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Social media marketing

Why You Should Not Think About Spamming Pinterest

I hope you know what Pinterest is and I also know that deep down your heart, you have a secret plan to make your website promoted heavily on it. Let me ask you what you are supposed to do? Um, let me imagine – probably you are going to create a fake profile or if you are out of mind, you may open an official account therein, then you will [...]

5 Things About Social Media Marketing That People Do Not Know

Social media is so addictive that everyone is obviously on it. You have a facebook account and a twitter account and an account on flickr for your pictures and what not! At the end of the day, we all go to bed thinking 'we know everything'. With the individuality that social networks help us to gain, we simply think we know it all. As individuals, that's perhaps okay. But as [...]

3 Vital Relationships Between Skin Care And Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing and skin care are like Siamese twins that cannot be parted. In this informative post, I want to highlight the three vital relationships and how this applies to grow your online business. Read More About: How Social Media Can Help Make Your Business Grow 4 Reasons a Business Should Invest in Social Media Social Media for Business Owners and Managers Things would remain as they’re until you [...]

Facebook Claims 800M Users: Is It Even Important For Users?

Facebook marketing is certainly getting all the attention in the world of online marketing and social media marketing right now. Turn on the TV, or tune in to just about any online news source, and Facebook is grabbing attention. Facebook’s yearly conferences on what they are doing, and what changes they are making to our Facebook profiles captivates news feeds around the world. This year, their conference opened with their [...]

4 Reasons a Business Should Invest in Social Media

Social media is proliferating across all walks of life and is increasingly infiltrating everything we do. Business owners should realise this as they stand to gain many benefits from engaging in social media marketing and utilising methods such as facebook marketing to increase online profitability as well as drive traffic to their retail store fronts. This article explores how to do this and why it is so crucial. To build [...]