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Blogging Tools

Blogging Tools and Resources I Use And Highly Suggest

If you're a blogger and searching for ways to use your time productively to get the most out of your blog, you need to first find few blogging tools and resources that work. But the major problem is that, there are enormous blogging tools available online thus it makes your decision hard to choose the right blogging tool and resource for your blogging needs. Why you need to use blogging [...]

Best List of Blogging Tools for Professional Blogging

I have been blogging for the last 5 years. I started my blogging journey with, but soon I switched to self-hosted Wordpress blog. Over the period of time, I came to know about lots of blogging tools that helped me perform different tasks related to blogging. Whenever I want to perform a specific task, I look out for different ways to do that. It’s also true as my experience [...]

Desktop Blogging Tools

Desktop blogging tool can help trendy bloggers in various ways. These stylist bloggers need extremely fast blogging process which is full of features and that can also speed up blogging process. The most important benefit of using desktop blogging application is to write post comfortably, even if you are offline and can publish them later. Most of the expert writers follow schedule posting feature, so with the help of desktop [...]

The Myth of Mobile Content Marketing

Mobile content marketing has been raising discussions since quite some time. The evolution of the smart phones and tablet computers are linked to this propaganda, offering marketers a podium for creating content for mobile sites and applications. However, in the war of content marketing, mobile content marketing may not find itself standing individually as a party. Rather, it can be regarded as simply complementing ‘content marketing’. For a player in [...]

6 Skills Every Blogger Needs

At first glance it may seem an easy thing to create and maintain a blog. Yet set up your account with a host platform such as Wordpress, choose an overall theme, prepare some posts and publish. Nearly anyone who understands the basics of computers and the Internet can start a blog. However, there is a difference between creating a blog and creating a successful blog. The latter draws readers and [...]

Suffering from Writer’s Block? How to Get Inspiration for your Blog

On lucky days, writers experience a sudden burst of inspiration, coming up with endless ideas and topics for their blog. Unfortunately, the opposite also occurs, where it’s hard to think of a single idea. Many writers suffer from this problem and stare at their computer for hours, waiting for an article to magically write itself on the screen. Unless by a stroke of luck or divine intervention, writers will need [...]

The Perfect Tool for Bloggers

Since the begging of blogging times, laptops have been bloggers' tools of choice. And why not? Laptops provide a facsimile of the desktop experience while allowing users to roam wherever they please. Bloggers with day jobs could tote their laptops to work and write on lunch break. Work from home types could actually get out of the house and write somewhere else. Essentially, owning a laptop frees people from the [...]