10 Great Programmers Ever

Sometimes there are jobs that go recognized: this is something we see often in the IT industry.The average person recognizes the programs, but does not know who was the developer who was behind the software. So today on the day of the programmers will recognize ten programs whose work had a significant impact on our lives.

10 Great Programmers Ever: Linus Torvalds

Ada Lovelace

Ada is considered the first programmer (or, indeed, the first programmer) of history. The programming language Ada was named in his honor. What was your contribution to the world of programming? Ada, daughter of poet Lord Byron, he developed his own poetry in the first algorithm designed to be processed by a machine. That was the analytical engine of Charles Babbage. Lovelace included a number of methods to estimate, using Babbage’s machine, Bernouille numbers, ie a sequence of rational numbers related to number theory.

Alan Turing

We move a little further in time to get closer to the modern computer. One of the most important characters had in the development of computers as we know them today is Alan Turing. Turing formalized the concepts of computation and algorithms with theTuring machine , or as it is officially called, the machine automatically. The Turing machine can be adapted to simulate the logic of any algorithm, and helps to understand the workings of a personal computer and the limits of mechanical computation.

Linus Torvalds

A list of the most famous programmers can not pass without adding the Finn Torvalds. It is the principal architect of the operating system Linux . After learning UNIX at university, began to develop what would be his thesis: Linux. Since the publication of the Linux code in 1991, today millions of people use on their personal computers. To finish, Torvalds was assisted minix programmers, so that his birth was entirely collective, with programmers around the world joining to help.

Dennis Ritchie

Ritchie is best known for having developed the C language, which in turn was influenced in all sorts of programming languages and operating systems. Head of Lucent Technologies until his retirement in 2007, Ritchie is the creator of C and one of the leading developers of Unix. The C language is one of the most used in the history of programming, and provides many things. In fact, language, developed in the early ’70s, inspired other languages, like C + +, born as one of its extensions.

Adi Shamir

Shamir is the co-inventor of the RSA algorithm (in fact, the S in the name comes from the name), and one of the inventors of differential cryptanalásis, so that his work has many implications in modern computing. RSA is an algorithm used in cryptography, the first that allows signatures and encryption. It is one of the tools used in e-commerce, and one of the most secure algorithms invented in the history. Another of his major contributions was the Shamir’s Secret Sharing , an algorithm that allows information to be divided into parts, with a unique part assigned to a specific user.

John George Kemeny and Thomas Eugene Kurtz

These two programs were in charge back in the ’60s, in developing the BASIC programming. BASIC was the first to use simple language, and developed by these two colleagues from the University of Dartmouth. Is your purpose? Allow users who were not accustomed to programming languages known to have access to campus computers. Today, BASIC in its many variants is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world.

Bill Gates

I think it is almost unnecessary to talk about Bill Gates, but if you’re writing about great programmers, it is impossible to leave out the man who developed the operating system used by the world’s computers. From designing a version of BASIC first used by computer enthusiasts, Gates joined Microsoft with Paul Allen, his fellow Harvard.One of his most memorable actions, at least for free software advocates, was an open letter that said you can not develop and maintain a software without a type of monetary compensation.

Alan Cooper

Cooper is known for his role in the “humanization” of software development and Visual Basic for Microsoft. Started as a cell search system called Ruby, Cooper sold it to Gates and he decided to transform it into a development tool that joined QuickBASIC.With this tool, Windows has become a key product for the development of business applications .

Richard Brodie

For people like me who use it almost constantly, Richard Brodie deserves a monument. It is the original creator of Microsoft Word , a program developed in less than seven months. This first version is just one of his works: he also wrote the first C compiler from Microsoft, the first version of Notepad, and Word for the IBM PC Jr. In fact, Brodie was so successful as a programmer named him Gates technical assistant in the early ’80s, a role from which handled the release of Word for Windows. He was also project manager Omega, which led to the birth of Microsoft Access.

Brian Behlendorf

Behlendorf is a very important figure in the open source movement . He was one of the main developers of Apache Web Server, and was a member of the board of directors of the Mozilla Foundation . The astronomical growth of Internet in the last decade is due in large part, to Apache, which in 2009 became the first server to over 100 million websites. Behlendorf Apache developed to meet the most used server in the mid-90s could not tolerate the number of registered users that their new company needed.



  1. Dan says:

    Interesting subject, and I have to admit that until i didn’t know that Ada Lovelace is considered to be the first programmer. Nowadays i think it’s harder to be a pioneer, but still great things wait to be invented and discovered.

  2. kuhlmad says:

    I love this post. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, and it is awesome to see history behind the languages I used daily. That is one thing I wish I could have learned more about and that is the short history of languages. I’d like to learn more how C++, Java, Cobol and other major languages.

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