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WordPress SEO: 5 Amazingly Effective SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

WordPress is truly a blessing for all the bloggers who want to increase their website traffic. By default, WordPress is search engine friendly and Google always gives top priority to the sites that are managed on WordPress because of its functionality. You may ask, even though I’m using WordPress on my websites why am I not able to see any increase in my search traffic. A valid question! And here’s [...]

10 Incredible Ways to Recover from Goolge Penguin Updates

Google Penguin updates have created great impact on most bloggers traffic stats. If you hit by Penguin updates, you will surely notice a huge traffic drop on most of your blog posts and pages. When you will get hit by Penguin updates? When you have low quality back links When unrelated back links are pointing to your sites If you spend money on building back links that are spammy or [...]

10 Quick SEO Tips to Optimize WordPress Blogs

If you are newbie to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then the first thing you should know is that search engines love fresh and quality content. Beside quality content there are many factors to get a post to be ranked well in search engine. It should be indexed first and many backlinks are needed to leverage its rank for targeted keyword. 1. Optimization of the pages link structure of your blog. [...]

Make Your Website Well-Tuned by Granting Newest SEO Strategies

We've been always humdrum-ed about the significance of excellence content and their capacity in pushing SEO rankings. However, the company of the newest panda updates by Google content comes to be ever so significant In fact, acceptable web sites alike the British Medical Journal as well as Ciao has got been slapped by Panda. The modernize has constrained a set of firms to reconsider their SEO tactics. Therefore, what be [...]

6 Useful SEO Tips to Boost Your Online Business

If you have an online business then surely you are realizing the growing needs to implement at least the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to make your business flourish. SEO is the technique which is used to increase the ranking of a website in the search lists of all the major search engines. Hence you need to apply best SEO strategies to increase the ranking of your website [...]

Top 5 SEO Tips for WordPress Blogs

Wordpress is the most popular CMS widely used by bloggers and website owners worldwide. We can set up a website or blog using Wordpress in few minutes only. There have thousands of plugins and themes available for Wordpress on Internet and most of them are free to use. Lots of time, fellow bloggers ask me how to promote their Wordpress based blogs in search engines. In today's article, I'm trying [...]