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Interview With Inspirational Indian Blogger – Harsh Agrawal

In today's interview series, We have Harsh Agrawal, a ProBlogger and Entrepreneur from India. Harsh is the guy behind famous blog On, Harsh covers topics related to blogging, seo, making money, web hosting, affiliate marketing and social media marketing. Apart from ShoutMeLoud, Harsh owns some niche specific blogs. I would also suggest checking his personal blog at Harsh has been able to earn thousands of dollars every [...]

How to Conduct Interviews from the Professionals in Your Niche?

Who else wants to conduct interviews from professional bloggers in your niche? Conducting interviews from the professional bloggers in your niche not only boost your online visibility, it will also give more loyal readers and a way to connect with like-minded people around your blog. Here are the top tips to conduct interviews with the influencers. Do implement after reading! Give importance to building a strong connection with them: Get [...]

My Take on Bloggers Interview Series

I started an interview series a month back at BloggersPassion and interviewed some of my favourite bloggers like Puneet Jain, Ajith, Sushant, Lax and Saksham. I tried to frame the questions in such a way that my readers get to know these superb guys apart from blogging. A few days after I started the series, I got mixed response regarding the interviews. Some said it was a good effort while [...]

Interview- Saksham of Blogging Junction

Tell us about yourself, location & background. My name is Saksham Talwar and am owner of Blogging Junction – Technology and Blogging Tips Blog. I live in Mumbai, India. I am a 10th student by profession and am going to finish high school this year. Blogging is your PASSION, HOBBY or MONEY? Blogging for me is just a hobby. Whenever I am free I blog. I use blogging to relieve [...]

Interview- Sushant of SmartBloggerz

The day I came to know about this blog, it is one of my favourites. I read it everyday although this is not updated everyday. Here is the interiew from Sushant of SmartBloggerz   Tell us about yourself, location & background. I am Sushant Risodkar, a 16 year old blogger from Indore, India and the owner of I am also known by my internet nickname “Typhoon”. Right now, I [...]

Interview- Ajith of DollarShower

Today, I am publishing the third interview in the series. This is one of my favorite bloggers and is the guy who inspired me to some serious blogging in this niche. Enjoy the interview of Ajith of DollarShower Tell us about yourself, location & background. I am a Software Professional based in Bangalore though born, raised and studied in Kerala. When did you start blogging? What was the reason behind [...]

Interview: Lax of TechZoomIn

In our interview series, this is the second interview published of one of my favorite bloggers- Lax of TechZoomIn. Tell us about yourself, location & background. I’m Lax from India – A blogger, Software Engineer & A good friend :-) When do you start blogging? What was the reason behind it? And what is your current status as a blogger? I started back in end of 2008, started just for [...]