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bounce rate

How to Reduce Bounce Rate and Increase Page Views for WordPress Blogs

If your blog visitors come and leave immediately without clicking any other link on your site, it's called bounce rate. High bounce rates lead to your blog's failure. When no one clicks on your other links, you are miserably going to fail. You have to make your visitors stick to your websites to make more sales. It’s difficult to attract lots of targeted traffic for most website owners and bloggers [...]

The One KILLER Way To Reduce Your Blog’s Bounce Rate to Unseen Levels

Few days ago, I wrote about why using KILLER word in the post title is not always good and what are its disadvantages. But when I sat down to write this very article, I just could not think of any other suitable title as this one idea is really KILLER. If you employ this in your blog, 101% your bounce rate will be reduced to half. BOUNCE RATE?? I think [...]