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Nrelate Plugin: Related Content Plugin for WordPress Blogs

Who else wants to increase their website traffic without publishing more blog posts? If you are searching for serious ways to increase your page views and decrease bounce rates of your WordPress websites, there's a simple tip - show related posts at the end of each posts. Nrelate related content is one such WordPress plugin that helps you show related contents at the end of each post on your WordPress websites. [...]

5 Reasons Why Free WordPress Themes Are Not Really Free!

One of the best things about using WordPress as your content management system is that it has plethora of themes ranging from free to premium. Just browse through WordPress theme directory once, and you will be able find more than 2,650 free themes to use on your WordPress sites. You can't find these many free themes anywhere else, and that's the beauty of using WordPress. It gives you plethora of [...]

Google XML Sitemaps Plugin WordPress: Automatic Sitemap Generator

Are you a WordPress beginner who is searching for a better plugin to easily index your website contents? Or having problems in indexing your website contents? If yes, this post is specially for you to help you better index your site on Google search results. Here I'm going to talk about Google XML sitemaps plugin, it is a free WordPress plugin that helps you better index your website contents without [...]

Top 10 On-Page SEO Factors That Really Matters

On-page SEO optimization is the key for any website's success. Without search engine traffic, it's hard to make more sales or increase your conversion rates, right? Everyone is focusing on Google to bring more traffic to their websites to increase sales and revenue. But you need to be very careful when it comes to optimizing your web pages for search engines like Google. If you overdo it, you will get [...]

How Are You Doing Link Building in Google Panda and Penguin World?

Google is slamming the websites that have poor web pages and filled with thin content. It has introduced many algorithms that include Google Panda and Penguin. The main reason for these Google updates is to give better user experience for any keyword you type of Google search results. We all know the importance of link building to get better search results for the keywords that we want to rank for. [...]

How to Choose The Ideal Advertisement Option For Your Blog

How to make money from my blog is the most frequently asked questions online. Making money blogging is really not a big deal if you know how to sell without pitching hard. Many people fail to make money online because they don't know what to sell and how to sell. If you know the art of selling, it becomes a cake walk for you to monetize your blogs and websites. [...]

4 SEO Services To Steer Clear Of On Fiverr

Sometimes in trying to save a buck, quality can be severely compromised. Such is the case with low budget and or low cost SEO services which are abundant on the web. This is where the old adage of “if it sounds too good to be true, is most likely is” applies ten fold. If you spend a good deal of time online, by now you’ve probably heard of Fiverr, the [...]

A Web Hosting Checklist: What to Consider Before Choosing A Web Host

Choosing a quality web host for your websites is an art. There are thousands of web hosts out there that make your decision harder. If you don't focus on few web hosting checklists, you will be facing a lot of web host issues in the future. Having a better web hosting is essential for any website's success. The web hosting you determines your loading speed, downtime, bandwidth, and SEO factors. [...]


Every successful product launch starts with a small website. It will attract thousands (if not millions) of potential customers if the product is awesome. If you don't have a website for your small businesses, you are losing a lot of money each and every month on the table. Your competition might be already making a lot more money than you just by having a website for their small businesses. You [...]