10 Tips for Conquering Twitter

10 Tips for Conquering TwitterSocial media is an essential business tool, and Twitter is a powerful way to spread your message. Creating a Twitter account is very easy, and it only takes seconds to do. Unfortunately, this means that most businesses only take a few minutes to work on their Twitter account. Solo entrepreneurs and large companies both are guilty of this. They do not learn the ins and outs of the social media site, and they do not use it to its fullest, which is a shame. Here are 10 tips that you can use to get on top of Twitter for your business.

Tip #1 – The Right Name

You want to have a relevant Twitter name that represents your business. If the name that you need is no longer available, find one that is as close to your business as possible. Use something similar to your business name, an abbreviated version for example, if you can’t get the right name. You want to make it easy for your customers to know it is you.

Tip #2 – The Background

Make sure that you take advantage of the opportunity to design your own background. This gives you another opportunity to brand your page. You have quite a bit of space on the background, so you will be able to add just about anything that you like. Just make sure that it does a good job of letting people know more about you and your company, or that the photo or artwork is at least entertaining and pertinent to your business somehow.

Tip #3 – The Bio

Create a bio that encapsulates your company in as little space as possible. You have 160 characters, so you do have to keep it brief. Simplicity and brevity are important here. For example, a publishing company might have a bio that reads, “Publishing the best in sci-fi and fantasy since 1999”. This short bio lets people know what the company does, the genre they publish, and how long they’ve been in business, and it does it in less than 100 characters.

Tip #4 – Your Profile Photo

Make sure that you have a good profile photo. In the case of most businesses, this means that you want to have your logo in this area. It’s a great branding opportunity, so choose wisely. If your logo doesn’t work for the space provided, you can choose another photo, or you can rework the image to make it work. If you can’t rework the photo, talk with a graphic designer about doing the work for you.

Tip #5 – Add Your Website

You have the option of adding your website, too, and this is something that you certainly do not want to forget to do! Having your website in your profile area is a great way to let people who want to know more about you and your business have an easy way of reaching you.

Tip #6 – Add Your Location

Another option for your profile page is to add your location. Adding the city and state can be beneficial, and it can allow you to connect with people who are in your area more easily.

Tip #7 – Make Sure You Retweet Wisely

You want people to retweet your posts, and the only way for that to start happening with any regularity is to start retweeting what other people are posting. Of course, you do not want to retweet everything that you see on Twitter. However, you want to make sure that you retweet the important and interesting items.

Tip #8 – Beware Automatic Direct Messages

Automating your business is great in some cases. However, one of the things that you might want to avoid is automation of direct messages on Twitter. When someone chooses to follow you and five seconds later, they receive an automated message from you telling them all about your wonderful products and services, there is a good chance that they are going to stop following you. They know that it is an automated message, and most people view this as spam.

Tip #9 – Speaking of Spam

When you are on Twitter, the last thing you want to do is to come across as a spammer. Constant tweets talking about your products and services are going to be unwelcome. People will stop following you, and they may even report your account. You can market on Twitter, but you have to do it wisely. Only a small percentage of what you post should be promotional. You are there to engage with people, to get them to want to learn more about you.

Tip #10 – Engage

Look at what other people are posting on Twitter. If you have anything relevant to say about it, then comment on it. Engage your followers and try to respond to Tweets that mention you. Remember that you are dealing with social media and that means that you have to be social.

Written by Helene Lazarenco


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