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The Myth of Mobile Content Marketing

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Mobile content marketing has been raising discussions since quite some time. The evolution of the smart phones and tablet computers are linked to this propaganda, offering marketers a podium for creating content for mobile sites and applications.

Myths of Mobile Content MarketingHowever, in the war of content marketing, mobile content marketing may not find itself standing individually as a party. Rather, it can be regarded as simply complementing ‘content marketing’. For a player in the mobile world, only one good website can be sufficient to provide simple and unsophisticated solutions to its users.

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Mobile content: hard to catch hold of

The mobile serves a much harder platform in terms of creating worthy content, as against other platforms in the globalized world. The mobile environment is still growing, and content makers need to hone their skills before implementing them on the users.

Consumers do not desire to get troubled by an ‘unfriendly’ behavior or content. Without disturbing the mobile experience, the advertisers need to design their ideas to adapt to the mobile environment.

Overwhelming resources

For a web publisher, there are numerous options in the form of videos, audio and images for reaching to the user.

When wanting to have a ‘mobile friendly’ website, the mobile plugins can serve well. Another option can be to spend resources and work with a developer to build a separate mobile version of your website. Here, you need to basically re-create your website on a mobile sub-domain. This can be your single effort to suit multiple screens. By spending some resources, the need for plugins can be sidelined. You may also build an application, which apparently is a rather popular choice among the players.

All the above mentioned strategies may deliver favorably. However, simpler and cheaper tools could yield more favorably when wanting to distribute content.

One website can serve the purpose

It may seem questionable, but the fact remains that you only need one website to serve every gadget. This is one of the basic tenets of mobile content distribution.

When opting for the plug-in, there are many tit bits which may seem repelling at one stage or another. A plug-in requires downloading, maintenance and (moreover) compatibility with your requirement for the present as well as the future. When implementing a dedicated mobile site, you need to divert resources for advancing and maintaining your exclusive ‘mobile website’. Besides engaging time and money, it costs your attention. And developing an application can be expensive and time-consuming. Even if you have one, your content is distributed through platforms which are not under your control and authority.

As a content publisher, you need to create and distributing information and ideas. The open web world can serve the best platform, facilitating indexing by search engines and accessibility. The website can keep your resources from getting dispersed to plugins, applications or an exclusive ‘mobile website’. You can focus better on producing effective content for your sole website.

Expanding outlook

Mobile content marketing requires you to expand your view of content marketing. It goes beyond the mere translation ‘from content marketing for websites to content marketing for mobile applications’. Truly, users may not be attracted to the traditional educational content, which can be found elsewhere in a better manner. Blogs and posts, short videos, etc. may find better applicability hereAn in-depth analysis can decide what content is most relevant for users who access their information via mobile devices. This can provide the pathway to better content, enabling users to go deeper.

Mobile responsive web design can serve a practical solution for the keen players, providing a simple and effective way of boosting the content.

‘Mobile content marketing’ can conclude to ‘content marketing’

The ever changing world brings out the unexpected more that often. Research shows that U.S has over 100 million mobile subscribers, using smart phones. The number may be more staggering in near future, indicating the role played by the smaller devices in the lifestyle of people.

It can be an obvious cause of concern for the web content publisher that he/she does not miss the opportunity to showcase talent.

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