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Useful SEO plugins for WordPress

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The scene is a familiar one: you’ve sought to increase your WordPress blog’s SEO if you want to market your blog to a wider audience. You know that the key to increasing your blog’s SEO lies in posting proper back links to relevant and popular sites, but even after posting great links your blog’s ranking hasn’t changed. As you may know, countless developers have plugins for WordPress that can help you track, maintain, and improve aspects of your blog’s SEO. But which plugins are the most effective and reliable? What follows is a brief list of some of the better SEO plugins for WordPress.

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SEO Rank Reporter

SEO Rank Reporter will take your blog’s keywords and track them in Google rankings over a three-day period and give you the figures on their popularity. The data comes in graph format so you can easily measure the rise or fall of your blog’s ranking based on your keywords. The plugin also allows you to compare your site’s ranking with similar sites so you can keep an eye on competitors. Perhaps most importantly, the plugin will also tell you what keywords generate the most traffic so you can adjust the content on your blog accordingly.

SEO Smart Links

Another plugin, SEO Smart Links, helps you stay on top of your blog’s SEO even when you’re not. The plugin is designed to link keywords from your posts with previous posts on your blog. This feature is a key one for your blog’s SEO because it helps ensure consistency in your blog’s keywords. And if your keywords are kept consistent and in-line with your blog’s theme, you’re more likely to garner a higher ranking and thus more traffic.


Headspace2 is described as a plugin that helps manage your “meta-data” while also performing some helpful SEO tasks. When you write a post with Headspace2, the plugin will automatically suggest keywords within your post that you can tag. It features meta-data nesting and extraction which means that you can gather, extract, and utilize data from your current post and all previous linked posts.  The plugin also has modules that allow the user to edit their pages without the need of supplemental modules. You can essentially do all the basic alterations to your blog with Headspace2, including page titles, keywords, theme-specific plugins, JavaScript and CSS capability, and much more!

SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate, like its name suggests, is a great WordPress plugin for all things SEO related. It has so many features that I’m not even going to try to cover them all. The plugin’s meta keyword editing feature alone allows the user to edit meta keyword tags across your blog. It also generates keywords based on popular words, categories and subthemes within your blog posts. SEO Ultimate also has a feature called the “Competition Researcher” which tells you how many other sites are using your same keywords. If you select a particular competing website, the module will tell you how many pages of that site are featured in Google’s index. What’s more, you can find out what websites your competitors are linking to. This feature would be particularly useful for sizing up competitors that you suspect are splitting your traffic. Do yourself a favor and keep an edge over the competition with this plugin!

1-click Retweet/Share/Like

This simple plugin allows the user to insert buttons from popular social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. This plugin would be a great resource if you’re looking to add features to your site that appeal to hardcore social media users. You can add like buttons from Facebook, the retweet button from Twitter, the share button from Linked in, plus many more.

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  • Jasmine

    Hello Susan, you have shared with us a great list of useful SEO plugins! I like them… and in fact I am using some of them on my blogs. These plugins are definitely useful and they make our posts more SEO friendly.

  • Cooper

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for this helpful post about seo plugins. I haven’t encountered SEO Rank Reporter, so I will try this one. As for the others, they are great, especially the 1-click retweet/share/like plugin, it makes sharing to social media sites a piece of cake.


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