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Website Traffic Statistics Report: Bloggers Passion Traffic Increased by 180 Percent in July 2011

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I’m starting a monthly website traffic report series here at Bloggers Passion. In this series, I will be sharing monthly traffic statistics for Bloggers Passion using metrics available from Google Analytics. I will be comparing the website traffic numbers for current month with the previous month and share the results for the same to my readers here on Bloggers Passion.

If I compare July 2011 traffic statistics with June traffic numbers, I noticed a big jump in traffic on Bloggers Passion in the month of July 2011. I noticed a jump of 180% (179.16% exact) in the overall traffic on this blog in July. Visitors increased from 667 to 1862 in the month of July. Apart from these numbers, I noticed improvement in all traffic metrics like Absolute Unique Visitors, Page Views, Bounce Rate and Average Time on Site etc. So this is really motivating signal for me to give more efforts for writing blog posts and for the promotion of this blog. Here is the Bloggers Passion Traffic Statistics Report screenshot that I captured from Google Analytics where I have compared July 1 to July 31, 2011 traffic with May 31 to June 30 2011 (31 days):

Bloggers Passion Traffic Report July 2011

When I moved down to traffic sources, I noticed improvement of 165% in direct traffic and 145% increase in traffic from Google. Traffic from referral websites increased by 252.60%. Top referring websites for July month were Facebook, Friendfeed, StumbleUpon and Twitter. So here are the top traffic sources for the month of July 2011 for Bloggers Passion in comparison with June Month:

Top Traffic Sources Bloggers Passion July 2011

Now lets discuss more in detail why I was able to bring such a big jump in traffic on Bloggers Passion in one-month time only. Here are some key points I think helped me increase traffic on Bloggers Passion to such a big percentage in the month of July:

  • I published 23 posts in the month of July compared with June month when I published only 9 posts. Most of posts that I publish on this blog used to be very long
  • I published two guest posts in this month compared with zero guest post in June month. My guest posts were published on and blogs
  • I started sharing my blog posts on Twitter and Facebook
  • I started sharing my blog contents on popular social bookmarking websites that I was not doing previously

Apart from these traffic numbers, there are 500 plus followers on Twitter and 290 RSS subscribers who enjoy reading Bloggers Passion posts in their Feed readers and email boxes. I’m thinking of making it as a habit to start sharing monthly traffic report in the first week of every month from next time. I the coming days, I will start sharing monthly income report as well with my blog readers.

Article by Anil Agarwal

Anil has written 461 articles.

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  • rahul

    Well this is good thing, My total network get around 15k uniques per month. But income is not enough. So, i suggest you to keep working and double your traffic every month.
    Also, analyse which is your best page and which keyword you are getting most traffic.
    This may help you to understand.

  • Lalit

    Hi Anil,
    I just came across your blog through your email. Your blog has a wonderful design. Congrats for the traffic rise in your Blog. I myself allow guest posts on my blog since it is also at PR 2 and a dofollow one. However, I really liked the way your Blog looks and happy to know that you have written 150+ posts! :) I wish you good luck with bloggerspassion :)

  • Simone G

    Glad to see that you are increasing your site traffic . Do more SEO for your blog and write to get more traffic

  • Kavya Hari

    Day by day, traffic has been increasing with the best support on here :) Thanks a lot for sharing post on here :)


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