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Blog Exposure: 10 Free Ways to Get More Exposure, Traffic and Subscribers to Your Blog

So you have established your new blog with a nice theme and start posting quality blog posts on it. But you are finding it hard to bring people to your blog. You are losing your motivation of writing content as no one is noticing or reading your blog posts. It’s very true that getting large amount of visitors on your blog will take time unless you are already very popular. [...]

A Massive List of 200+ Blogs That Allow Guest Blogging

Don't Miss Special: Hostgator Black Friday & Other Black Friday Deals Who else wants to become a guest blogging rock star? If you're looking for blogs that accept guest posts, you're in the right place. In this page, you'll find a monster list of 200+ blogs that allow guest blogging. We all know, Google slapped lots of blog networks and websites that were selling paid kind of links or were [...]

When to Allow Guest Posts on Your Blog

We all know that one of the most important things to do, especially as a new blog owner, is to get quality content up on your site as quick as you can. At its initial conception, doing so is easy. Most likely you have a lot your would already like to talk about, and it has built over time, and you can get a really good start to the content [...]

Need New Blog Topics? Here’s 10 Ways to Find Them!

When you’ve been blogging for a while, it can get to a point where it’s hard to come up with new topics to blog about. It can seem as if you’ve covered everything imaginable. However, there are always new developments in any industry or niche that you can write about and there are always fun new things that you can do with your loyal blog readers. Check out these 10 [...]

How to Write an Excellent Guest Post: 7 Steps

A guest post is simply a post written by someone else on a blog. Guest posting is a common practice among bloggers and offers the poster the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise on a given subject and hopefully attract more readers to their own blog. It also supplies the blog owner with additional quality content on their site. It is important to create a well-written, relevant and useful posts when [...]

Maximising Guest Blogging For SEO Benefits

Guest blogging is certainly one of the best ways to build relevant links for your website and to also gain links from a wide range of different domains. Some SEO specialists do not engage in guest blogging as much as others mainly due to the demand to produce high quality content which really is essential when doing any guest post. With all aspects of SEO you can always improve your [...]

Guest Blogging: Top 5 Ways to Find Blogs for Submitting Guest Posts

These days, lots of webmasters and bloggers have started including guest blogging as one of way to market their websites and blogs. They use guest blogging for getting keyword-based links, traffic, relationship building with fellow bloggers and for promoting their products and services in blogosphere. There are hurdles one needs to solve to get most out of guest blogging. You need to a good writer as blog owners only accept [...]