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How to Monetize Your Traffic By Knowing How They Respond

Just about anyone can upload a video to their website, change the size of their ads or organize their products based on what sells best.  The thing is that even though measurement seems obvious and you may think you have optimized your sales potential by doing this, you are probably missing a lot more potential income.  Here are some easy things you can do with video, ads and products to [...]

Making Money Online? Make Sure You Have Emergency Internet Access on Hand

If you're a full time blogger or make your income online, then being unable to get on the internet feels like losing a limb. And actually if you rely on the web as your sole source of income, a loss of internet access can be much more serious. You can be looking at missed enquiries, lost orders, a lack of productivity ... potentially, you’re losing money every minute you’re offline. [...]

5 Real Online Jobs for Earning Quick Money

Are you frustrated with money making scam websites? Are you looking for extra money by doing easy and real online jobs? Are you a college student and want to earn money in your spare time? If you are able to answer positive for any of these queries, then this article is definitely for you. Most of us are willing to work online to earn some money in our spare time. [...]

Get Rich From Your Health Blog:Use Internet Marketing!

Internet has now become one of the biggest markets for selling and buying. Every now and then, you come across people who say that they are doing some kind of internet business. Some are successful while some are not. The reasons for success or being unsuccessful might be many. Sometimes it is plain bad luck and sometimes, it might be the product they choose to sell. It is very important [...]

5+ Things To Avoid Which Can Really Hurt You As Blogger

Blogging has never been a lake but an ocean, never seems to be shrinking. With such a thing can you ever say that you have seen every part of it and you are very good at it? Well, to be fair even a very successful pro-blogger will say no. The very point of me telling is that learning things in blogging is a ever growing process but you can at [...]

Making Money with Unique Content Part 2 – Conceptual Uniqueness

In part 1 of these series, I explained how literally unique content, often produced with article spinning methods and published in article directories, may be a useful tool for article marketing practices that aim at bringing traffic to your site. I also mentioned that while literally unique content is unique in Copyscape terms, it is not unique in Google terms. Search engines are smart enough to identify and favor conceptually [...]

Making Money with Unique Content Part 1 – Literal Uniqueness

In his very informative recent article, titled: “How Does Blogging Make Money”, Anil is making a very good point by highlighting blogging as an increasingly popular method to make money online. Blogging, as you know, means writing content. The question is, what kind of content can make you money as a blogger? Everybody seems to talk about fresh and unique content, but what is really unique content? Is Copyscape-passed content [...]