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Thesis Theme Review: SEO Friendly WordPress Theme with Huge Customization Options

Thesis Theme is the Premium Template System for Wordpress Blogs. Thousands of website owners and bloggers are relying on Thesis Theme Framework for its incredible design, search engine friendliness and fast loading. With Thesis, you don’t need to worry much about onsite SEO and all you need is focus on generating killer contents for your blog. If you don’t know the ABC of coding, you can still do lots of [...]

Elegant Tumblr Theme: Tumblr Style Themes Designed by Elegant

Elegant Tumblr Themes are for those who love Tumblr blog style but don’t want to miss Wordpress versatile features. Tumblr style blogs make its very easy for us to share our thoughts, ideas, pictures, videos, images, links, quotes etc to our blog readers. So here is a collection of Elegant Tumblr Themes that are designed by Elegant Themes website keeping in Tumblr style blog posts. Click This Link to buy [...]

Top 10 Premium WordPress Themes Designed by Elegant Themes

If you are blogging on Wordpress, you must be aware about Elegant Themes website. Elegant themes website offers premium Wordpress Themes that we as blog owner can use to give a professional design and better user experience for our blog readers. Elegant Wordpress Themes website is giving access to 87 plus premium Wordpress themes where we need to pay $69 as the yearly subscription fee. With this post, I’m including [...]

Elegant WordPress Themes: Premium WordPress Themes Gallery for Your Blog

We need a decent theme on our Wordpress blog to make it a success. We can increase conversions and engagement on our blogs by adding a fully functional and personalized theme. But most of bloggers cannot play with their blog PHP and CSS files to give it the level of customization and personalization they want as they are not expert in coding, they are better suited to writing high quality [...]

Beyond the Free Stuff: Three Premium Services to Supercharge Your Blog

When I started my blog back in 2010, I had very small goals for it. All I wanted to do was get my ideas and college tips out to other students, and possibly have a writing portfolio to show to employers when I graduated and started looking for jobs. With these small goals came small expectations for my blog's quality; I grabbed the first free theme I could find, used [...]

Woo Themes Reviewed: Premium WordPress Themes from WooThemes

There are hundreds of websites that are selling premium Wordpress themes and Woo Themes is one of them. Woo Themes website is owned by three respected designers namely Adii, Magnus and Mark Forrester. All themes available on WooThemes website are designed by these three respected designers. This website has a collection of 105 plus premium Wordpress themes. And they used to add 2 new themes to their premium themes gallery [...]