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Subscribe to Comments Plugin for More Comments on Your Blog

Do you own a blog and finding it hard to get more comments on your blog, why don’t give a try to subscribe to comments plugin. After installing this plugin, your blog readers will be getting automatic email notification about the subsequent comments on a blog post they just subscribed to. Subscribe to comments is one of plugin that is powering Bloggers Passion blog. After installation of Subscribe to Comments [...]

WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin: One Stop Solution for Many SEO Problems

In the recent time, I had tried my hands on lots of free as well premium SEO plugins for Wordpress. Today I’m going to share my experience about Wordpress SEO by Yoast Plugin. Wordpress SEO by Yoast plugin can be considered as a good alternate to All in One SEO pack and many more SEO plugins about whom I will be discussing in the later part. Wordpress SEO by Yoast [...]

All In One SEO Pack Tutorial: Free SEO Plugin for WordPress Blogs

If you have ever through of optimizing your Wordpress blog for search engines, you would already have heard about All in One SEO plugin. All in one SEO pack is of the oldest and most popular plugin for Wordpress. Popularity of this plugin can be estimated by the factor that it has already been downloading more than ten million times. Apart from All in One SEO Pack, One can try [...]

SEO Smart Links Plugin for Smart Interlinking of Your Blog Content

When we look at ways to promote our Wordpress blogs in a way that they perform exceedingly well for their targeted terms in major search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. The first thing that comes to our mind is using SEO plugins to make our Wordpress blogs search engine friendly. To achieve this, there are lots of premium as well as free SEO plugins available. Since this post [...]

WP Plugin: Reduced Image Sizes for Faster Loading Blogs

Since page load time plays an important role in Google these days. So you as a blog owner need to look out at different solutions to improve the performance of your Wordpress blogs like minimizing the use of scripts, optimizing images, deleting the unused files, cleaning up HTML files and caching options etc. There are some popular plugins available in Wordpress Plugin directory including WP Super Cache and WP [...]

Broken Link Checker Plugin WordPress for Finding Broken Links

Broken Link Checker Plugin will check your blog contents for broken links and missing images and will notify you about the same through Email once they are found. This Plugin can be really effective if you are running a huge Wordpress based blog or website. It can be very difficult in maintaining the quality in links and images especially if you are accepting contents in the form of comments etc [...]

Related Post Plugin: YARPP (Yet Another Related Post Plugin)

If you are running a Wordpress blog, you have to rely on Wordpress plugins to add any new functionality in your blog. Are you showing related posts on your Wordpress blog and if yes that great? It would be great to know what method you are using to showcase related posts in your Wordpress blog. And if you don’t know how to add them in your Wordpress blog, I’m going [...]

WP Super Cache Plugin for Faster Loading WordPress Blogs

WP Super Cache is one of must have plugins for Wordpress blogs. Since Page Speed becomes one of ranking factor on Google, blog owners are adopting different techniques to speed up their Wordpress blogs. And installation of this plugin in to their Wordpress blogs is one of the major steps in that direction. I’m also using this plugin on Bloggers passion blog with the intention to improve my blog speed and to [...]