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10 Essential Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts

The basic concept of blogging is simple. Write up a post on a topic that interests people, sit back, and watch the comments roll in. It would be nice if it really was that easy. The fact of the matter is that creating what appears to be a simple post can be challenging. It is a big part of the reason why some blogs are alive with activity, and others [...]

What to do if Content of Your Website has been Plagiarised

Given, there is virtually almost nothing that’s new in the present world. Almost everything has been explored and re-explored in the world. What this means is that, whatever you talk about, probably isn’t original anymore. Plagiarism as a result, has consistently become a hot topic among analysts, experts, academics, artists, designers. Plagiarism as it is today can be defined as the copying in whole or part, of another’s set of [...]

Google AdWords – 10 FAQs

1. What language should I choose for my Google AdWords campaigns? If you primarily sell to English-speaking customers, choose "English" as language. If you are addressing ethnic minorities or foreigners also, then you need to choose additional languages also. 2. How long does it take to get my Google AdWords ads approved? Normally a new Google AdWords ads will be approved immediately. If your website contains adult content (read: erotic or pornographic [...]

How to Write a Viral Content ?

I have always loved Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project and Neil Pasricha's The Book of Awesome. Both are a page-turner and require less time to check Merriam-Webster's dictionary and more time for the book and some pondering, actually. But did you know that those two incredible authors and their bestselling books began their journey towards Planet Popularity through the use of the so-called blog? The world of snail mail and [...]

Five WordPress Plugins For Content Sharing in Social Networks

Wordpress has become one of the platforms used to create a blog, and it is one of the best options if you want to have a quality website. One advantage is the ability to use plugins to extend the functionality of the portal. With the rise of social networks began to emerge early social buttons , which served to share any content in a particular social network. And it was [...]

How to Create content for Twitter

Create content for social networks is the main task of the Community Manager. While you develop will be reflected when much of your knowledge on the use of tools and how to apply creative communication strategies to achieve the objectives of a brand. The first thing to understand when creating content is the user profile that follows your brand. Be clear about the time you are willing to spend on a fanpage, features, [...]

Making Money with Unique Content Part 2 – Conceptual Uniqueness

In part 1 of these series, I explained how literally unique content, often produced with article spinning methods and published in article directories, may be a useful tool for article marketing practices that aim at bringing traffic to your site. I also mentioned that while literally unique content is unique in Copyscape terms, it is not unique in Google terms. Search engines are smart enough to identify and favor conceptually [...]