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7 SEO Mistakes to Avoid As A Blogger

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Search engine optimization is not a rocket science, if you know what to do, more importantly what NOT to do on your blog posts, pages and links, you will notice great results from the search engines.

Here are few SEO mistakes that will make you look dumb and you should be avoiding them at all costs to get more organic traffic to your blog posts.

SEO mistakes to avoid

seo mistakes to avoid

1. Keyword stuffing: Most new bloggers think that they can bring more traffic from the search engines by using the same keywords again and again on their blog posts. But do you really think keyword stuffing can bring you good results?

No, Google won’t love the blog posts that repeat the same keywords, if you have great contents on your blogs with unique keywords, Google gives top priority for your desired keywords in the search results. Don’t keyword stuff your blog posts, spend some time on analyzing the relevant keywords that you can use to rank higher in the search engine results.

2. Don’t sell your links: If you are building new blogs, don’t try to sell your links to others. I have been seeing most bloggers are selling the links on their blogs to poker sites and casino sites to make MORE money. Google will consider this as a black hat SEO technique and linking to bad neighborhood sites can badly affect your SERP rankings, thus lowering your search results.

3. Writing ONLY for the search engines: Yes, we all love search engine traffic, because we can build better blogs and can make more money from PPC ads and affiliate programs when search engine traffic flowing through our blogs. But what if you solely focus on writing for the search engines?

You won’t get loyal readers, your readers won’t find it easy to digest your blog posts and they might end up unsubscribing to your blogs. This is one of those SEO mistakes which could harm the reputation of your blogs in the long run.

4. Not at all worrying about SEO: This point seems to counter intuitive to the point which is mentioned above. But it is often true that you won’t get ANY traffic from the search engines, if you don’t focus on optimizing your posts for the search engines.

Over optimizing your blog posts and zero optimizing your posts – both are wrong. You won’t get best possible results when you do them.

You should know how to write SEO contents i.e. you must be learning how to write both for the search engines and readers to reap the best rewards.

Here are few tips to write SEO content on your blogs.

  • Plan your keywords before you write anything on your posts
  • Write for the readers first
  • Then optimize the content for the search engines (using your keywords)
  • Try to include your keywords in the meta description, title and alt tags (use relevant keywords instead of repeating the same keywords again and again)

5. No keyword research: I know keyword research is the painful process, not even one blogger likes to do keyword research on their blog posts. In general, keyword research is n’t a rocket science, anyone can do it without selling their souls.

You should use proper keyword research tools like Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Market Samurai etc. to easily find and use potential keywords on your blog posts.

Without doing proper keyword research, you can’t get decent traffic from the search engines. You must know your primary keywords to drive organic traffic.

6. Copy-pasting: This is the cheapest SEO mistake that you could ever make. Don’t copy from other blogs and paste on your blogs. You will get caught sooner or later, you will degrade your own online reputation in the long run by copy-pasting from others.

Take inspiration from the posts that you like, but don’t copy them. Try to make even better blog posts by adding more value by inserting images, infographics, videos or podcasts. And give a link back to those posts where you take the inspiration to write the posts. This way you can actually win your readers hearts, which will help you build a popular blog in the long run.

7. Writing short blog posts: Don’t write the blog posts that contain 300 words or even less. They don’t tend to get traffic from the search engines. That means writing nothing is better than writing an article with 300 words or less.

One more costly SEO mistake – Creating ONLY textual content: This is one of the dumbest SEO mistake MOST bloggers make. They ONLY create textual contents, they don’t care about being everywhere by creating videos, podcasts and/or infographics to extend their online visibility. Don’t forget that YouTube is also a search engine that sends great traffic if you create relevant videos on your blogs.

What SEO mistakes do you make from the above?

Article by Rahul Kuntala

Rahul has written 29 articles.

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  • Rahul

    Thanks for providing these useful points regarding blogging.

  • nmk

    nice information keep writing similar seo good post

  • Sam@Book cheap trips

    When any newbie blogger put their first step in SEO he/she wants to achieve milestone in less time but it’s not upto the mark because SEO effort wants some time to show up their result. So conclusion is that patience play a vital role in that.

  • sumit

    very useful article for newbies like me ,i learned here many things and going to avoid these mistakes .
    thanks for sharing such a great info .

  • Tony Nguyen

    Yeah, that is right. If you are a blogger, then no need to worry about SEO. If you have the right readers, they will surely come back and recommend your blog. I am a blogger, and I agree with the tips mentioned here. Thanks Rahul!

  • Ryan

    SEO makes or break a website. Generating traffic should be the top priority. In the web world, each and every online based business needs traffic for its promotion. Even if you have the best product, the best website and everything else you need to make it the best business out there BUT if the webpage lacks traffic, the business will not do so well. Thus, sending traffic to your website is necessary for a business to carry on effectively and profitably. But yes, there are mistakes to avoid.

  • Dean Saliba

    I seriously was not aware that images could help your SEO performance. Good job that my new theme insists on a image with every post. 😛

  • Social Service Point

    Thank you mate for your untapped point. Hope it could be help new blogger like me. I gather blogging knowledge from blogger passion and always like their expert article.

  • pete

    Thanks for the info I may consider uploading some videos on my blog as you’ve mentioned in point 7, Good advice!

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    why am I unable to drill down on the links in this post? I have tried several different posts and lists. Help please


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