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Free Website Traffic: 20 Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Traffic is the lifeblood for any blog. If you don't get enough traffic, it eventually die and all your efforts that have put into blogging will go in vain. Most bloggers think that by creating more blog posts they can get more traffic to their blogs. It was true 10 years back when there was no competition. Now, in this crowded online community where Google has evolved so much so [...]

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog Posts?

Pinterest has become a great resource to drive traffic these days. Many bloggers are using pinterest to bring traffic to their blog posts by actively participating in pinning and/or repining others images. There are certain ways to use to drive traffic from pinterest to your blog. They’re not so hard to implement, but when you’re following them you’ll definitely see a flow of traffic coming through your sites from pinterest. [...]

How to Drive Free Traffic to Your Website if You are Getting NO Traffic from Google

Lots of people ask me can we survive if somehow Google stopped sending traffic to their website? My answer will be surely Yes. You can not only survive but will be able to take your business to next level even if you are getting no traffic from Google. There is every chance you could lose all or majority of traffic on your website from Google keeping in mind the kind [...]

How I Attracted Record Levels of Traffic to My Blog

At the time of writing it is estimated that there are over 200 million active blogs currently live on the internet, an exponential growth from approximately three million in 2004.  If trends continue at their current rate, the internet will be populated by over 500 million blogs by the end of 2013, vying for the attention of billions of international internet users. When dealing with figures such as this, the [...]

Hostgator Vs Hostmonster: Which is the Best Host?

Many people think - hey what’s the rocket science in choosing a web hosting service provider! With so many of them and really cheap ones, we can go sign up with anyone. There definitely isn’t any. But this being an area sensitive from your business’ point of view, it is actually a matter of wise analysis of few fundamental parameters. Basic features may sound more or less the same, with [...]

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Classified Ad Posting

As a webmaster, entrepreneur, online marketer, Search Engine Optimization expert or owner of a specific blog, you look for every possible way over the internet that drives traffic. And because you know how significant it is that your website or blog, remains crowded with organic traffic, you will want to use all the methods that will attract real visitors. In other words, what you direly seek for is - such [...]

StumbleUpon Traffic: How to Drive Traffic to Website from StumbleUpon

What you will do if you lost majority of traffic coming on your website from search engines? It could happen as your website rankings are heavily affected by algorithmic changes from Google like Google Panda updates, Google Page Layout Algorithm or Google Penguin update. Till date majority of websites and blogs rely on traffic they are getting primarily from search engines. If you are seeing your website nowhere in top [...]