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One Crucial Tip That Will Improve Your Writing

Look at the shelves of your local bookstore, or on, and you'll see dozens of books on the art of writing. Each contains specific and powerful advice from a range of successful authors. Any aspiring writer would do well to read at least one of them. But at some point they become too much. There's just too much information to digest for anyone to absorb it all. Even after [...]

11 Things To Take Care Of While Planning Your Blog Content Strategy

Content is vital to the success of any kind of marketing, especially brand marketing. A viable content strategy helps you clarify several questions and understand the need and value of content. You’ll know why you’re creating content, who you’re trying to talk to, what your audience wants from you and so on. A good content strategy provides you with clear direction as to how you’ll produce and manage content over [...]

3 Ways To Improve Your SEO Content Writing Skills

Content writing used to be something that you could pass on to another person or company and they could simply write some content for your website and as long at it was original then it was all good. With the Google Panda update that has impacted many low quality articles across the Internet, it now seems that producing much higher quality content is what Google is looking for. Read: Points [...]

Making Money with Unique Content Part 1 – Literal Uniqueness

In his very informative recent article, titled: “How Does Blogging Make Money”, Anil is making a very good point by highlighting blogging as an increasingly popular method to make money online. Blogging, as you know, means writing content. The question is, what kind of content can make you money as a blogger? Everybody seems to talk about fresh and unique content, but what is really unique content? Is Copyscape-passed content [...]

Best ways to make money online writing contents

It is said that “words are mightier than a sword”. Words people write cannot only help them reach to others but also to earn money. At present, a lot of people are earning money online only because of their writing talent. Many people have good writing skills and they also have access to internet but they do not know that they can really earn money by writing for the web. [...]