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10 Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blog

If you have a Wordpress blog then you know how easy it is to use. Not only is it easy to write with, but it also has tons of themes and widgets to add productivity and interest to your blog. But all those widgets will mean nothing if you do not have the readers coming in. How can you get more readers and loyal followers on your Wordpress blog? Well, [...]

WordPress: Mastering All of the Tips and Tricks

Many people who run a blog or website use Wordpress to host it. Wordpress has now become one of the most popular blogging services on the Internet. There are many ways to make customizing and tweaking your blog on Wordpress far easier; fortunately, you do not necessarily need an extensive knowledge of technology to do so. Read More About: Starting WordPress Blog: How to Start Your First Self Hosted WordPress [...]

Starting a Blog? Here’s Why You Need WordPress

If you have thought about doing a blog for a while, there are many different options for blogging platforms you might be considering. Wordpress and Blogger are two fairly common blogging platforms but Wordpress offers a variety of benefits over Blogger. Just about anyone who has switched from Blogger over to Wordpress would agree that Wordpress is approximately 100 times more awesome than Blogger. That’s just a fact. Following are [...]

10 Quick SEO Tips to Optimize WordPress Blogs

If you are newbie to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then the first thing you should know is that search engines love fresh and quality content. Beside quality content there are many factors to get a post to be ranked well in search engine. It should be indexed first and many backlinks are needed to leverage its rank for targeted keyword. 1. Optimization of the pages link structure of your blog. [...]

Starting WordPress Blog: How to Start Your First Self Hosted WordPress Blog from Scratch

With the blog post, I’m aiming at sharing the complete process of starting a Self Hosted Wordpress Blog. Apart from starting a Self Hosted Wordpress Blog, I’m sharing some thoughts on why you should go for Self Hosted Blogs when you can create free blogs on Blogger and Wordpress kind of free blogging platforms. Here are Some Limitations you will face while going for free blogs hosted on or [...]

Where to Start a Blog: How to Start a Blog Site From Scratch?

From time to time, we have been keep on discussing having a website or blog of our own to start making constant money from Internet. Today post will remain mostly focused around where to start a blog i.e. how one can star a blog site from scratch. We must know how to start a blog that can really help us make consistent revenue from our efforts on the Internet. So [...]