10 Mistakes Which Bloggers Should Never Make

Internet is full of a large number of blogs which are based on different topics. Some blogs are liked by a lot of people while others are disliked by people. There are various reasons for readers liking or disliking different blogs. Bloggers make certain mistakes knowingly or unknowingly and this creates a problem for them. Their blog does not get much traffic and then bloggers stop blogging altogether. It is very important to maintain that level of enthusiasm with which a blogger has started his/her blog. There are a few mistakes which should be avoided by all the bloggers. If you do not make the following 10 mistakes as a blogger then you would be able to make your blog a success.

1. Content just for filling the space

New bloggers sometimes think that their blog is not looking good because it has very less posts. Therefore, they try to fill their blog with a large number of blog posts. When a lot of posts are to be uploaded on a blog then the blogger begins to compromise with the quality of content. This is a very big mistake because the quality of content is very important for every blog’s success. If you upload posts which are not useful for the readers then the reader will never return back to your blog.

2. Dormant blogger

There are some bloggers who do not find time to update their blogs daily. Such bloggers try to upload several posts in a single day when they get time and then they become extinct for a few days. Such bloggers need to understand that it is not good for their blog. People who visit your blog need to feel that it is maintained on daily basis. Therefore, you should be consistent with uploading posts on your blog. Even if you upload a single post every day on your blog, it is fine.

3. Plagiarism in content

It is not a good practice to use someone else’s articles or part of them on your blog. If you are doing this then sooner or later you will be caught. Your readers will come to know that you write nothing from your own mind. As a result of this, your readers will boycott your blog. The worst thing about copying from other sources is that readers will consider that whole of your blog material is copied even if you have only copied a small part.

4. Ignoring SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is very important for all the blogs. If your blog content is not SEO friendly then it would not be able to get a lot of traffic. You need to be aware of the keywords which should be present in every post on your blog. Basic level SEO can be done by bloggers for their blog. If you want advanced SEO to be done for your blog then you can hire professionals to do so.

5. Losing the track

Every blog should have a track or specific topic around which it will revolve. Unless your blog is your personal diary, you need to stick to a particular topic. Some bloggers do the mistake of writing about a large number of things on a single blog. Such blogs generally do not succeed because readers look for blogs which are related to a particular topic. For instance, how would you feel if you are reading a movie blog and you find sports related news in it?

6. Making your blog shabby with lots of advertisements

Some bloggers, especially new ones, think that they can make money from the very day of the start of their blog. Therefore, they monetize their blog in the very beginning. Even when they do not have a single reader they fill their blog with advertisements from different sources. This is irritating for the readers. Bloggers should avoid monetizing their blogs till they have good number of readers. Even after having lots of traffic, bloggers should not clutter their blogs with advertisements.

7. Not responding to the readers

It is not easy to get loyal readers for blogs. When bloggers get such readers, they need to respond to them. Some bloggers ignore their readers by not replying to their comments. This is certainly not good for the blogs. Readers lose interest in such blogs where they do not get any attention from the blogger. Most people who comment on blogs are owners of blogs themselves. They try to make contact with other bloggers. Therefore, it is important to reply to the comments posted by other people on your blog.

8. No particular style statement

What do you feel when you see a blog in which there are several plain blog posts without any good images? Most people feel not much interested in such blogs. You need to understand that a blog needs to be attractive. It needs to have a particular style. If a blog has great content but it is presented in a very boring manner then it will not be able to attract many readers. You need to use features like bold, Italics, underline etc. to make your blog posts more attractive. After uploading a new blog post, you should view that how it looks on your blog. If it does not look good to you then how can you expect your readers to like it?

9. Not getting feedback

Every blogger needs to get feedback about his blog posts from the readers. The feedback should be taken positively and bloggers should take actions based on the feedback of the readers. This will help in retaining your readers. Also, your blog will be better when you make changes according to your readers.

10. Poor layout style

Whether it is your blog posts or the advertisements on your blog; all needs to be placed in a nice manner. No one likes to read those blogs which looks disorganized. You need to make your blog look decent and organized. Readers will skip your blog if it is not well organized or has poor layout design.


  1. TechPakora says:

    plsss tell me how can i get organic traffic im working on it since long but no results 🙁

  2. Jasmine says:

    Great tips there. You are right, plagiarism is a big no-no in blogging. Copy and paste works fast, but will ultimately bring down your blog! So, beware bloggers! 🙂

  3. Ankit says:

    Great Tips for beginners like me!!
    Well !! Thanks for sharing..

  4. Dumaji says:

    I have started my blog, now i have to correct my mistakes. I ignored few things which you have mentioned above.

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