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AWeber Vs MailChimp Which Email Marketing Software to Use As A Beginner

No matter how many visitors you are getting from search engines, if they don't convert you are not really making huge profits from your website traffic. Converting website traffic into sales is the REAL secret behind most successful bloggers and marketers. The bloggers who make a living from blogging like Pat Flynn, Darren Rowse, Neil Patel etc are experts in turning their website visitors into sales. Have you ever wondered [...]

7 Powerful Tips for Selling Websites Like A Professional

Website selling is an art. If you know how to capture your buyer's pulse, you can easily flip your websites for more profits. Are you thinking to selling your websites? This detailed article is for you where I'm going to reveal few powerful tips for selling websites like a pro. As a rule of thumb: consider selling website as selling a house. If you think your house is good and [...]

How to Conduct An SEO Audit that Helps You Increase Your Website Search Traffic

Have you ever wondered why your website is not getting enough traffic from search engines although you have good number of articles? Most beginners struggle to get more traffic from search engines. If you are one among them, instead of blaming yourself, start scrutinizing your website where you're doing it wrong and found out website leaks. Check where your website is lacking its direction, if your website is not getting [...]

[Revealed] Keyword Density: Does It Really Matter Anymore?

Not many years ago, there was this term called "keyword density" and every blogger and webmaster used to stuff their pages with too many keywords. The more keywords they had on their pages, the better rankings they used to get. Once Google had realized the fact that "keyword stuffing" is hurting user experience than help, they started updating their algorithms to give the content rich sites better results. Most SEO [...]

5 Essential Local SEO Tips to Master In 2015

Are you searching for proven ways to dominate local search results? Increasing search engine results for your businesses is the primary key to increase your overall revenue. Without quality organic traffic and leads, your business won't survive in the long run. If you're searching for effective ways to improve your local SEO, this is for you. What is local SEO? Search engine optimization that is done according to location data [...]

6 SEO Best Practices that Will Double Your Website Traffic

Performing the best SEO practices is the key to increase your organic traffic, sales and leads. It doesn't matter which business you are running, you need to create a user friendly SEO strategy to boost your website traffic from search engines. Unless you have a heavy budget to spend on ads or building backlinks from other sites, it's almost impossible for a new website to rank higher in search results [...]

TemplateMonster Giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Premium WordPress Themes

Who else wants a gorgeous looking premium WordPress theme for FREE? Are you waiting for a new freebie to enhance the style of your online image? Luckily for you, BloggersPassoin has teamed up with TemplateMonster, and today this company offers our readers an opportunity to take part in a Giveaway of premium WordPress themes. Note: This GiveAway has ended now and the Winners will soon get their desired Theme from TemplateMonster. [...]

Google SiteLinks: How to Get Google Site Links for Your Website

How many of you have observed the latest Google “search in sitelinks” box? Google used to show this type of search results only for most popular websites like YouTube etc but now a lot more other sites are also getting this feature. Basically the use of search in sitelinks is that your visitors don't need to enter your website to perform various actions but they can directly perform the search [...]

Blogging for Money: 5 Tips for Bloggers Who Are Struggling to Make Money Blogging

Most people ask me a repeated question: how can I make money blogging? Is it really possible to make money from a blog? Most bloggers I know are blogging for money and there's nothing wrong about it. After all, we all want to make money online without cheating others. Although blogging for money is not a cakewalk, but if you follow few proven monetization tips you can definitely start making [...]