Top Link Building Mistakes You Need to Avoid

by Anil Agarwal

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Link building has always been an indispensable part of SEO strategy. It not only helps in direct flow of traffic from other blogs, but also sets up a trust factor of the website which further helps in improving search engine ranks. Google Page Rank used to be one of the most critical factors that was dependent on link building, but even after its burial, Google provides special benefits to better linked sites.

There are several techniques which one may follow to generate good quality backlinks for his site. The most popular ones include blog commenting, and guest blogging. However there are a few points you must always keep in mind if you need to gain the most out of your hard work.

Top Link Building Mistakes

1. Buying links

When Google Page Rank created hype among the bloggers, it became a general trend to get the links prepared from external sources in return for small amounts. These spam links were one of the reasons Google killed its Page Rank algorithm. If you also tried to avail the benefits from the previous storm, it is high time for you to remove all those spam links before they are tracked and then penalized by google.

2. Links from Low Quality Article Directories

Google had already removed lots of spam directory sites from its database, and if you have links from any such site, it is recommended to remove it today itself without any second thought.

3. Excessive Reciprocal linking

Link exchange emerged as one of the fastest and easiest methods to generate links and improve the collaboration between the bloggers. Google lately identified this tit for tat strategy, and does not appreciate it anymore. There’s little SEO worth provided by this technique in today’s era.

4. Links from Low Quality Press Releases

Owing to the low quality of information offered, there’s no use of generating links from such type of press releases.

5. Use of Same Anchor Text Again and Again

If you are using the same anchor text while link building on different blogs, you are bound to face a penalty instead of a promotion. These links would soon be marked as spam by the search engine. You should avoid using the same anchor text too much and use several combinations to make it more natural to Google bots.

6. Irrelevant link building

If you own a blog on cloud computing, building a backlink on some portal based on beauty remedies is certainly no good idea. Bloggers often tend to make links on high ranking sites without considering the matching of niches. Before you make a link, ensure that the host blog has a similar type of niche as your own blog.

7. Maintaining the balance between do follow and no follow links

If you are focusing exclusively on dofollow or on nofollow links, you are surely not going on the right path. Natural linking techniques consist of both types of links and you must use both of them equally.

8. Mention of brand in the text links

If you have a homepage and you are mentioning this name “example” on some other page, then you must always remember to link that text to your home page. On the other hand, if you are writing something for your homepage itself, then you should never link this text. With the new update out, the bots are searching for similar type of bugs to analyze the quality of the content and links.

9. Dependence on Social Media

To determine the quality of the content posted, Google algorithms today try to rate the overall social circle performance of that particular post. If a post gets 522 tweets, 3k likes, 500 plus 1’s, then it is bound to perform better than any other competitive article with low social impact.

10. Linking from site with thousands of outgoing links

If a blogger posts a good article, he is bound to receive appreciation for it in the comments section. But this surely does not mean that this section would be filled with thousands of comments with links to their own sites. If you encounter such a page, it is always recommended to ignore it rather than commenting and having your comment lost in the flood. It’s always better to comment on blogs who have some guidelines regarding the comments to be posted and give some importance to their commenters.

11. Sticking to one type of link building practice

There are two major types of sources available with which you can gain links namely guest blogging and commenting. If you are going to get stuck to only one type of links, you would not receive the desired results within the set time period. You must focus on every link building like commenting on other blogs, guest blogging for high popularity sites, social media sharing, etc.

12. Fast link building

If you build up 1000 of  links to your site on the first day itself, get prepared to be penalized for the same. Google would not appreciate your hard efforts, but mark you as a spammer. Try to make fewer but quality links on regular basis. Slow and steady always wins the race here.

13. Blog network links

Blog networks are sites which try to fool Google to some extent but often end up doing more bad to your site instead of good. These networks comprise of unrelated categories and I would personally recommend you to remove these links if you are availing them. If you choose to continue with them, your site might end up in the blacklisted section soon.

14. Building links exclusively for home page

This has been quite a good trend especially among the newbie bloggers to build up backlinks exclusively for the home page. If you build up all your links for one page only, this would look artificial to Google. This is the reason you must also keep in mind your other pages while doing link building. This will not only help in better linking, but also help you in getting these posts rank high in the search results.

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Great and very helpful article. I do some mistakes, mostly like is last one, because 99% of backlinks are for home page. Maybe I need to add some backlinks for non home pages.


Nancy Badillo

Hi Anil,

Thank you for writing such an informative article about link building. Link building is a crucial part of Google’s algorithm and should be taken serious. Understanding how to set the links properly with out getting punished is the best way to create a successful site with out been penalize. Thank you for sharing! :-)


Walter Pinem

while doing blog commenting to another blog, according to point number 5, is it wrong if I use my name again and again and again on commenting to another blog?
I can say that my name is the anchor text of my website url when I put them together of each column provided on most of Wordpress based blogs.


Avnish Gautam

You forgot to mention one more thing which is over using same Anchor text in many links, this may cause over optimization.


Uday Ghulaxe

Thanks for sharing such a important post anil sir.Yes I agree bad link building is really bad practice in 2014 and google is going to panalise those blog.Also commenting on the low quality blog will bad effect on our blog and using low quality portals or forum is really bad thing


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