10 Tips to Avoid Google Over Search Engine Optimization Penalty

Matt Cutts, Head of Google Webspam Team revealed in an interview recently that they are working on an Algorithm change to penalize websites that are over search engine optimized. Google Over Search Engine Optimization PenaltyThis penalty is popularly known as over search engine optimization penalty. According to Matt Cutts, it will be releases in the next month or few weeks time. Google is trying to create balance between websites that have low quality content but are highly SEO optimized and websites that just contain great quality contents. Google bots are becoming even smarter and are able to track websites that are over optimized. This is Google effort to show more accurate and valuable results to its users.

Tips to Avoid Google Over Search Engine Optimization Penalty

Frankly, it is very difficult to judge what Google will be doing in the next update. But from what I had heard from other industry experts and my own knowledge about SEO industry, the following tips should keep your website away from Google over SEO penalty:

1. Matt Cutts Interview

From Matt Cutts interview available in the shared link above, it was clear that if you are doing excessive keyword stuffing in your website pages or doing excessive link exchange, you are over optimizing your website. Google bots are now smart enough to track such activities and may enforce some form of penalty on your website.

2. Focus on Creating High Quality and Original Contents

Content will always be king on alls search engines and especially on Google. So if you are creating high quality, unique and targeted contents on your website, you don’t need to worry about this Google over SEO penalty update or any other algorithmic update from Google in near future. With this update, Google is trying to create a balance between high quality content and scrap content which is well optimized. As of now, lots of scrap contents are able to make into top 10 on Google on the basic of good SEO.

3. Anchor Text Combinations

When you are working to build backlinks for your website from various sources, you should use anchor text in different combinations. If you are using the same anchor text over and over for building backlinks for your website, that will be considered as SEO over optimization activity. You should use several variations in your anchor text to make them look natural to Google bots. In the past, lots of SEO experts used to build too many backlinks using their targeted keyword in anchor text with the intension to gain top 10 rankings on Google and other search engines. But such activities will not work more and may even force Google to place some form of over optimization penalty on your website. And this may result in complete removal of your website from Google search results.

4. Don’t go for Brand Name Related Domains

When registering a domain name, you should not go for domain name related to brand names. In the past, lots of SEO and internet marketing experts used to buy domain name around particular brand names by adding some generic keywords to them. If you have included a certain brand in your domain name that brand owner can ask you to stop working on this domain or forward it to accounts. My advice will be not using brand names in your domain names to avoid any form of penalty or risk of losing your domain name.

5. Guest Blogging Can Do Wonders for You

Guest blogging is the most trusted method to build quality backlinks for your website targeted pages. You can never be penalized by any search engine for doing guest blogging on blogs related to your website niche. Guest blogging has a long way to go and after the proposed algorithm change from Google, more bloggers and SEO’s will start including guest blogging into their overall SEO and link building activities list.

6. Don’t Place Too Many Advertisements above the Fold

Google has strictly instructed that you should not use too many advertisements on your website, especially above the fold. According to Google Page Layout Algorithm, when they detects very few valuable contents above the fold and rest of space available in above the fold section is full of ads, they would not give much weight-age to such pages in their search. So to avoid such situation, you should lower down the number of advertisements on your website pages and replace them with valuable and targeted contents.

7. Improve CTR for Your Website in Search Engine Results

I would prefer adding the targeted keywords once in my website title and meta description section. With this, we should make sure our title and meta descriptions are impressive enough to receive higher CTR (Click Through Rate) in search results on Google. We can keep track of CTR for various keywords from our Google Webmaster Tools account. In the coming days, CTR for your website listing in Google search results going to me as important as your website content. So you need to make special efforts in this direction. So if your website listing CTR is low on Google search results, may force Google to lower down its overall rankings as people are not much interested in your website and thus are not finding your website much relevant and interesting for their targeted queries.

8. Don’t Go for Keyword Stuffing

If you are stuffing your targeted keywords into your website contents, your contents will not only lose their natural intent but also lose its quality. Nobody loves to visit a website that is stuffed with too many keywords. If you are doing too much of keyword stuffing in your website contents, Google bots are now smart enough to find them. This may result in lowering of your website search engine rankings or de-indexing of your website pages from Google search. You should insert targeted keywords into your website contents on few occasions where they looks natural and seems to be adding value to your contents.

9. How to Use Your Targeted Keywords

You should use your targeted keywords into title, h1 and h2 tags which are given higher priority by Google. Apart from this, you should use your targeted keywords on few occasions into website contents where they look natural. If you are overdoing it, you may face some form of over optimization penalty from Google.

10. Slow and Steady is Going to Win the Link Building Race

While building backlinks for your website, you should build them slowly. If you are publishing good quality content on your website, people will naturally start linking to them. You should not go for risky link building techniques like buying links from other websites and blogs in your niche. If you are building too many links in quick succession, that will look suspicious to Google bots. You should limit the maximum number of links you build for your website promotion down to 100. While linking out to other websites, you should make sure that you are linking to good quality websites and don’t end up linking to dead or penalized websites. You should help people with your expertise in forums related to your niche and create strong presence for your website in popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus.

Final thoughts to avoid Google over Optimization Penalty

If you are not following above tips and are over optimizing your website, Google will place an Over SEO penalty on your website and will remove it from its search engine results. If that happens, you have to take lots of steps to overdo them and then may take weeks or even months time before you start seeing your website back in Google search result pages.

What are your thoughts about this over search engine optimization penalty from Google and do you have any idea what should be done to avoid this over SEO penalty, please share in the comments section below.


  1. Brooke says:

    Yes i am agreed with you many people do work like that and from my opinion “”Slow and Steady is Going to Win the Link Building Race”” this option will work for us like a nice dream which will take some time but it will give good result in SEO work.

  2. Jean says:

    Google have definitely stepped it up over the past few years in trying to curtail SEO tricks. I guess in the long run, it is for the benefit of us all as we will get a better and more relevant search experience. Thanks for the tips on avoiding SEO penalties.

  3. Excellent!You are such a Professional SEO Expert!

  4. Hillary Bost says:

    Well all of these seems like like easy enough things to abide by, i can’t really think of anything i will need to change on my personal blog. Others I work on is a different story. Nothing has been excessive, but still worth digging into and checking to make sure I won’t have any problems.

  5. promotions says:

    Very very nice article! I will surely use this steps so that I won’t get penalized and rank fast. Hope that Google personnel can’t read this article or they will do something coz the author of this article reveals it’s secret to avoid penalize.

  6. Tanishq Verma says:

    Great article Vikas, These tips really helpful for me to avoid over Optimization Penalty. Thanks

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