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Google Plus Tips: 15 ways to Increase Google Plus Followers

So how to increase your Google plus followers? Whether you like Google plus or not, Google is giving top priority to the content that gets the most Google plus circles or shares on Google plus network.  Google Plus is the most successful social media network from Google Inc which is directly competing with Facebook, th social media giant. Google Plus is claiming to have a database of 540 million users [...]

Google Places AKA Google Plus Places and What This Means For Local Search

A very interesting change to one of Google’s 2 main services has come about recently, that many local businesses use. Google Places has been combined with Google's social media site, Google Plus. As a result of this the new name is 'Google Plus Places' and this is apparent when you click on a Google Local listing, you are now taken directly to a Google Plus Page for your business. There [...]

Does Google’s New Search Plus Your World Index Your Pages Faster?

Search is evolving right before our very eyes, and when it comes to leading the change, Google is sitting comfortably in the driver’s seat. The search king began 2012 with a bang by launching Search Plus Your World, a new feature that delivers more personal and relevant results to users signed into Google+. From the looks of it, better results may not be the only perk this exciting new feature [...]

Why Google+ Was Made for Bloggers

Since the launch in June 2011, Google+ has continued to grow exponentially as a place to share articles and connect with like-minded individuals. However, the network serves a few more hidden purposes that are rarely discussed. Whether it was Google’s plan all along or it just fell into place, there is no denying that Google+ is the network for bloggers. Consider some of the ways you can use the network [...]

What is Google Search Plus Your World And Its Impact

Google is taking steps in its goal of being more social. Last week they announced that Google Search + YourWorld becomes available to Read More About: Google Plus Vs Facebook: Who Will Win This Social Media War? Google Plus Tips: 15 ways to Increase Google Plus Followers How to Get Fans on Facebook: 20 Tips for Getting Lots of Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page Facebook Fan Page: How to Manual for [...]