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Web Hosting 101: Web Hosting Ideas Every Website Owner Should Know

If you are serious about your business, make sure that your website is in good hands.  Choosing the right web site host is the best decision you can make. Any server downtime can greatly ruin your business and limit your chances of growing your customer base. Sometimes, hosting a website can be such a confusing experience for website owners, especially the first timers.  If this is your first time dealing [...]

Bloggers Passion Successful Journey So Far

With this special post, I’m intended to share Bloggers Passion successful journey so far. Bloggers Passion was started on 1st Jan 2010 on Wordpress, which is the biggest blogging platform. Tushar Agarwal was the guy who started this blog. But due to personal reasons he was unable to continue it for long. I took Bloggers Passion from Tushar in April 2011. And Since then I’m taking care of the things [...]

How to Choose a Web Host for Your Blog

If you read the title of this post and asked yourself why bloggers would need a web host, this blog is for you. If you are truly passionate about blogging and truly want to be a professional blogger, there will come a time when you have to choose a web host. Let’s start with the basics. Read More About: Choose the Right Web Hosting and Reap Its Benefits A Web [...]

Three Options for Creating Effective Website

When a company decides to create a website, the next question to answer is how do you think? There are different alternatives that we can use to create and manage our page so we'll see three options for creating our website so that we are clear advantages and disadvantages of each. Because when you create a website many companies are quite clear what they want from it. It comes out on the first page [...]

Professional Web Hosting in UK with Web Hosting Buzz

We need to work on onpage and offpage factors of a website to get it top rankings for targeted keywords. But these days, web host location also seems to have an impact on your website rankings. Since you know page speed is now a ranking factor on Google, so a website hosted in UK will load much faster in UK compared to if it was hosted in US or India. [...]