange should not be your major contributor, when it comes about building backlinks to your website or blog. I hope this clear my stand on using article directories and link exchange process for link building.

  • Hemant Jain

    Thanks for sharing this useful strategy for link building, will follow you for my blog.

  • Uday Ghulaxe

    Yes link building is really important for every blogger and blog commenting is best way to do it .
    And getting links from social media sites really help attracting google as google is looking for sites having more social linking and it also helps imroving search results

  • Param Khiva

    yes sir without backlink blog can’t drive more traffic from google search engine I will know above all the above methods you are given can you tell me about make backlink with forum which have high page rank also give signature with dofollow link can forum method good for make backlink

  • Manju

    Hi Anil,
    Looks like this link you mentioned in the comment reply is down.
    Are you using another resource for submitting the same content on multiple Social Bookmarking Websites. Do update.


    • Anil Agarwal

      Thanks for notifying Manju. I had not used this tool for some time now and thus had no idea if it has stopped working. I will soon find another cool social bookmarking tool and will share the same here.


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