What You Should Do the First Week of Your New Blog

by Zac Johnson

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Creating a blog is dead simple. All you need is a domain name, web hosting and a quick installation of WordPress. The hard part about blogging is actually getting your blog to stand out from the crowd and build a loyal following over time. The good news is that you don’t have to go out on this journey on your own. Bloggers love to help other bloggers and this is why thousands of people are getting start with own blog every single day.

What You Should Do the First Week of Your New Blog

Are you a newbie in blogging? If so, you might want to know the things you need to do during the first week of your new blog. The first step in starting your own blog is to choose a great domain and pick the perfect theme for it. If you are going to build a blog around yourself and your skills, then choosing your personal name as a domain name is a great place to start. I recommend everyone buy their real name as a domain name no matter what!

During the first week of your new blog, there are some other important things you will want to accomplish as well.

First week activities for a blog

Create an “About Me” Page

Have an ‘About Me’ page. This is the page of your blog that is often accessed by your blog readers. You might be losing a huge portion of returning traffic if your blog does not have an About Me page. People love reading blogs that can give them personal touch and reading about the writer of the blog.  In your About Me page, include writing the history of your blog, an introduction of yourself, the main objective of the blog, achievements of the blog and your blog’s social media statistics.

Because it is your blog’s most accessed page, you should insert the Opt-in form in the About Us page. There is a great chance visitors will subscribe after they have read about you.

Create a “Contact” Page

This one might seem very simple, but I still come across blogs all the time that make it extremely hard to send the blog owner an email or actually get in touch with the,. This means you should create a Contact Us page on your blog. This will help you to interact with your blog readers allowing them to keep in touch with you. Having this page will also make it easier for you to be contacted by further advertisers if they find it interesting to advertise on your blog. This can give your visitors the freedom to contact you, ask you questions or give some suggestions. Setting up a contact page and form is really simple. All you need to is search for “contact form” in your WordPress Plugins area.

Add a Disclaimer / DMCA to Your Blog

The internet isn’t the Wild West like it used to be. Now bloggers have to be careful about what they are writing about and disclose on their sites. A good way to keep yourself safe is by adding a disclaimer and DMCA page to your blog. In the disclaimer page, your readers will be informed that you are promoting affiliate products on your blog to earn commission if one of them buys from any of your affiliate links. Search Google for “disclaimer page template” and “dmca blog template” for more information on writing these up for your blog.

Setup Your Blog Feed and Social Pages

The most successful blogs in the world continually come out with great content that their readers are always anxious to read. Through the use of social networks and blog feeds you can have your readers update righted when your latest blog content comes out. Through the use of a blog feed, users can subscribe to your blog and have updates sent right into their email inbox.

These are some of the most basic, yet important things every blogger will need to focus on in their first week of blogging. Once you have these setup, you can start focusing on your blog design (wordpress theme), coming up with content ideas for your site, leaving comments on other blogs and building an audience for your blog. Right now is an extremely slow, yet exciting time for yourself and your blog. Don’t get discouraged as it’s only going to keep getting better!

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Sagar Rai


I got one more suggestion from another source… I would like to share that here.. Hope it helps others.

Day 1: Set solid foundations.
Day 2: Publish and build presence.
Day 3: Concentrate on content.
Day 4: Understand the blog as a product.
Day 5: Put yourself out there.
Day 6: Define and demonstrate quality.
Day 7: Strategize for success.



Zac Johnson

Great suggestions. A solid game plan is key no matter what biz or blog you are trying to get started with.



Great list of thing to prefer on first week especially about me page which conveys about who we re , what we are and contact page must for others to get in touch with us and we need to have privacy policy , comment policy too


Nancy Badillo

Hi Zac,

Thank you for composing a lis things to do when you first open a new blog. I do agree, having an About Me Page is very crucial for your audience to get to know you. I will be sharing this wonderful tips with my blog community. Thank you once more! :-)


Zac Johnson

Thanks Nancy, glad you liked it. I really need to update my About Me pages for the new year!


Kharim Tomlinson

Hey Zac Johnson,

These are some very great tips. I loved them!

A new blogger should also start blog commenting so that he can start building backlinks and get traffic to that new blog as well.

Thanks for the tips bro.


Zac Johnson

Thanks. Blog commenting is great for attracting new audiences and is also free!



Thank you Zac for that short list. I have set up the feeds and contact forms but did not do anything more than that. I should add a few more pages to make the blog look more active. Social pages has been done, but thanks for adding it. Should concentrate on more number of pages now. I mean more number of social communities. Thank you,


Uday Ghulaxe

Yes about us page and contact us page are two most important page for every blog I didnt try Disclaimer page but after reading this post I am going to try this out. Adding a advertise page is really imporatant two and I think creating privacy policy is one more important page for blog.


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