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Why is it important for a SEO marketer to be aware of all Google algorithm tweaks?

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Although Yahoo has somehow managed to stay relevant and Bing has made notable gains in the market, Google is still by far and away the most widely used search engine on the web. The internet powerhouse is constantly making changes to its algorithm, and as an SEO marketer, staying aware of them is extremely important? Why? Because they could have a major impact on your rankings and overall marketing results. Keeping up with all the tweaks can be challenging, but lucky for you, it can be done in a few relatively easy ways.
Google algorithm tweaks

Stay in Tune with the SEO Community

Staying aware of all the algorithm changes would be much easier if Google would just come out and tell the public everything webmasters needed to do in order to keep their existing rankings intact. Sadly, that’s just not how it works. On the bright side, there are quite a few outlets you can count on for solid information regarding any changes that are either in the works or have already occurred. A few good sources that come to mind are Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and of course, Google itself, which has several blogs that can keep you informed on any potential changes. We recommended subscribing to the RSS feeds of theses sources so you can make sure you stay abreast of all the updates.

Keep an Eye on Your Numbers

Like we alluded to, no matter how important an update may turn out to be, announcing algorithm tweaks is something that Google will rarely do. You have to be proactive about finding out and go to the right sources. Believe it or not, but in most cases, one of the very best sources to turn to for this type of information is already at your fingertips. That’s right, simply keeping track of your page rankings and the data in your analytics could be a way to discover that changes have taken effect. If you notice a drop off or change, you can then follow up with your go-to sources in the SEO community to obtain the exact details so you can react accordingly.

Don’t Overact

Google has been quite busy changing its algorithm in recent times. This year alone, we have seen the recent update that addresses freshness and recency, in addition to the Panda update, the controversial tweak that was a part of Google’s initiative to crack down on content farms and spamming. While several changes have been made and plenty more are sure to come, the best practices of SEO have remained intact. For this reason, we think it is pretty safe to say that aspects such as creating relevant content, implementing the right keywords, building links, and making sure your site is crawler-friendly will continue to get you by.

Staying on top of the ever changing Google algorithm can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Keep these tips in mind, and you can ensure that those untimely tweaks have little to no affect on your SEO efforts.

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  • Jamie Northrup

    Usually if you aren’t try to “screw” the system with fake, duplicate or bad content, the changes Google makes will advantage you.


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