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Need New Blog Topics? Here’s 10 Ways to Find Them!

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Need New Blog Topics?When you’ve been blogging for a while, it can get to a point where it’s hard to come up with new topics to blog about. It can seem as if you’ve covered everything imaginable. However, there are always new developments in any industry or niche that you can write about and there are always fun new things that you can do with your loyal blog readers. Check out these 10 ways to find new blog topics to write about and then get to writing new posts for your blog today!

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1. Don’t Be Afraid To Do Something Different

Doing something out of the ‘norm’ for your blog might be just what you need to get readers more involved in what you have to say, no matter what you’re talking about. Try drumming up some competition with a contest or why not give away something to a random commenter on a certain day. You can even invite your blog readers to submit topics to you for you to cover based on what they want or need to know from you. Have them send you an email, use a contact form on your blog site, or set up a survey through SurveyMonkey to protect your email address.

2. Have Someone Guest Post on Your Blog

It may sound like cheating to have someone else post on your blog but it actually benefits both you and the guest poster when you have them guest post on your blog. You get someone to post on your blog, saving you from having to come up with another topic, and they get their name out on another person’s blog. They will usually promote their guest post on social media sites as well, so you may get more traffic out of guest posts than you realize.

3. Go Back To Review Your Top Blog Posts

If you have blog posts that were particularly popular, even today, why not bring them back for an encore? Post a blog highlighting these posts with snippets about their topics or with quoted comments from those who enjoyed them. You’ll get another blog posted and you’ll get more traffic to past blogs as well. The backlinks to past posts can only help your search engine optimization efforts when the search engines see more authoritative links to the posts on your blog.

4. See What Your Commenters Want To Read

Keeping track of what your commenters are talking about in the comments section takes a bit of time, but you might just find that you enjoy taking part in the discussions going on in your blog and you may find a lot of helpful resources and some hints for topics you could write about in future blog posts. Invite readers to participate in the discussions that take place, or invite them to give feedback in their comments. Ask questions of your readers, or even take a poll and post your results in another blog posting.

5. Watch or Read the News

What’s happening in the news may or may not apply to your blog niche, but you may find a way to make it fit if your readers would be interested in it. For example, if you write about internet marketing and there’s a news story about how a child found their lost pet through internet marketing on various sites, it might be a good lead-in for a blog about basic internet marketing and how to get started, or perhaps how it can be helpful in any situation. You can use Google Alerts to stay updated about the latest happenings around the topics of your interest.

6. Get Away From the Computer

Sometimes we try just a little too hard to come up with blog topics and it can get the better of us. Getting away from the computer can help you to get your brain thinking in new ways. You may just overhear a conversation at the movie theater that gives you an idea for a blog topic or you might see an advertisement for a company that you don’t like that gives you an idea about how to make one that works better.

7. See What’s Hot on Digg or Trying Stumbling

Digg and StumbleUpon are great resources when you’re trying to find new blog topics to write about. Digg can show you what is most popular right now based on the topics you search for. You can even get a newsletter sent to you each week with the top picks from members and from staff. StumbleUpon picks random webpages to send you to based on what topic you are searching and what other people have liked and linked to their own StumbleUpon accounts. You never know what you’ll find at either of these sites, so why not try them out to see what you can come up with?

8. Create a List and Then Devote a Blog to Each Thing on the List

People on the internet, especially people that read blogs, like lists. The top 10 of this, 5 ways to do that, or even 20 reasons to do such and such are all going to be smash hits right from the beginning. You can create a list based on the niche topic of your blog, and then you can devote a separate blog entry for each thing on your list if it’s appropriate. This can give you quite a few blog posts just from one topic, and you can create several lists on various topics related to your blog’s theme.

9. Look at Blogs in another Topic

You never know what will inspire you to come up with new topics for your blog and reading blogs that are about something different might help. You might be able to find a new way of doing something, you might find news that you didn’t know about, or you might find something you can link to your own blog niche in a fun and unique way.

10. Keep Track Of Ideas You Have Along the Way

Keep a document on your computer saved or keep a cheap notebook handy so that you can keep track of ideas you have for blog posts as they occur to you. You may not always be able to use an idea right away but you may need it later and if it’s written down you are less likely to forget about it. Try using one of those pocket-sized notebooks handy whenever you’re out and about for those ideas you get while you’re away from your computer or desk!

Article by John Mak

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  • Dean Saliba

    I have found that when I am out of ideas I will have a quick read of the blogs that i have in my RSS reader and I can normally come up with one or two topic ideas. Simple but effective. :)

    • John Mak

      Hi Dean, that’s true. When you know blogs like blogger passion you will definitely come up with quality ideas! Great to see you here.

  • Jamie Northrup

    All good tips, guest posts are the way for me now.

    • John Mak

      That’s great Jamie. Glad you liked the post!

  • David

    Thanks for the advise. It’s important to think outside of the box and see what other people are doing to. You can use Tumblr to post snippets of your past, popular blogs: That works well. I have several blogs on Tumblr and many things I post there link back to my other blogs. You can even add Adsense to Tumblr.

    • John Mak

      Thanks for your insight David! It’s great to share these tips cause people are trying to find good quality ways to expand. Thanks for sharing,

  • Jean

    Good pointers. I agree with all of them, particularly about trying something different. It is something that has always held true but even more so in these days when competition is so stiff and finding an edge is ever so important.

    • John Mak

      Hi Jean,

      Creativity is the word. There are so many articles published everyday so there are also ideas flowing! The more creative you are, the better the chances are to publish something unique!


  • Kausar Bilal

    Thanks a lot for such a useful mail. I am a new blogger and these days going through a phase of Writer’s block…So, reached your blog in serach of writing topics and found it very helpful. Thanks again.

  • Uday Ghulaxe

    To come up with the new ideas every day is really hard. I just have 3 guest post on my blog and its just awsome how we can concentrate on the other work.I don’t try the stumbleupon and digg still but after reading this post I am going to try this out to come up with new ideas. Thanks john


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