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4 Ways to Promote Your Old Blog Posts

Want  to increase website traffic without writing new posts? One of the easiest ways to do that is by promoting your old blog posts. Most bloggers don't optimize their blog posts especially when they are new to blogging world. So they might miss the chance of getting search engine traffic for their keywords on old blog posts. If you properly optimize them for the search results for selected keywords, you [...]

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Page Views for WordPress Blogs

If your blog visitors come and leave immediately without clicking any other link on your site, it's called bounce rate. High bounce rates lead to your blog's failure. When no one clicks on your other links, you are miserably going to fail. You have to make your visitors stick to your websites to make more sales. It’s difficult to attract lots of targeted traffic for most website owners and bloggers [...]

How to Pick the RIGHT Web Host Provider for Your Sites

What’s the one thing you need to get your website started? Web hosting. Without using a web host for your WordPress sites, you won’t have full control over your sites. This is the main reason why serious bloggers (those who want to really make money blogging) consider using a better web host provider for their WordPress websites. The web hosting service you use on your websites matter a lot. A [...]

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Make More Sales from Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Are you blogging for money? I’m sure most of us are blogging for profits, not for fun. We are all searching for different ways to make money blogging. One of the most effective ways to generate passive income from online is by selling affiliate products. When it comes to affiliate marketing, there are tons of products out there and most of them have great ROI. One of the easiest ways [...]

How to Make A Search Engine Friendly Website

Who else wants to create a search engine friendly website? It doesn't matter if you are running an e-Commerce store or Internet marketing website, you need to create a search friendly design to dominate the web. Your design, overall accessibility, social links etc. play a huge role on building a website that is search friendly. You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to create a Google friendly website, by [...]

Best Blogging Platform For Newbie Blogger

Blogging has been a prolific career option for many youngsters and that's why there are many newbie’s coming in this field. But while starting their career, one question constantly revolves in their minds, that question is, Which Blogging platform is best? Well, there are lots of blogging platforms available, but only few of them are popular, like Blogspot, WordPress and Tumblr. So, the confusion among newbie’s is very common as [...]

Long Tail Pro Review – An Effective Keyword Research Tool

How many of you are not happy with your current website traffic? I have asked this questions to many bloggers, and most of them said "I need more targeted traffic". As you can see, targeted traffic is different (and better) than driving useless traffic. You have to bring quality traffic if you want more sales from your websites or online businesses. Why is it so hard to get targeted traffic? [...]

List of Cheap WordPress Web Hosting Providers

When you search for a "list of cheap WordPress web hosting providers", you will return with too many search results. Depending upon just Google to decide your web hosting service is not a smart idea. Either you have to ask for someone who is already in the business for a long time or you have to consider the customer rating to decide whether a web hosting service is good or [...]

6 Free Real Estate Plugins for WordPress Blogs

WordPress content management system is a powerful blogging platform and offers extensive features to its users. If you are running a real estate related blog and searching for ways to make it efficient, this post is exclusively for you. I'm going to share few free real estate plugins for WordPress sites that will help you run your sites more efficiently. But before going into the details, I want to share [...]

Must Know Blogging Tips To Make A Blog Popular In 30 Days

These days there are millions of bloggers working day and night to become famous and to do so,they have to make their blog popular. But that's the time when a Big problem hit all the bloggers. That problem is, they don't know how to make blog popular. When we ask them to explain, what they have planned to become popular? The majority will say, regular posting, Social sharing, etc. Some [...]