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Free Targeted Twitter Followers: 20 Ways to Increase Twitter Followers

"How do I increase my twitter followers" is the question I often get asked. Twitter was launched on 21st March 2006 and has over 1 billion users who registered at twitter. Twitter gets a whooping number of 36 million unique visitors each and every single month. These twitter statistics in 2014 says it all about the importance of using it to increase your online reach. Twitter has becoming more and [...]

Top 10 Twitter Analytics Tools Explained

How significant it is for webmasters to keep a close watch on the traffic driven to their website from any given source. Out of those numerous social networking platforms which are already integrated with websites these days, Twitter is a predominant one. Therefore from a webmaster’s perspective, it is your constant endeavour to know the outcome of your activities in dragging traffic and to get concise analytics of every minute [...]

10 Tips for Conquering Twitter

Social media is an essential business tool, and Twitter is a powerful way to spread your message. Creating a Twitter account is very easy, and it only takes seconds to do. Unfortunately, this means that most businesses only take a few minutes to work on their Twitter account. Solo entrepreneurs and large companies both are guilty of this. They do not learn the ins and outs of the social media [...]

Why Twitter Is Considered As The Best Marketing Platform?

Today, businesses all across the world are making use of twitter and other social networking services to promote their business globally.Increasing the traffic rate in the website of the company is the primary motto of any company.  Therefore social media marketing is considered as the most important part of every business these days. The influence of social media can be seen on every individual.  It has successfully reached to large [...]

Online Reputation Management Strategies and Tips

If a person who has created defamatory content about an individual or a company knows how to optimise it on the major search engines, then that content will make its way to the first or second page of the results, and could ruin the reputation of the person mentioned. Search engines rank purely by relevancy, rather than quality, so regardless of whether the information is untrue or genuine, it will [...]

What Time of Day is Best to Post Your Social Marketing Content to Twitter?

Twitter is easily one of the best tools a marketer can lean on to stay in touch with their audience and grow their business. This unique platform has many great attributes, but none is more known than the tweet, a simple yet powerful feature that allows you to communicate and share your marketing content with the world. Everyone from regular people to high profile celebrities are using Twitter to let [...]

How to Create content for Twitter

Create content for social networks is the main task of the Community Manager. While you develop will be reflected when much of your knowledge on the use of tools and how to apply creative communication strategies to achieve the objectives of a brand. The first thing to understand when creating content is the user profile that follows your brand. Be clear about the time you are willing to spend on a fanpage, features, [...]

Some Tips for Maintaining a Professional Account on Twitter

Many have commented already on Twitter , their uses, their possibilities you have available ... even a book ( free PDF ) that I published in 2009 on the theme, giving an overview of the network, both for those who are starting as if to meet some original applications of the content network. Anyway, after much time managing multiple accounts on Twitter, both professional and personal, let me share with [...]