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Top 10 SEO Blogs to Read If You Want to Increase Website Search Traffic

Whether you agree it or not, most SEO strategies are constantly changing. The SEO factors that worked an year ago won't work today and the things that are working now won't work year after! SEO is a BIG industry where you need to constantly learn latest SEO trends to master the game of SEO. Without keeping an eye on SEO updates, you are going to fail miserably in increasing your [...]

Check Website Traffic for Free: 5 Ways to Determine Traffic to A Website

Most bloggers (especially the beginners) spend a lot of time on checking their website traffic. If you are one among them, this post is a visual feast for you. Why? Because, I'm going to share few little-known ways to check any website traffic for FREE! Here are few benefits of estimating traffic of a website. You'll know how much visitors a site is getting You'll know the keywords that are sending [...]

Traffic Generation Tips for Bloggers to Boost Their Blog Traffic

Are you searching for traffic generation tips to increase your blog traffic? Getting traffic to a website was much easier few years ago. All you had to do was to do article submission to build links and use the same keywords (called as “keyword stuffing”) throughout your posts to increase your website search traffic. But now, is that possible by using the same methods as above? No. It won’t work. [...]

Doorway Pages Penalty: Here’s How to Avoid Getting Penalized By Google

Recently Google rolled out an update on doorway pages. Click here to read the doorway pages update on Google official blog. This update was aimed to remove the spam pages and links from Google to give a better experience to its users. SEO spam is increasing day by day. More and more people are now jumping into blogging and finding new ways to spam Google search results to increase their site [...]

12 Best Paying Google AdSense Alternatives in 2015

Do you hate Google AdSense? Are you finding best paying alternatives to Google AdSense to make more money? Are you looking for different ways to make money online? Then you are in the right place. If you are searching for Google AdSense alternatives, this detailed guide is a treat for you where you will not only learn how to make money through Google AdSense alternatives, but you will also learn what not [...]

7 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid At All Costs

Did you know that your website design creates a huge impact on your visitors? If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, 50% of your visitors leave your site. When it comes to increasing your website traffic and keeping your visitors sticking to your sites, your website design plays a crucial role. But still most people make few web design mistakes that can be easily avoided. If you [...]

Best Indian Blogs: List of Most Popular Blogs in India

With this post, I’m aiming at sharing the best Indian blogs and most popular bloggers from India. I considered lots of popularity metrics like blog page rank, traffic details, Technorati Ranking, Subscriber’s details, Content Update Frequency and Alexa Rank before making decision about adding a particular blog to this list. I want to limit this list for best Indian blogs only. There can be lots of popular blogs that are [...]

WordPress Guide for Beginners: What Experts Do Not Tell You

Are you a beginner to WordPress? And looking for a WordPress guide that helps you increase your traffic? If yes, this detailed WordPress guide is for you where I’m going to share everything from essential plugins to use to increasing your website search traffic. We all know how popular WordPress content management system is. Upwards 18% of websites are relied upon WordPress. If you don’t know how to use WordPress right, [...]

How to Start A Free Blog And Make Money from It

Who else wants to start a free blog and make money from it? Most people ask me that, do free blogs really offer an edge to make money? Yes, but there are a couple of limitations. We all know, making money blogging is not hard if you are following few proven money making strategies. But the challenge is to make money from free blogs. Is it really possible? Let’s get [...]